Dick Powers Volleyball

College Alumnae

1978 - 2002

Please help DPV update the following DPV Alumnae List which includes collegiate volleyball players who have been directly trained by Coach Powers and/or benefited in their careers through his administrative efforts.

You can contribute additions and clarifications to this list by emailing the information to email address: powershumandevelopment@gmail.com and/or texting phone number: 260 267 5119.

This list stops at 2002 and there are many more athletes whose names deserve to be included in this list.

Coach Powers began his family in 2003 and has not spent as much time doing administrative work since Paige and McKenna Powers were born.


Abby Sumpter, Defiance College

Myra Sells, Indiana Wesleyan University

Megan Gloor, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Ashlee Roth, IPFW

Lindsay Simcoe, Ball State

Nichole Hondorp, Georgetown College

Carolyn Gruesbeck, Butler University

Abby Fuelling, University of St Francis

Heidi Busch, Mount Olive College

Macy Vogelsang, University of St Francis

Kristie Koomler, Mount Olive College


Erin McPhilamy, University of Indianapolis

Andrea Saldivar, Hope College

Karisa Michel, Southampton College

Emily Loomis, Notre Dame

Erin Heffner, University of Alabama

Carli Humerickhouse, University of St Francis

Kari Donaghy, University of St Francis

Shayna Reincke, University of St Francis

Amber Reitdorf, Indiana Wesleyan

Melissa Elmer, Nebraska

Kate Bolduan, George Washington


Amber Sabrosky, Southampton College

Zehra Mecuk, IPFW

Erica Ringger, Western Kentucky

Angie Zent, Miami University

Kari Krouse, University of Tennesse at Chattanooga

Jenny Wingstrom, DePauw University


Mallory Benson, Clemson University

Andrea Krouse, Indiana State

Kristin Frye, Florida State

Jamie Meyer, Virginia Tech

Jamie Hibbard, Florida State

Brooke Minniear, University of St Louis

Peg Huls, Bethel College

Sarah Eckrich, Morehead State

Carrie McCaw, University of Toledo

Stephanie Dubach, University of Tennessee at Martin


Allison Kreagor, North Carolina State

Michelle Gruesbeck, IUPUI

Sarah Tinkle, Indiana Wesleyen

Sara Sparks, IUPUI

Tara Harshbarger, Ohio University

Kelly Moore, Mississippi College

Kelly Carpenter, Hillsdale College

Molly Daugherty, Hillsdale College

Kristine Shubat, Virginia Tech

Tracy Richards, Goshen College

Lesley Lykins, IPFW

Stephanie Bishop, DePaul University

Casey Bailey, Huntington College

Courtney Furrow, University of St Francis

Lisa Chard, Ferris State

Jenny Mertz, IUPUI

Jennifer Ross, Ashland College

Audra Hodge, Anderson College

Jenny Schwartz, Bellarmine College

Lynsey Perkins, University of St Francis


Chrissy Miller, Drake University

Abby Hartup, Middle Tennessee State

Melissa Kinder, Manchester College

Carly Messman, Southern Indiana

Tami Isch, IPFW

Rachel Sorg, University of Indianapolis

Susie Meshberger, Ball State

Stephanie Goes, Kenyon College

Emily Pilgrim, University of Indianapolis

Mindy Mills, University of Wisconsin at Parkside

Emily McIntosh, Southern Indiana



Lisa Lombardo, McNeese State University

Stephanie Shubat, Anderson University

Julie Fisher, Marshall University

Sarah Taylor, St Joseph's College

Jodi Schnelker, Marshall University

Lori Kemerer , Bowling Green

Jenni Miller, Western Kentucky

Courtney Boissenett, University of Texas at San Antonio

Leslie Stamets, IPFW

Nicole Burns, Coastal Carolina University

Adrienne Raupfer, IPFW

Athena Sherwood, Liberty University

Allison Raver, University of Southern Florida

Pam Huls, Cedarville College


Mary Franke, Virginia Commonwealth

Angie Moeller, Manchester College

Dawn Leon, University of Evansville

Rachel Smith, Morehead State

Jamie Hales, Miami University

Samantha Walker, Georgia State

Molly Ferber, Point Loma Nazarene College

Starr Trahin, IPFW

Tiffany Richmond, IPFW

Abby Hendricks, Manchester College

Sarah Busche, Glen Oaks College

Lisa Schultz, IPFW

Megan Bechdol, University of St Francis


Angie Harris, Notre Dame

Amy Luben, IPFW

Jennifer Knapp, Tri-State University

Becky Inman, Ball State Univerisity

Tiffany Martin, IPFW

Andi Reichart, IPFW

Shannon Alspaugh, Parkland College

Lydia Kelsey, Tri-State University

Kim Teeters, University of St Francis

Amber Borne, IPFW

Carla Geirhan, IPFW


Tammy Juergens, University of Texas

Heather Luben, Youngstown State

Kim Osborne, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Robin Schuller, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Wendy Walleen, Adrian College

Sasha Spangler, University of St Francis

Jodi Walcutt, University of St Francis


Kristin Baxter, Western Carolina University

Bridget Branning, Tri-State University

Katie Lagoni, Oberlin College

Sara Stronczek, St Mary's College


Shari Kemerer, Morehead State


Nichole Putman, Miami University


Shanon Lewis, University of Louisville

Danielle Berlin, Ohio State

Kris Wilder, IPFW

Nicole Beerman, Ball State

Jill Homrig, Miami University

1978                                                                                                                         Carol Higbee, Indiana State

Unknown Year                                                                                                                           
Diana Friend, University of St Francis
Amy Benschneider, University of St Francis
Shannon Mohan, University of St Francis
Casey Harter, University of Indianapolis
Jen Hale, Taylor University
Lori Wesolek, Tri-State University
Kelly Dangler, Defiance College
Jenny Hutchinson, Indiana Wesleyan
Bridgett Boyle, Illinois