Pre-Game Briefing

Safety Rules

First Aid

The First Aider on site is Mish Liddle. In the event of an injury or medical emergency, anyone can use the call ‘MAN DOWN’ to raise the alarm. Please remember not to use the call ‘MAN DOWN’ in character. If you hear this call, please stop what you are doing. First Aiders should respond to this call by heading to the call’s location. First Aiders are in charge during a Man Down call and will give instruction if they need assistance.  


In the event of a fire, please evacuate in a calm and orderly fashion to the front drive and wait for more instructions from the ref team.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

During the game you should always be mindful of your surroundings, for your own safety and the safety of others, and also to avoid unnecessary damage to the venue.

Horses & Dogs

There may be a horse in a nearby field, and the owners of Eskmeals keep dogs. Please resist the temptation to pet these during play as you may bring allergens into the house and negatively affect other players.

Smoking & Drinking

Please do not smoke inside the house. Please be mindful of your alcohol intake. If the refs feel you have drunk too much to engage properly in the game, you may be asked to time out. Drinking games are strictly forbidden unless phys-repped with a non-alchoholic drink. .  


The toilets are always OOC and you can always ask to be taken to the toilet, even if it would not be safe IC to do so. You will also find a copy of the game rules on the inner door of all the toilets in the house. The toilets should never be used as an IC hiding place.

OOC Wellbeing

You may take time away from the game at any time if you wish. You can use your bedroom, though please remember these are IC spaces that other players may wish to use. An OOC quiet space has been designated in the yard behind the house. There is a gazebo set up by the back door on the far side of the kitchen. Doors to the OOC space are marked.

Setting Brief

This event is a 24 hour time-in game. If you are in an IC space, please try to stay in character the whole time. Please also remember that not all is as it seems in this family; if there are inconsistencies between your IC information and any other information you encounter in the game or via another character, this is likely by design - check with a ref if necessary.

The IC date is Friday 21st September 1928. It is 10 years since the end of the First World War. King George V is on the throne, and the Prime Minister is the Conservative Stanley Baldwin. This year the voting age for women in the UK has been lowered from 30 to 21, giving women equal suffrage with men.

You are staying at Avery Lodge for the weekend, which is a remote country manor in the Lake District. The nearest other houses are at Ravenglass village. The layout of the house is mostly as is OOC, with a few minor changes. Doors and rooms which do not exist IC are clearly marked, and all the outbuildings including the farmhouse and barns do not exist IC.  

The characters visiting Avery Lodge will have traveled by train and either walked or paid for a chauffeur service from Bootle station. You are expecting to return to their respective homes when train services resume on Monday.

If you are going beyond the large stone gate at the end of the drive, you should inform a ref of your intentions before you do. You may be accompanied, or you may simply receive a briefing about what happens.

A brief briefing on servants…