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2023 BAPIC Fair

Ground Rules for Students attending the BAPIC Practicum Fair:


o  Only talk to agencies that are approved by your school for your level of training. Your school will provide you with a list of allowed sites.


o  Please do not pass out your CV. Agency representatives will be very busy, and it’s important not to flood them with pieces of paper. Many agencies will have a sign-in sheet instead.


o  Be your wonderful, professional self! Treat your conversations with agency reps like mini-interviews.


o  Questions to ask agency reps: bring your focused questions about programs to the reps, and other questions to Field Placement Staff members from your school.


o  Catering at the fair is reserved for agency and school reps, who must be on site the whole day. Please do bring yourself to the fair in a well-nourished state!  



Event Health and Safety Guidelines


We have developed the following guidelines related to health and safety to best protect our community. We ask for your care and consideration in following these guidelines and that we all participate responsibly. As the fair approaches, we will continue to monitor CDC recommendations and local public health orders and may adjust our guidelines if needed.


Feeling Unwell

Feeling under the weather? That’s your sign to skip the in-person fair. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you do not attend. Instead, you may consider attending our adjunct, virtual option (discussed below).



Looking forward to face-to-face conversations with students, agency representatives, and school representatives? So are we! To help everyone do that safely, masks are required at the fair, except when eating or drinking. We will have extra masks on-site, and we will also have hand sanitizer placed throughout the venue.



The organizers of the event will do their best to space agency tables further apart than in previous years. Students, we also need your help! If you see a crowd forming around an agency table, please consider returning to it later.


Food and Beverage

For agency representatives and student volunteers, complementary sparkling water and packaged snacks will be provided.