Hello, this is Christina Jeong from OneStep Model Management.


LG electronic exhibition will be held in Berlin, Germany in September.

And We are looking for foreign sommelier who can speak English fluently.

I kindly ask your cooperation for searching sommelier in Korea or foreign countries such as Berlin, Europe or Americas.

Please check below details.

1. Advertiser: LG Electronics

2. Event: IFA 2018 Exhibition

3. Location: Berlin, Germany

4. Period: from 31st of AUG to 5th of SEP, 2018(total 5-6 days)

5. Event goals: suggesting various lifestyles through LG ThinQ technology

6. Sommelier roles in the event

Sommelier will give brief explanation regarding new launching LG wine cellar and provide wines to attendees.

Attendees can ask questions regarding wine cellar and Sommelier will give answers based on his wine knowledge.

Materials or data of LG wine cellar will be provided previously from LG electronics.

Sommelier will work in LG signature zone which shows premium electronics of LG.

It is located in 2nd floor separately from main exhibition room and only 40 attendees can experience special product privately in the zone.

7. Day-fee: The cost of stay(airfare, accommodation, traffic, etc) will be provided by OneStep management.

Please let us know day-fee for sommelier for this event.

Total 6 days will be expected(1 day for rehearsal and 5 days for event)

If you have any question please feel free to let me know

Thank you so much



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