Baltimore Flamingos Rugby Football Club (BFRFC) is an inclusive athletic organization dedicated to promoting participation, knowledge, and skill in the sport of rugby football. We create a diverse environment that is open and welcoming to all people. The organization’s focus is on the underserved populations that include gay, bisexual and transgender communities, but does not exclude participation by any individual who supports the mission of the organization.

The organization seeks to serve the LGBTQ Community by offering an inclusive, organized, athletic environment in which to play rugby.

BFRFC is a charitable and educational organization, in support of this, the organization shall conduct educational and practical events that further the participation in the sport of rugby football.

The BFRFC endorses the following values: personal responsibility; good sportsmanship; honesty; respect for teammates, coaches, game officials, and opponents; fairness; inclusiveness, diversity and teamwork. We believe that rugby is an amazing game that should be played for fun and the challenge of competition. We hope that the BFRFC program builds the foundation for a life-long love of the game. The BFRFC believes that it is important that players, coaches, club supporters, representing the Club provide positive examples of behavior both on and off the field. For this reason the following code has been developed for coaches, players, and club supporters.

Actions by coaches, players and core volunteers that are felt to be in violation of these codes of conduct should be brought to the attention of the Baltimore Flamingos RFC Board of Directors. The team member, board member, or coach should be contacted to begin review of the incident. Confidentiality of the individual(s) will be preserved to the greatest extent possible.


This policy memorandum sets forth the member dues payment schedule for each season.  The dues structure shall be updated annually, as necessary, to meet financial goals and obligations.


Membership Information

Active Member

$80 per season

Payment due two weeks after player begins training, and prior to first match.

  1. All members are responsible for maintaining a valid USA Rugby CIPP registration.  It is each member’s responsibility to acquire a Rugby CIPP # through USA Rugby, prior to registration with Baltimore Flamingos Rugby.
  2. All members must wear official club shorts and socks as part of the team uniform during all Baltimore Flamingos RFC matches.  Official club kits are available for purchase from Baltimore Flamingos RFC.
  3. Potential members/recruits may train with Baltimore Flamingos RFC for a limited time, not to exceed two (2) weeks. Members will not be permitted to participate in any match, or train beyond the two (2) week trial period without satisfying membership and CIPP requirements, except in special circumstances at the discretion of the board.
  4. It is the member’s responsibility to complete dues payment before the end of the 2-week trial period.   
  1. A member making payment arrangements will be permitted to participate on a probationary basis, so long as payment obligations are routinely met.  Member will be considered “In Repayment”
  2. If payment is not made, the members considered “Not In Good Standing” and is not permitted to participate in any club-sponsored activities as a member.  
  1. It is the member’s responsibility to pay all outstanding debts owed to Baltimore Flamingos RFC before active participation in club activities.  Such debts include, but are not limited to, historical dues, travel fees, gear purchases, etc.
  1. In the event that a member has outstanding debts, that player may arrange a payment plan which must result in all outstanding debts being repaid prior to the end of the current season. The payment plan must be approved by the club Treasurer and/or President.
  2. A member making such payment arrangements will be permitted to participate in training on a probationary basis, so long as repayment obligations are routinely met. The member may not participate in any Baltimore Flamingos RFC sponsored match or social function as a team member. Player will be considered “In Repayment.”
  3. If payment is not made regularly per the repayment plan, the member is considered “Not in Good Standing” and is not permitted to participate in any club-sponsored activities as a team member.
  4. Members “Not in Good Standing” with outstanding debts may be sent to collections for non-payment, following notice by club.
  1. In general, Baltimore Flamingos RFC does not issue refunds of dues or CIPP payments.  Requests for reimbursement due to extraordinary circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Some financial assistance is available. Please speak to a board member regarding options.


This policy memorandum sets forth the process and policy all board members of the Baltimore Flamingos Rugby Football Club to manage Club funds provided by its members, sponsors, and donors.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Baltimore Flamingos RFC shall manage and report financial activities as required by the US Internal Revenue Service.

  1. All checks and cash will be deposited within 14 days of receipt. Any club official receiving funds for the Treasurer will ensure such funds are delivered to the Treasurer or deposited into the Clubs bank account within 7 business days.
  1. BFRFC members and supporters will be charged a fee for any checks returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF). The fee will be equal to the greater of $15 or 150% of any related fees incurred by BBRFC as a result of the NSF transaction. Any member with unpaid NSF fees on account will be considered Not In Good Standing.
  1. The Treasurer will provide a written receipt to all members, sponsors, and donors for any amount exceeding $250 either at the time of receipt of funds or within 14 days of receipt. The written receipt may take the form of e-mail, so long as there is a written record of the transaction.  BFRFC shall provide a written receipt for any donation less than $250.00 upon request.
  2. Team / Club Expenditures:
  1. All expenditures over $49 will be brought to the board for approval.
  1. The Board reserves the right to request any information pertaining to any expenditure request for any reason at any time.
  2. The Board reserves the right to refuse any request for reimbursement at its discretion.  If the event a Board refuses to provide reimbursement, the Board will notify the requestor in writing of its decision stating the reason(s) for refusal.
  3. The Board will evaluate reimbursement requests and authorize expenditures based on available funds in the respective team’s budget.  In the event that the expenditure is not itemized in the annual budget, the Board may consider approval of the expense at its discretion.
  1. No individual has the authority to enter into any agreement in which financial indebtedness is incurred by the club. Loan agreements may only be created by consensus of the Board of Directors.  BFRFC will not be liable under any such agreement, if it is entered into without the consent of the board.
  2. The President and Treasurer shall provide written confirmation of any approval for reimbursements or loans to the requesting party.  Without written confirmation, no agreement for reimbursement exists.
  3. BFRFC is not responsible for any private-party payment made for the benefit of any member or non-member without prior written authorization from the Board.


