Welcome to K33N Realism Roleplay! This document will outline our various rules, regulations, and guidelines for our server.

What is ‘Realism Roleplay?’

Simulated Realism Roleplay is a form of Roleplay where players interact with each other and the environment, in a realistic way. Even though imagination is everything and fictional characters may thrive. FiveM creates a platform that allows ‘Realism Roleplay’ to become a social experience where every decision you make can affect your characters social and legal status within the game. It is expected to stay as true as possible to the character you have created a backstory for. Also to develop an in-game story that establishes who that character is overtime in a logical, realistic manner. Depending on your backstory and how you conduct Roleplay will allow the development of not only yourself but those you interact with.

Roleplay Tips to Improve your game!

- Roleplay is essentially acting and improv within an environment under a rule set

- Value your life as you would in a realistic manner. Act in all circumstances how you would within a real-life situation.

- Build and develop a character's back story that needs to be told to truly understand your path and define story yourself within the city.

- Develop how your character would act in a wide range of social/legal situations

- Be open to interacting with other players to improv as you go. Do not think what you personally would do, think how the character would interact within that situation.

- Be open and aware of other players personalities and their expressions within their role-play. If you don’t want to participate in their scenario reject the offer in a way which remains in character.

- Tell your story! Storytelling is one of the easiest things to remember to do but also the hardest one to execute. The real magic of roleplay is when players take totally random scenarios and make it work! If players nest their stories within each-other then you see the RP on the server grow as a whole to another exponential level! Create a story that people want to be a part of! Hanging around common areas in large groups unless for events and constantly committing crime/grinding out criminal activity and having zero character development will get you removed from the server. That’s power gaming!

- Never interrupt a situation you wouldn’t get in between in real life. IE; Traffic stops, fights, and crimes being committed.

- ADS are not anonymous tweets, OOC is not to be used unless for game-breaking bugs and technical support with EMERGENCY priority. Using any of these functions in-appropriately can be met with severe consequences (You’re ruining the RP for others)

Rules and regulations.

1. Respect Yourself & Others

We believe this is the most important rule. The other rules follow this one. As a player and a human, you should be respectful to guests, staff and other players.

A. Be racist, use a homophobic or racial slur.

B. Harass others in game out of character.

C. Welcome all players and teach them the ropes of where things. You were new at one point in this game mode

D. Argue/Back and forth with Server Helpers, Admins or server admins. They are here to help make the server more enjoyable for all! We do not go out of our way to bug other players for no reason.


2. Respect Others & NPCs

Killing players and NPCs for no in character purpose and/without initiation is strictly forbidden. Deliberately trying to bait other players to fight with no reason is also not allowed.

A. Bait/Intentionally start a fight without  RPing the situation that would cause a fight.

B. Shoot or punch other players for no reason (Considered RDM).

C. Use a vehicle to drive through players or NPCs (Considered VDM).

3. New Life Rule

If your character dies you will forget everything that happened leading up to that event, (This rules excludes police who may have communicated identities and calls through radio) Unless you're revived by EMT. Once you’ve respawned you’re not to seek revenge on that player or anyone involved.

A. Track down the person(s) responsible for your death.

B. Put the information on the discord, website or In-game Twitter

C. Contact Law Enforcement. (Friends who witness can contact authorities and it will still be RP.)

4. Powergaming

Powergaming generally happens when someone sacrifices roleplay or “roleplay sense” to favor their own character or “win”, and it is strictly forbidden. Playing your character should always be more important than playing the game.

A. Stay within the boundaries of your character, not one individual can do everything.

B. Do not act out impossible things with your character. If you get in a car accident role-play it out, no one keeps driving after wrecking or getting ejected out of their car. No one is a god, demi-god or has god-powers. No psychic or supernatural things that lead to meta-gaming.

C. Never force an action or event on another player without giving them an opportunity to react and/or a choice.

D. Never use knowledge of the rules to avoid, stop or manipulate roleplay.

E. Never extensively plan out detailed RP outside of game via chat or DM.

E. Never use a live-stream to spy on another players location or gain meta knowledge to steer or otherwise manipulate RP in your favor.

F. Never exploit game mechanics for personal gain in roleplay. Exploiting will result in permanent removal from the community.

G. 4 or more people committing crime together = powergaming (Unless is is a large event that requires planning such as a kidnapping or bank heist - Server staff need advance notice for large events ALWAYS)

H. Unplanned Parties and Events are tolerated however can not exceed 45 minutes in game and can only allow 10 players MAX. If you need to plan a larger event please contact staff.

