Zone 5 (Greater Western Sydney) Bowling Association

Delegate’s meeting

Austral Bowling Club – Sunday 4th March, 2018

Meeting opened:        10.05am

Unfortunately at the appointed time for the commencement of the meeting there was insufficient clubs present to form a quorum. There were 8 clubs represented and the Regulations requires 14.

Present: Andrew Frater, Col Crossingham, Ted Ryan. Campbelltown City, Kingswood, Lawson, Pitt Town, Richmond, Springwood, St Marys RSL and Wentworth Falls.

Apology: Matt Slager Committee member, VP Stephen Della, VP Alex Matheson, Selectors Matt Lovett-Jeans, Umpires Geoff Hatch. Bargo, Blacktown City, Bowral, Camden, Glenbrook Panthers and Picton.  

Absent: Austral, Blacktown Workers, Camden RSL, Crookwell, Hazelbrook, Penrith, Robertson, Taralga, Wallacia, Windsor and Wisemans Ferry.

President Andrew asked those present if it would be OK if the Executive presented their reports. All present agreed.

A treasurer’s report was distributed to those clubs present and will be sent via email to all other clubs.


From then on the meeting was treated as an information session and the following items were presented and discussed but no decision was made.

In future an agenda will be sent to all clubs two weeks prior to the scheduled date as a reminder.

Those clubs in attendance expressed their extreme disappointment that they gave up their time and travelled to the meeting but other clubs which would normally have been represented by members involved in the Zone Singles events at their clubs failed to arrange for alternative representatives to attend so that business may have been able to be transacted.


The Conditions of Play 2019/2020 review - clubs are invited to put forward any suggestions for amendments to the Bowls NSW COP.

The State Match Committee forum - Zone Match Committee and selected stakeholders from within the Zone will attend a forum to discuss the possible changes to COP.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 11.05am.

Next meetings:


Wednesday, 18th April, 2018, 6pm at Austral BC.


Sunday 24th June, 2018 10 am at Campbelltown City Bowling Club.

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 Delegate’s Minutes