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This site contains resources that will support staff in their use of technology. Use the tabs and links below to find resources related to district technology focus areas. Type ctrl+f to search by keyword (e.g. Collaboration)

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Student Tech Focus Areas

  • Develop tech competencies through digital work in independent & collaborative tasks (resources link)
  • Use research and information skills in various contexts (resources link)
  • Learn and practice appropriate behavior when working in digital environments. (resources link)

Staff Tech Focus Areas

Technology Guides


Go to the topics below to get help on using the technology-based systems at Cedar Springs Public Schools

Staff Tech Checklist / Overview

PowerSchool / PowerTeacher


Email / Gmail

Phones and Printing


G Suite (AKA Google Apps)

  • Use Add-ons and Extensions in Chrome

Additional PowerSchool/PowerTeacher Guides

  • Alerts - these are displayed by a student’s name to indicate the following:
  •  = Special Ed accommodations
  •  = Medical Alert
  •  = Parent Alert

FAQ Document

How to Sign in and Launch

PowerTeacher Portal Basics

PowerTeacher Pro Basics

Setup PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook

Adding Assignments, Grades, etc.

Creating Seating Charts

Running Reports

How to Take Attendance

Finding Student Information

Analyzing Student Performance

Autocalculate Standard Scores

Customized Reports

Filtering and Sorting

Navigation Quick Links

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Instruction & Content

Hosting & Facilitating Content

Steps to Success

  1. Establish an online space to provide resources & communicate
  2. Add updates, links, docs that can be accessed anytime
  3. Organize everything coherently
  4. Update regularly and share habitually

Options for Hosting and Communicating Your Stuff

  • Class platform options

  • Learning Management Systems

Behavior/Community Building


General Engagement Ideas & Tools

Steps to Success

  1. Represent content and concepts in multiple ways
  2. Connect learning to real people, places, and opportunities
  3. Include students as active & collaborative problem-solvers

Tools and Ideas

  • Be intentional!

  • Creation Tools and Lesson Design

  • Instructional Tools and Ideas
  • Tools to represent thinking / learning
  • Combine content w/ interaction

  • Content Area / Skill-based Tools and Ideas

  • Connect to the World

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Assessment & Data


Steps to Success

  1. Choose a platform that fits your content and needs
  2. Provide ways to check understanding & give feedback
  3. Utilize data to target supports
  4. Collaborate w/ others to share and organize what you make/use

Digital Assessment Tools/Platforms

  • iReady (District assessment platform)
  • Edulastic (pre-made content / M-STEP question types)
  • Plickers (no student devices needed)
  • Google Forms (gather input, give quizzes, sign-ups, etc.)
  • Goformative (drawing questions w/ versatile uses)


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Collaboration Tools and Resources

Steps to Success

  1. Understand how collaboration works in different digital formats
  2. Learn how to create, convert, share, and organize cloud content
  3. Use system features to communicate and assign tasks
  4. Support others in their use of collaborative tools

Collaboration Options and Guides

  • Note conversion process - not all will convert perfectly


Productivity resources

Steps to Success

  1. ID tech that can increase efficiency and effectiveness in digital work
  2. Practice use of tools and strategies to improve skill
  3. Share and support others in their use of productivity tools

Productivity Resources


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Digital Citizenship


Resources for Digital Citizenship

Steps to Success

  1. Understand how to be safe and responsible online
  2. Determine guidelines for students to use when online
  3. Teach, model, & reinforce guidelines during online activities



Research Tips and Tools

Steps to Success

  1. Find tools and strategies that enhance research work
  2. Incorporate the tools and strategies into your work & teaching


  • Simple tips
  • Use ctrl+f to search for keywords in any site or document
  • Use Google Search filters to get to specific search needs
  • Use kiddle.co for younger students - reading level & simplicity


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Available Resources & Staff Examples


Lending Resources (stuff you can use)

  • Search to see what’s available
  • Create an account to reserve something
  • Items can be sent to your building
  • Webcams & Mics for Video Calls (Skype, Google Hangouts)
  • Contact your building secretary

Staff Examples of Use


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