I. Change your character model. (Only clothing changes are allowed)

J. If you show up to a location where there is a gathering of more than 8 people please say hello and move on. This will be strictly enforced, the population and RP should be spread out amongst the city in different areas this is a role-play server not a show & tell / chat room.

K. Contract killing without role-play is specifically forbidden, if you want to contract a kill/crime it needs to be substantially role-played and the target needs to be involved in some extent where they can EXPECT or be aware of what is going to happen.

L. Grinding is strictly forbidden, the purpose of the server is to interact and role-play money is a bi-product to create a realistic environment.

5. Metagaming

Metagaming describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge in game or awareness under the circumstances. This can refer to information in the server such as secrets or events occurring away from the end user, as well as facets of the game's mechanics such as abstract statistics or the precise limits of abilities. Metagaming is an example of "breaking character", as the character is making decisions based on the information they couldn't know and thus would not make in reality.

A. Do not: Use OOC Communication to summon a friend to help you.

B. Do not: Give special attention to an organization leader in attempt to join their organization. Let it happen naturally.

C. Do not: Use any OOC communication to relay role-play related information. (Discord, Skype, Twitter, Twitch)

D. Do not: Use information from another one of your characters and apply it to the currently played one if he has not acquired it in RP.

E. Do not: Watch civ streams as a cop, watch cop streams as a civ.

6. Offensive Roleplay

A. You are permitted to role-play sexual acts as long as all parties are in agreement and it is not on a live-stream.

B. Do not: Role-play hate crimes, morbid activity or racism.

C. If a party has become uncomfortable about edgy role-play you must cease and desist immediately.

7. Acknowledging out of character chat

Players have the right to ignore OOC chat and things that are not role-play related. In-game is not the place to ask

A. Do not: Avoid OOC comms with any staff,

B. Do not: Spam anyone with OOC or continue OOC if you aren’t being acknowledged.

8. Commiting crime in unrealistic areas

Commiting obvious crime in a conspicuous area is strictly forbidden. The following areas are considered unrealistic areas to commit crime: Courthouse, Townhall, Banks, Hospitals, Police Departments, Airport. If someone has commited a crime outside of these areas but it has spilled over into these areas that is OK.

A. Do NOT: Rob, Kill or Kidnap anybody standing inside or in front of an unrealistic area.

B. Commit the same crime multiple times in the same area within 20 minutes of each other.

8A. Kidnapping & Hostage Situations

Kidnapping EMS or LEO will be considered a bannable offence for 24hrs unless its a fully  emerged RP scenario. (LOTS OF PLANNING, and a specific reason why you need the cop)  Hostage Situations are to be workable for both sides, not “Do what I want or they die” play it out.  Police are allowed to use what means they have available to them For eg. ‘One Cop vs 3 people in a hostage situation should probably let them walk out, but could set up a road block and spike strips.  When Kidnapping a person please use the /me and say that you have taken there “cell phone” and etc… not just voice it

Allowed Reason for EMS: You make take an ems at gun point for the reason of Medical Care only! You may not transport the emt or kill them if they do not cooperate.

Allowed Reason For LEO: VERY PLANED and is in a story line.

DO NOT: Zip-Tie a person and leave them in a car as they will not be able to do anything

8B. Crime, Guns and Cops

Police have a right to protect their life and the life of others in the City.  If you are committing a crime its crime… You Point a gun a cop or person you probably will be shot since you have now put the life of a person in jeopardy and you really can’t complain about that after. Cops will do what they can to use guns as a last chance.

9. Admin/Staff Rule

Admin actions or rulings are not final and may be negotiable with Server Owners or Admin staff. If an admin ruling seems to be made in error dispute it OUT of the server. Do not come out of character in game to speak with staff.

A. Do NOT: Argue with staff.

B. Do NOT: Make complaints about staff in game.

C. Do NOT: Discuss administrative actions to other players. All admin actions and rulings are between the end user and the staff.

D. Do NOT: Contact staff regarding punishments and appeals. Submit a ban appeal. https://k33ngaming.com/forum/application/form/8-ban-appeal-request/

10. Unacceptable Character Names

All player names should be unique and realistic do not use names like: Fat Cock, Whack Mehoff, Justin Bieber, xxGG, etc. Do not use the same RP names that large streamers use. BE ORIGINAL.

11. Unacceptable Character Appearances

Dress your character in an appearance that is realistic. Do not dress your character like a video game, dress him in a manner that mirrors a real-life person.

