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Privacy Statement, English
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We keep your private information private

We do everything we can to keep your private data really private. When you order something from us, you naturally do not want snoopers to run off with your personal data. You're right.


We do ask for information from you, so that we can help you as well as possible. You can read below what information we request and what we use it for. You can also see what your rights are, who has access to your data and how long we keep your data.


This privacy policy was last modified on October 17, 2020.

What are the "legal grounds" for using your data?

According to privacy legislation, we must say what "legal grounds" we have to use your data. We need information from you because of the contractual agreements between you and Revelz, such as your purchase of a product or your right to warranty. This is the case with:

In addition, we can use your data for "legitimate interest". This means that we want to provide all our customers with the most optimal, personal service. We always think about your privacy. This is true for:


We may also have a legal obligation to use your data, for example when we suspect fraud. And sometimes you have given us permission to use your data, such as when you sign up for the newsletter. We keep track of this.

Who has access to your data?

We will only pass on your data to other parties if this is really necessary for our services. This concerns these parties: delivery partners, suppliers or product support, payment partners, trade information agencies, IT service providers and parties that collect our reviews. After all, our delivery partner must deliver your order to the correct address. Parties such as data management platforms, media and advertising agencies and research agencies come into the picture as soon as we want to give you personal advice or show you targeted advertisements, for example based on your interest in certain products. In suspicious situations, we are obliged to share customer data with government authorities.

The parties who gain access to your data may only use it to provide you with a service on behalf of Revelz. Unless they are responsible for obtaining and protecting your data themselves. Some cookie developers have access to the information that cookies collect on our website. You can read more about this in our cookie statement and the privacy policy of these parties. We never sell your information to third parties.

Where are your data stored?

We store your data in various databases. We always use strict security measures. East west, best at home: that's why your data is almost always stored within the European Union. In the exceptional case that customer data is transferred to countries outside the European Union, we ensure that your privacy remains appropriately protected. This has been officially established for a number of countries. Some American parties have registered under the Privacy Shield, which offers sufficient protection. Or we work with official model contracts that have been specially drawn up to guarantee your privacy.

How long do we keep your data?

We do not store and use your data longer than necessary. Then we delete all data we have about you. Or do we use your data anonymously, because we need certain data for internal analyzes and reports such as the value of your order.

Sounds nice and simple, but how does that work in practice? We adhere to certain deadlines, after which we delete your data. They are:


We keep data that we use to prevent fraud for a very long time. Not fun, but necessary.

What are your rights?

Of course you remain in charge of your data. Would you like to view your personal data for free and receive a copy? Or do you want to change, delete, limit use or change your e-mail preferences? No problem. You can do this yourself in your My Revelz account. Or you let us know by post or e-mail. In this way you can also object to the use of your data for marketing purposes or indicate that you believe that your privacy outweighs our interest. In that case, we will review the situation. Do you want us to transfer your data to another party? That is also possible. Send your request by post or e-mail and we will take care of it.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter in no time. You can do this in your My Revelz account or via the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself. And do you no longer want cookies at all? You can also arrange that yourself. Read how to do this in our cookie statement.

We want to make sure that you are really you. That is why we may request additional information from you to establish your identity. We also do this for unclear requests.

Do you have any questions or complaints?

For questions or complaints about your data and the protection of your privacy, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of Revelz.


Writing: Weg en Land 40N, 2661 KR Bergschenhoek - South Holland, The Netherlands, Attn Data Protection Officer.

If you are not satisfied with how Revelz handles your privacy, you can contact the privacy authority.

Who is responsible for your data?

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