East Buchanan Preschool Parent Advisory Council

 Mission Statement


The mission of the East Buchanan Preschool Parent Advisory Council is to ensure that the East Buchanan Preschool provides our children with a solid educational foundation to prepare them for their future.

Our mission will be accomplished through working in partnership with parents, school staff, the Iowa Department of Education, Central Rivers AEA, Kids’ Corner, and the community and the students themselves.


        East Buchanan Mission Statement

To challenge students to think critically, communicate effectively, develop values, and contribute to society        

East Buchanan Preschool Philosophy

We believe all children learn and can be successful.

We believe in partnerships with families and the communities.

We believe in high quality developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.

Who’s Who in the East Buchanan Preschool

East Buchanan Elementary

414 5th Street North

Winthrop, IA  50682

(319) 935-3660



School Personnel

Classroom Teachers

(4/5 year-old Classroom, ECSE certified)                Allison Shaffer         ashaffer@east-buc.k12.ia.us 

(4/5 year-old Classroom, ECSE certified)                Teresa Snyder          tsnyder@east-buc.k12.ia.us                 

Classroom Lead Teacher (3 year-old classroom)        Pam Johnson                pjohnson@east-buc.k12.ia.us 

Classroom Associates                                        Jamie Crawford

                                                Elliegh McGraw

                                                Holly Johnson

                                                Nikki Main

Superintendent/Elementary Principal                        Dan Fox  dfox@east-buc.k12.ia.us

School Improvement Coordinator                        Stacy Marcus smarcus@east-buc.k12.ia.us

Elementary Secretary                                        DeAnn Shafer  dshafer@east-buc.k12.ia.us

School Nurse                                                Tracy Klendworth tklendworth@east-buc.k12.ia.us

Guidance Counselor                                        Kelly Henderson khenderson@east-buc.k12.ia.us

Central Rivers AEA Support Staff

Speech Pathologist        Michelle Schmitt mschmitt@centralriversaea.k12.ia.us

Occupational Therapist        Christine Williamsen cwilliamson@centralriversaea.k12.ia.us

AEA Special Ed Consultant        Jennifer Anderson janderson@centralriversaea.k12.ia.us


Headstart        Robin Adams  radams@tccfd.org


Preschool Hours

Morning 3 year-old classroom                         8:00 am – 11:30 am

Morning 4 year-old program                        8:00 am - 11:15 am


All Day 4/5 year-old classroom                        8:00 am – 3:15 pm


Lunch served from 11:30 – 12:00


The 4 Year-Old Half Day Program is FREE – This is state funded.

4 year-old – Full Day                                  5 year olds – Full day

4.5 Days a Week - $200 Monthly                        FREE – 5 year olds would be counted

4 Days a Week - $190 Monthly                        into the kindergarten enrollment

3 Days a week -  $170 Monthly                        and are fully funded by the state.

2 Days a week -  $150 Monthly                        ** Must be 5 by Sept. 15th                                                        

3 year-old – Half Day

5 Days a Week - $185 Monthly

4 Days a Week - $165 Monthly

3 Days a Week - $155 Monthly

2 Days a Week - $135 Monthly

Payment is due by the 1st of each month.  Payment needs to be paid in order for your child to attend preschool. Head Start contact is the responsibility of the parent.

Separation Challenges

Separation difficulties can happen with any child at any time during their preschool years.  Whether this is your child’s first preschool experience or a mid-year crisis, you have probably tried everything, including a few special treats, but he/she will not be convinced that preschool is the place where they should be.  It is very important that you are ready for the separation, also.  If you are anxious about your child starting preschool, they will pick up on the anxiety.

Drop-off routine to the rescue!

Whether this is your child’s first school experience or a new phase, these meltdowns are difficult for everyone involved.  What do you do when your child refuses to say goodbye?  What you need is a “drop off routine.”  Children like routines because they provide a sense of security.  Just as a good bedtime routine helps in the evening hours, a good drop-off routine will help you at preschool.


Creating the drop-off routine should include your child’s teacher.  Decide on steps that you will take every day when you and your child arrive at preschool.  The goal is to establish and follow a routine for saying goodbye.  The more your child knows what to expect, the more likely he/she will remain calm as the “goodbye” approaches.

Keep it simple!

Your routine could be as simple as helping your child hang up his coat, reading a book in the reading corner and then waving goodbye at the door.  Or you might watch your child color a picture and take it with you when you leave.  The routine can change over time and eventually you might not even need one.

A drop-off routine will not always keep your child from crying, especially at first.  Some children cry for days or even weeks before they adjust.  You may need the teacher’s reassuring arms to help your child as you leave.