A. Do NOT: Conceal your face unless committing a crime. (IE; Wearing mask/bandannas while not committing a crime is strictly forbidden)

B. Do NOT: Wear costumes unless it is explicitly related to a job or role-play aspect.

C. Do NOT: Change your character's physical make-up.

D. DO: Dress your character to match his story/background.

12. Scamming and Robbery

You can rob a player for everything they have on them. If you are robbing a player you cannot kill that player unless they outright refuse to comply, resist or provoke you to inflict harm. If you are being robbed do not make unrealistic decisions or come out of character. Value your life. Do not rob players if you are not a RP criminal. Max number of players partaking in a robbery is 4.

13. Suicide/Combat Logging/Revive Logging/Hotswapping

You are not allowed to randomly commit suicide. If you are retiring a character you may come up with an RP death for them and retire them. If you log off or disconnect in a RP situation it is considered FailRP unless technically related (Have proof on standby). If you commit a crime you must wait 10 minutes after the crime is committed to log off.

A. Do NOT: Log and Relog to avoid RP/escape a crime you committed.

B. Do NOT: Log and Relog to revive yourself.

14. Abuse of reports or help.

Do not tag high staff for help there is a structure to our staff. Start your communication at the lowest level and if it needs to be elevated ask permission from a lower tier staff member first. DO Use our forums to convey bugs, issues and problems not discord.

A. Do NOT: Spam /report , one report is fine.

15. Fail Roleplay

Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. K33N is a REALISM ROLEPLAY server; you’re expected to be role-playing at all times. If a situation presents itself where the rules are broken, role-play first and report later.

A. Do NOT: Speak or come out of character while in a RP situation.

B. Do NOT: Drive like a maniac everywhere 24/7. Speeding is allowed in a realistic fashion but constantly running red, driving down opposite traffic and driving in a manner in which YOU WOULD NOT DO IN REAL LIFE is considered FailRP. First instance = Warning

Second instance = 24hr Ban

Third instance = 72hr ban

Fourth instance = Permanent ban (How did you even make it here?)

C. Do NOT: Instantly resort to killing, gun violence, open fire on police immediately, open fire on EMS without substantial communication/escalation of role-play.

D. Do NOT: Disregard happenings that would result in substantial injury (Falls from heights, car crashes, fires) regardless of your in game health.

E. Do NOT: Stop role-playing and complain that a rule was broken during the role-play.

F. Do NOT: Use a voice changer that is unrealistic (There is one user with this exception on the server because his role-play story entails it)

G. Do NOT: Bait Law Enforcement, Bait EMS or Bait any Government officials.

H. Do NOT: Roleplay a character under the age of 17.

I. Do NOT: Go AFK for more than 5 minutes in a session (Leave and reconnect at your next best convenience)

J. Do NOT: Break character because of a bug or glitch. Go with it, turn it into RP and make it WORK.

K. Do NOT: Talk about other REAL LIFE server members, staff, people in game.

L. DO: Value your life, valuing your life is used to benefit the quality of role-play by avoiding fatality. Although all characters may differ to certain degrees, individuals must accept that in real-life even the most hardened of criminals don't consistently kidnap, shoot on an hourly/daily basis. As well, civilians don't casually drive 140 MPH+ through town or populated areas nor do they instigate potentially dangerous scenarios. Valuing your life is being able to recognize a situation and translate as to weather or not that situation is something that you (your character) would actually be partaking in and weather your character would actually be willing to suffer the consequences of those actions. This doesn’t only apply to your character, but to how your character values the lives of others as well. Consider this when making drastic decisions or being under the assumption that you’re invincible.

16. Warning & Ban System

1st Offense: Verbal warning + Warning applied to your account depending on severity.

2nd Offense: 24hr Ban + Strike applied to your account

3rd Offense: 72hr Ban + Strike applied to your account

4th Offense: Permanent Ban

17.  I was banned, what do I do next?

If you, as a user, are banned be it unfairly or justly, you must submit a Ban Appeal request form. Debating the ban or arguing with staff members in any form other than a request will result in your Appeal being denied (Including Discord or In-Game).

We understand that mistakes can happen but it is your duty to ensure you are willing to put your point across in a fair and responsible manner, being rude or otherwise unjust in your arguments will also lead to your appeal being denied. Appeals must be made by the banned user, no one else is permitted to appeal a ban in a banned members stead.

All required information for Ban Appeals can be found on the form.

All rules are subject to change and amendments.

18. Ban Times

All bans/suspensions are at the discretion of the staff and may vary based on case and severity. The length of the ban is purely dependant on case and the rule broken.