The following are positions that can be or are currently used by the Board of The Baltimore Flamingos Rugby Football Club.  The following positions do not indicate a current position on the team, but a position that can be used based off the needs of the Board, and therefore are subject to change

I. Match Secretary

Match Secretary, an officer position reporting to the executive Secretary, manages match related scheduling, set up, take down, and score reporting. This encompasses (see above, or) pitch related, equipment related, conference related, and non conference related match scheduling.

II. Social Secretary

The social secretary acts as main source of outward communication for the team in social media, posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The goal of the social secretary is keeping a regular, ongoing and positive presence for the team in social media, in order to grow the fan base and recruitment. Posts include, but are not limited to, game updates, social events, photos, special announcements and player profiles.

III. IGR Representative

The IGR Representative serves as a liaison between IGR and the Board to keep the organization updated on all news related to IGR.


The BFRFC values its diversity and inclusiveness, and in support of those values, declares that bullying, discrimination, physical or verbal abuse and sexually harassment are strictly forbidden. The BFRFC will not tolerate any victimization based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability or citizenship. This policy applies to any behavior that occurs between members or that occurs at any gatherings associated with the organization, such as games, fundraising events, or team-sanctioned leisure activities.

Victimization refers to acts which are reasonably perceived as offensive by the person or persons
exposed to them.

Bullying is a form of victimization. It may include ignoring or excluding someone from social interactions, withholding information or speaking ill of someone. Actions may be physical, verbal or non-verbal and communication can be in person, written or electronically transmitted.

Sexual harassment is another form of victimization and involves unwanted behavior of a sexual nature or other behavior based on gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or sexual behavior or the perception of any of these.

In order to prevent bullying, discrimination, physical and verbal abuse, and harassment, the BFRFC will take the following measures.  All members will be informed of the harassment policy and will be provided with a copy for their review, either electronically or in print.  Further, all members are committed to fostering an environment free of all forms of harassment and victimization.

If any member sees any actions or communications that they believe may violate the BRFC Harassment Policy, they will take the following steps:

 1. Write down or record any actions that are perceived as offensive, especially if a member feels interceding directly could be unsafe.

  2.  Contact either the President and/or Vice President and report the incident.

If an incident of possible harassment is reported to the President or Vice President, they will take the following steps to address the situation:

1. Speak with to the member that has allegedly been harassed so that they can describe the experience or incident.

2. Ensure that the member gets appropriate help and support quickly.

3.  Speak with the person alleged to be engaging in harassing behavior.

4.  Determine if the Harassment Policy is likely to have been violated

5.  If there has been a violation of the policy, make a determination of what sanctions or penalties most appropriately address the conduct that violated the policy.  When making a determination to penalize or sanction someone for the violation of the Harassment Policy, consideration will be given to the nature of the harassment or victimization, the role of the harasser (ie. member, coach, supporter), the harasser’s history with the organizations and the existence of similar behaviors in the past.


Baltimore Flamingos RFC exists for its members. We expect that our athletes not only try to perform at their highest level in training and competition, but that good behavior and sportsmanship are displayed in all situations. Each player must affirm the following Code of Conduct.

  1. I accept responsibility for my own behavior and performance – on the pitch and off.
  2. I respect the rights, dignity, and worth of each person on my team, the opposing team, and within my club.
  3. I will work hard to maintain mutual trust and respect for my teammates and coaches.
  4. I will do my best to attend as much training throughout the season to better myself as an athlete and support my teammates.  Family, work, school, and spiritual obligations have a priority in the BFRFC program ahead of training.   Whenever possible, I will train independently to enhance my performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. I have read and will adhere to all guidelines and rules as specified in the “Laws of the Game” by USA Rugby and never intentionally violate the “Laws of the Game” or exhibit behavior contrary to the spirit of the “Laws of the Game”.
  6. I respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
  7. I will honor the game of rugby by displaying good sportsmanship in all training and match situations.

I have read the above statement and agree to fulfill the Player Code of Conduct to the best of my ability:

Player Name – Please Print

Player Signature