Helping children with separation is a large part of a preschool teacher’s job.  Often the teacher is very effective at calming down your child after the goodbye has passed.  Believe your child’s teacher when she/he says that your little one only cried for ten minutes or so.

Some simple steps for separation!

There are other simple steps that can help your child adjust to the separation.  Leave a family picture in your child’s cubby.  Show your child that you trust and like his teacher with a happy “hello” in the morning.  Provide your child with the chance to talk about his feelings, but then change the subject to something positive.   Try to relax and believe that this problem will pass.  Before you know it you will be hearing them say “but I said I wasn’t ready to go home!”

Parent Involvement/Visitation

At East Buchanan Preschool, we believe that parents are the most important teachers their child will ever have.  We also want you to become involved in the program.  Please feel free to visit the center anytime before or after your child is enrolled. Our preschool is designed and staffed with young children in mind.  We strive to have an “extended family” atmosphere of caring open communication.  

Home Visits

Your child’s teacher will meet with you and will do a home visit with you during the school year.  

Purpose of a home visit:

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The parent advisory committee has the responsibility of reviewing program issues.  The committee meets quarterly (or more if needed) during the year.  This committee has had a major influence on the preschool program.  It’s mission is to ensure that the East Buchanan Preschool provides our children with a solid educational foundation to prepare them for their future.

Open House

The East Buchanan Preschool has an open house at the beginning of each school year.  Your child will have the opportunity to come visit the classroom and their teachers.  This is also a great time to answer parent questions and learn about goals and expectations for the year.  


The preschool teachers have sign-up sheets for conferences twice a year – during the fall and spring.  During the conferences, families and teachers share information on their child and develop an education plan.  

End of Year Celebration

At the end of each school year the East Buchanan 3/4/5 Preschool will have an informal celebration for the students.  Parents, grandparents, and friends are welcomed to attend this joyous day.  The class will show their talents with various musical performances.

Enrollment Policies

To be successful in school and life, it is important to stay as healthy as possible.  Below are some health requirements that you need to have filled out before your child may begin preschool.  We also have two safety forms to fill out dealing with security of who is picking up your child and safety on the bus.

  1. A copy of your child’s Immunization Certificate that is current and up to date for his or her age.
  2. A current (within a year) age appropriate Physical Exam Form signed by health care provider.
  3. A Dental Exam Form signed and dated (updated each year).
  4. A Pick-up Authorization to be completed (Permissions Form).
  5. A Bus Regulation Form completed (all students).
  6. A Parental Emergency Medical Consent Form to be completed.

If possible, it is highly suggested to get the physical and dental completed during the summer months since both need to be renewed each year.


In order for your child to get the most out of the preschool program, it is important that they come to school on a regular basis. If your child is not at school and we do not hear from you, a staff member will get in touch with you to make sure your child is okay and to see if we can help.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the elementary office whenever your child will be absent.


Be sure that your child’s clothing is: comfortable, washable and allows for self-dressing and appropriate for play.  For safety reasons, shoes with clunky heels or without heel straps should not be worn to school (flip flops or clogs). An extra set of clothing is recommended.


We get very involved in activities and children should not have to be overly concerned with staying clean. Dresses with ruffles or bows and pants with difficult belts or fastenings should be avoided.

When the weather is cold, we still like to go outside and play. Please always: Wear winter coats, snow pants, mittens, snow boots and stocking hat.  Please send alternate shoes when your child wears boots to school.

Public School Calendar and Weather Cancellations

The East Buchanan Preschool will follow the same schedule as the East Buchanan Community School.  If the school is delayed two hours, morning preschool will not meet. In the event school is cancelled or delayed due to bad weather or other conditions, the announcement will be made over the three television stations: KWWL (Channel 7), KCRG (Channel 9), and KGAN (channel 2) and the following radio stations: KOEL Oelwein (95 AM/92.3 FM), WMT Cedar Rapids ( 600 CM/96FM), KFMW Waterloo (108FM), KMCH Manchester (94.7 FM).  You may also sign up for GovDelivery.  This is a system that will post announcements via email, text, twitter, and Facebook.  The link is  https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/IAEDU1963/subscriber/new?topic_id=IAEDU1963_1


For the health and safety of all the children, it is mandatory that sick children not be brought to school.  If your child has any of the following symptoms during the night, he or she will not be admitted the following morning for the safety of the other children.

The center’s established policy for an ill child’s return:

Upon arrival at school, each child is observed by teaching staff for signs of illness or injury that could affect the child’s ability to participate comfortably in the daily activities.  Children will be excluded when a child is not able to participate comfortably; if the illness requires more care than staff are able to provide without compromising the needs of the other children in the group; or if keeping the child at school poses an increased risk to the child or to other children or adults with whom the child will come in contact.

