“The 4th International Symposium on

Innovative Bioproduction Indonesia (ISIBio2017)”

27 September 2017




Registration, coffee


Welcome Speech (Director of Research Center for Biotechnology LIPI)

Welcome Speech (Representative from JICA)

Opening Remarks (Deputy of Life Sciences LIPI)


Photo Session


Plenary Speakers, session 1 (Presentation & Discussion)

Prof. Dr. Bambang Prasetya (National Standardization Agency of Indonesia)

Dr. Yoshiaki Hirano (Kobe University, Japan) “Utilization System of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Chemicals via Hydrothermal Liquefaction Using Metallic Iron”

Dr. Shinji Hama (Bioenergy Corporation, Japan) “Towards implementation of biorefinery concepts : Possible technology candidates for production of biofuels and chemicals”

Mr. Immanuel Manurung (PT. Agricinal, Indonesia)


Press Conference, Poster session


Lunch break


Plenary Speakers, session 2 (Presentation & Discussion)

Dr. Muhammad Azrai (Center for Excellence for Cereals Plant, Indonesian Cereals Research Institute) “Cereal Crops As Biomass And Biorefinery Sources : Prospects And Challenges”

Dr. Ir. Emy Sulistyowati, M.Ag (Indonesian Sweetener and Fiber Crops Research Institute)

Dr. Kengo Sasaki (Kobe University) “Increased and repeated ethanol production from sweet sorghum juice subjected to membrane process”

Dr. Dieni Mansur, M.Eng (Center of Excellence for Bioethanol Second Generation, Research Center for Chemistry LIPI) Utilization of Lignocellulosic Biomass as Feedstock for Chemicals and Bio-oil Production”


Plenary speakers, Session 3 (Presentation & Discussion)

Dr. Dadan Rohdiana (Center of Excellence for Tea and Cinchona, Research Institute for Tea and Cinchona) “Isolation of Bioactive Compounds on Tea and Its Activities”

Dr. Musashi Takenaka (Kobe University) “Challenge to bioeconomy based society with Streptomyces”

Diah Radini Noerdjito, M.Si (Center of Excellence for Marine Bioprospection, Research Center for Oceanography LIPI) “Diversity and the potency of marine microalgae for industrial product”

Dr. Fahrurrozi (Center for Excellence for Integrated Biorefinery, Research Center for Biotechnology LIPI)


Closing Remarks