When a child develops signs of an illness during their day at preschool, parents, legal guardians, or other person authorized by the parent will be notified immediately to pick up the child.  For this reason, please be sure that we have current, accurate phone numbers for you, your authorized emergency contact person and your child’s pediatrician.  In the meantime, we will provide the child a place to rest until the parent, legal guardian or designated person arrives under the supervision of someone familiar with the child.  If the child is suspected of having a contagious disease, then until she or he can be picked up, the child is located where new individuals will not be exposed.  


If your child needs to take medicine at school, our staff can give your child medication only if a doctor prescribes it.  Parents/guardians will need to give written authorization and instructions by filling out a Medication Permission Form.  The medicine you bring must be in the original pharmacy container.  It must be clearly labeled with:


Child’s first and last name

        Physician’s name

        Date the prescription was filled        

        Name and strength of the medication

        Instructions from the manufacturer, pharmacy or doctor

Authorizing Individuals to Pick Up Your Child

On the enrollment form, you will find a line asking for the names of individuals who will be authorized to pick up your child(ren).  You may authorize as many individuals as you wish.  You must leave a written note or tell a staff member if such a situation arises.  We will not allow your child to leave with an unauthorized person. This is completely for the protection and safety of your child.  We will check ID or person listed to pick up our child.  Please remember to keep this form updated and correct if your phone number or address changes.  

Arriving and Leaving the School

It is required that all children be escorted inside the school.  Please notify the teacher or school when your child will be absent, arriving late or being picked up early.

Emergency Procedures for a Missing Child

1) Stay calm (count heads) 2) Check attendance chart (was the child signed in or out) 3) Talk calmly with other staff (check bathrooms, classrooms, and outside) 4) Contact main office (child in attendance) 5) Call administration 6) Call parent or other persons listed on Emergency from 7) Most Important – Stay Calm in All Emergency Situations.

Alleged Impaired Pick-Up

The teachers at the East Buchanan Preschool will not release a child to an authorized person who is unable to adequately care for the child. The staff will offer to call a relative or friend to pick up the person and child.

If the person is driving a vehicle the teacher will explain that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and that the teacher is obligated to ensure the safety of the child. If this person chooses to get in the car (with or without the child) the teacher will immediately notify police and provide a description of the car and location headed. If the teacher believes that the child is in need of protection, proper authorities will be notified.    


Our preschool has more than an adequate amount of toys and learning materials.  Please do not send toys from home as they may be lost or broken.  Books or electronic media a child wishes to share with the class should be marked with the child’s name and given to the teacher.  If your child’s class has a “sharing day’ you will be notified.  Toy guns or weapons are never allowed at preschool.


East Buchanan Preschool provides healthy, well-balanced snacks to all children.  Due to food allergies all treats are prepared through the East Buchanan CSD. Your child will participate in nutrition and physical activities to promote healthy life-long habits.  Your child will learn self-help skills such as hand washing, brushing teeth, and making healthy food choices and good mealtime manners.

Please let our staff know if your child must eat or avoid foods for religious or other reasons (food allergy or intolerance).  

Life Threatening Allergies – (Example – Nut allergy) / Medical Alerts (Example – Seizures) Awareness

The East Buchanan Community School has recognized that students with life threatening allergies/Medical Alerts attend our school.  In saying this – the district will maintain a system-wide emergency plan for addressing these potential life threatening allergic reactions or medical alerts and maintain an Individual Emergency Medical Plan (IEMP) for any student(s) whose parents/guardians, and physicians have informed the administration of the school in writing that the student(s) has a potentially life threatening allergy or medical condition.  Further, the district will utilize procedures to minimize the chance of a child experiencing a potential life threatening allergic reaction/medical alert. These procedures will be presented to all staff (PK-12) during our all staff in service at the beginning of each school year.

Procedure for Implementing Life-Threatening Allergy/Medical Alerts Awareness

The administration/school nurse/guidance, will be responsible for notifying teachers, classroom associates, and parents of students in classrooms where one or more students have a life-threatening allergy. (The allergy must be clearly documented by the primary care physician or a board certified allergist.) Notification will include an explanation of the severity of the health threat, a description of signs and symptoms to be aware of and a concise list of foods and materials to avoid. Parents, in consultation with their primary care provider/allergist, will provide the list of allergens to be avoided.


NO FOOD ITEMS, for students, will be brought into our elementary either by parents or staff. The classroom teacher may distribute treats for special occasions, such holiday parties – these treats will come from our school kitchen or our Family Consumer Science classroom. Classrooms with students who have life threatening allergies may have more specific guidelines depending on the type(s) of allergy. Treats that cannot be offered to all students due to life threatening allergies/Medical Alerts will not be served.


Food preparation will only be allowed in academic curriculum with the principal’s and health care professional’s pre-approval.  An exception will be made for food preparation as related to the Individual Education Plan of individual student’s goals served in special education in PreK-12 grades. Precautions will be taken for students with life threatening allergies.


Only non-food manipulatives should be used in classrooms. Peanut butter jars should not be used for storage of manipulatives, even if the jars have been thoroughly washed.


Whenever students travel on field trips for, a clear plan to activate Emergency Medical Services (911) should be reviewed by all teachers and chaperones. Field trips need to be chosen carefully; no child should be excluded from a field trip due to unavoidable allergen exposure. (NOTE: How to activate EMS should be included on the field trip forms.) The District Transportation Department (regular and substitute drivers) will be notified of the student(s) who have life threatening allergies/medical alerts.

Discipline Policy

We use positive guidance techniques such as modeling and encouraging expected behavior, redirection, and setting clear limits.  A “Cool Down” time is used when necessary, with one minute per year of age used as the maximum time away from the regular activities.  Children feel comfortable and confidant knowing their child care teacher’s expectations match and respect their developing capabilities.

Intentional Property damage is a serious matter.  Any cost for repair or replacement for damage to the building, furniture, or toys will be billed to the child and their parents.

Incidents of aggressive behavior towards other children or staff will be reported to parents/guardians.  A conference may be held with the family, teaching staff, and principal.


No live animals are to be inside the East Buchanan School buildings or classrooms at any time.  

If you, as a parent or legal guardian, want to bring your family pet to share with your child’s classroom you are welcome.  However, all animals must remain outside the school buildings during the visit.  The preschool teacher ensures that the animal does not create an unsafe or unsanitary condition.  The animal would appear to be in good health and have documentation from a veterinarian or an animal shelter to show that the animal is fully immunized (if the animal should be so protected) and suitable for contact with children.  The teacher would ensure staff and children practice good hygiene and hand washing when coming into contact with the animal and after coming into contact with the animal.  Teaching staff supervise all interactions between children and animals and instruct children on safe behavior when in close proximity to animals.  

Any children allergic to the pet will not be exposed to the animal.  Reptiles are not allowed because of the risk for salmonella.  The classroom teacher is responsible for checking requirements have been met.

3 Year-Old Morning Program

This program is offered each morning from 8:00 – 11:30.  Our first year preschoolers are provided with many opportunities for self-expression and exploration of their environment.  These children are eager to learn, and our program is designed to give them numerous positive opportunities to discover their world.  Our preschoolers learn to master manipulative skills and are exposed to shapes, colors, letters and numbers by using sensory experiences.  They enjoy being creative through dramatic play, music, dance, art, and books.  The children develop self-care skills such as dressing, undressing, using a tissue, going to the restroom and cleaning up play areas.  They have many opportunities to exercise their growing bodies with indoor and outdoor large motor games and equipment.  We have a well-rounded program designed to foster your child’s development growth.

Four/Five Year Old Program

This program is offered from either  8:00-11:15 or an all day program from 8:00 – 3:15.  Each child is viewed as a unique individual with his/her own pattern of growth and development.  Free choice time allows the children to initiate their own play experiences with a variety of fine motor activities as well as role-playing areas.  Learning about math, science, social studies, and health are integrated through meaningful activities such as those when children play with blocks, measure sand, water or cooking ingredients, observe changes in the environment, work with tools, sort objects, explore plants, animals, water, and draw, paint and work with clay. This allows a lot of individual interaction between children and the teacher.

The children are given experiences to develop basic readiness skills.  They experiment with writing and reading by drawing and copying, listening to and reading stories and poems, taking field trips or listening to speakers, dictating stories and seeing classroom charts and print.  

Children are given time each day for large muscle development through climbing, running, dancing, and playing outside.  All our activities help develop positive feelings toward learning.

Lunch Time

Lunch for preschool will be served between 11:30 and noon each day for students in the 4/5 year old half or full day program.

Lunch is a separate account from your tuition.  A daily lunch will cost $1.80.  Families may qualify for Free or Reduced Lunches.  Inquire in the office.

Fire and Natural Disaster

The East Buchanan Preschool has established special procedures to deal with such emergencies as fire and natural disaster.  The preschool is inspected on a regular basis.  Fire and tornado drills are held every month during the school year.  During severe weather, a constant check is kept for emergency information.


The East Buchanan Preschool has established special procedures to deal with such emergencies as intruders.  In the case of an intruder there will be an all call throughout the building with location of the intruder.

Bus Safety

Our preschool will provide transportation to and from enrichment opportunities throughout our community.  It is important that all parents, children, bus drivers and staff follow the rules set forth by the East Buchanan Community School District.  Please take time to read through the material and share this information with your child(ren).

Bus Evacuation Drills

Children will participate in bus evacuation drills set up by the East Buchanan Community School District.  They will practice exiting from the back and side of the bus.  

In case of an emergency:

  1. Bus drivers will contact the administration office.
  2. Our staff will contact parents.

Pedestrian Walking

Cross the street at the corner and obey all traffic signals.  Hold an adult’s or older student’s hand when you cross the street.  Look left, right, and left again before you cross and while you are crossing keep looking both ways until you reach the other side. Only cross in front of a school bus when the driver says if is safe.  Do not cross behind the bus or where the driver cannot see you.

Student Records

The  parents of students attending the E.B. Community School district shall have the right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to their children, including all materials that are incorporated into each student’s cumulative record folder, and intended for school use or to be available to parties outside the school or school system.  Parents requesting access to their child’s school records shall do so by contacting the building principal of the child’s attendance center.  In order for a student’s record to be released to other parties not listed below, it will have to be written consent of the student’s parents.


  1. Other school officials, including teachers, within institution or local educational system.
  2. Officials of other schools or school systems in which the student intends to enroll.
  3. Authorized representative of State and Federal Governmental agencies, or administrative heads of educational agencies.
  4. In connection with a student’s application for, or receipt of financial aid.

Students’ names will be released for informative reasons such as in students participating in school events, Kids Review, Newsletters, newspaper articles and announcements (see release form).

Questioning of Students by Outside Agencies

The school will cooperate with law enforcement officials in investigations involving students, while still protecting the rights of students.

Law enforcement officials will be granted permission to interview students (non-suspect) in the school setting. This generally will occur following approval of school officials and in the presence of a school official.

It shall be the responsibility of the investigator in abuse cases to determine who will be present during an interview. Officials who request an interview for a child abuse investigation and the investigator determines that the child should be interviewed independently of his or her parent(s) or guardian(s) and the school is the most appropriate setting for the interview, school officials will allow the investigation without contacting the parent(s) or guardian(s).

While school officials generally will allow interviews of students (non-suspects) without parental notification, law enforcement has the responsibility to notify parents of any interrogation of minors. The school will do everything possible to see that parents are notified prior to any interrogation of student. In the event that parents are not available, a school administrator shall be present at the interview and serve as an advocate of the student.

Reporting Child Abuse

All East Buchanan Community School District Staff are mandatory reporters for child abuse.  The East Buchanan Community School District complies with the State of Iowa law requiring all mandatory reporters working in licensed child care to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Human Services.  This is in the best interest of the child.

The law tries to protect children from abuse and helps others find ways to handle the stress of raising children.  If you would like to help in coping with any area of your child’s behavior, please call your child’s teacher, family worker, guidance counselor or our AEA support staff.  We will try to help you find solutions to your concerns. Children’s safety and best interests are always our goal.  We will notify authorities should we have concerns regarding any child’s safety.  

Student Abuse

Any student who has been abused either physically or sexually by a school employee shall make a written report of this to the level one investigator immediately.  The level one investigator is the Superintendent of Schools, or in his/her absence the school nurse, or  the Elementary Principal.  Report forms are available in any administrative office.

“Physical abuse” means non accidental physical injury to the student as a result of the actions of a school employee.  Physical abuse may occur as a result of intentional infliction of injury or excessive, unnecessary, or unreasonable use of force.  “Sexual abuse” means any sexual offense as defined by Iowa Code chapter 709, Iowa Code section 728.12 (1), or any sexual act with or directed toward a student.  

Program Policies and Procedures

Program Policies and Procedures handbook is located in the following:

Superintendent/Elementary Office

East Buchanan School Webpage – www.eastbuchananschools.com- under PK & Elementary and then Preschool Handbook and Policy and Procedures.

Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of the East Buchanan Community School District not to illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender, disability, religion, creed, age (for employment) marital status (for programs), sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic status (for programs) in its educational programs and its employment practices.  

There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination.  Individuals shall use the policy complaint form for policy number 102.E1. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy please contact the district’s Equity Coordinator, Eric Dockstader, Secondary Principal, East Buchanan Community School, 414 5th St. N., Winthrop, IA 50682, 319-935-3767, edockstader@east-buc.k12.ia.us.

East Buchanan Preschool

Parent Handbook