Digital Photography CHS Agenda

Students interested in studying Digital Photography and other related courses should consider Arapahoe Community College’s Computer Graphics Certificate,

Adobe Photoshop Help | Adobe Lightroom Mobile Tutorial |

FINAL Assignment 

Example of former student using portfolio for personal art sales gigs

Show Ms H your Wix Portfolio

Class Reflection End of Year Survey

Johnny Cash Project → Download FLASH to make this work. Select a frame. Show your illustration to Ms H

When you spend a whole bunch of hours working on something for someone else, remember this…

Consider using your Wix Portfolio to show examples of your work and also why you deserve to be paid for your time!

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!! I’ll really miss you all!! --ms h

January 8, 2018 -- WELCOME!!!


First, login to your Jeffco Email.

Second, answer the following.

Third, send an email with both URLs and answer to the question to also with the answer to What do you want to learn in this class?

  1. Create Google Document to answer daily course agenda responses.
    File > Publish to Web > Copy ( If you are gone this day or start the class late, you will STILL need to send this to Ms H at ffrom yfco email )
  2. Create your site with the (chs + your id # as the profile url) to display your digital photography photography work in this class.You can find this under Basic Settings > Publishing > Blog Address

Here’s Ms H’s sample blog, 

If this blog doesn’t work for you, consider using a site at Wix

January 8, 2018: What do you want to learn in this class? Copy the date + question into your google document, then answer the question. You will have a new question every day.

BLOGGER ASSIGNMENT → Create your Artist Bio → Write one paragraph describing who you are (or want to be) as a photographer in this class. Be sure to discuss your style, typical shots, an artist you admire, → Include an image you find online that shows

January 10, 2018 -- What is your ideal camera? Why? What does it do? Insert > Image > from URL on today’s assignment in google docs

Today’s Question:

Signup for Digital Photo on Remind Remind → Text hansenphot to 81010

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Read the article at Then list, answers to the following

  1. What is “Aperture?”
  2. What does Aperture do? When would you use it?
  3. What is the difference between large or small aperture?
  4. What is “depth of field?”
  5. Show an example of a shallow depth of field
  6. What is better? A fixed or zoom lens? Why do you think?

BLOGGER→ Complete your combined image cutout → Upload to Blogger

Thursday, January 18, 2018 -- Elements of Art, building a common Artist Vocabulary for Digital Photography

  1. What does Depth of Field do for your photos? Some might say it makes them seem more __-__
  2. The word __ __ __ __ __ is they are the smallest information that makes a photo.
  3. Elements of Art Terms → Complete the chart below



Photography Example








Complete Tuesdays’ combined image cutout → Upload to Blogger.


Assignment: Color Swap. THEN, Open both the cutout file and your background image

Homework: Take 2 images each day between now and Friday’s Class reflecting something in your own life.

Monday, January 22, 2018 --

Today’s Question: Principles of Design!!!

You all did a great job with this assignment last week. I hadn’t planned on giving this one just yet b/c I wanted to talk about that one but seeing as though I am out today, why not start this one now. I hate being absent but I couldn’t help it today. I have my phone on me, so if you have questions, please send a message through Remind or via reply SMS from Fri


PART ONE: Look at the two pictures below...pick one to write about...which elements of art are demonstrated very clearly to the audience?  (line, shape, value, form, texture, space, color)  What PRINCIPLES of DESIGN (pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, proportion, harmony, rhythm/movement) do you observe? Screenshot the one you choose and post to your blog with at least 3 COMPLETE sentences...



PART TWO: Principles of Design terms → Define and give ex of each.



Photography Example

1. Pattern

2. Contrast

3. Emphasis

4. Balance

5. Proportion

6. Harmony

7. Rhythm / Movement

PART THREE: Checkin → How are you doing with your Two-Shots-a-Day assignment? Have you kept up? What do you notice about the kinds of images you are taking? Is there a common theme? Do you prefer color or black-and-white? What do you think viewers will notice about this image? What do you hope they will take from this perspective? Include this reflection as your last Google Doc assignment today.

BLOGGER→ Post your best image so far on blogger… then write a one-paragraph description  on Blogger describing the 7 Elements Design it follows.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 --

Today’s Question: What kind of camera do you have on your phone? What does it do? What is it capable of? Best Case Scenario, what should you be able to do?

BLOGGER→ Post a small 4 x 4 image collage of your 2-a-day shots for the past week. Then, link to the full size version of your image from google drive (click the image in drive and click “publish to the web” first to get the link you will use in Blogger) We will discuss, Fri

Using the language listed above, what can you say about each artists’ color swap or image cut-out photo on their blog? or Artist Critique of Blogger Cutouts

Friday, January 26, 2018 --

Today’s Question: What

BLOGGER→ Post a small 4 x 4 image collage of your 2-a-day shots for the past IN A TABLE! Then, link the small image to the full sized one in your google drive

Monday, January 29, 2018 --

Today’s Question(s): THREE PARTS →

  1. Write one paragraph explaining what theme you might focus on in the Coffee Jam Show on 2/9 at 6:30 p.m. Why? (pick 1 theme or 12 different pieces)
  2. Create a shotlist listing 12+ image ideas you might want to include as your photo montage.
  3. What IS a photo montage? DEFINE HERE

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 --

Today’s Question(s): What is your favorite aspect of being a Digital Photographer?

Friday, February 2, 2018 -- PHOTO MONTAGE SUBMISSION DAY!

Today’s Question(s): Two Questions

What is a RAW IMAGE? 

Paste your RAW images into the table below

Monday, February 5, 2018 -- PHOTO MONTAGE SUBMISSION DAY!

Today’s Question(s): _How do other people’s photos compare to yours? What did you like about them? Write a reflection.

Gallery Walk

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 -- PHOTO MONTAGE SUBMISSION DAY!

Today’s Question(s): Three questions...

  1. What is a filter?
  2. How do you create an overall THEME using filters?
  3. What kinds of FX or Special Effects can you add to your raw images that will bring together the vibe you are trying to express in your RAW images for Friday’s Coffee Jam?

Thursday, February 8, 2018 -- PHOTO MONTAGE EDITING DAY!

Today’s Question(s): What did you think after seeing our class’ montages on screen? What feelings do you think the audience will notice? Are there any topics that might be interpreted as difficult or thought-provoking in nature?

  1. Give Matthea your Artist Name and Title of your .mov Scene
  2. Edit your .mov → send to to be included in the show (Michaela to Edit)

Monday, February 12, 2018 -- FOOD PHOTO WEEK

BLOGGER Post 6 Food Images of some of your favorite shots

HW → Take FOOD Pics this week for Wednesday’s Class Discussion

FRIDAY → In class study of Food Studies. Bring something to share. Bring your fave DSLR or phone camera for photos.

Today’s Question(s): Coffee Jam Reflection (ask Ms H to play it again).

  1. What was the vibe on Friday after attending the Assembly, hearing Rosmin’s talk about Life Purpose and what he has done in Tanzania at his children’s home? Was it meaningful? Do you think students could relate? Why or why not?
  2. What do you think of the Photo Montage with Music shown at Coffee Jam? What did you like? What would you have done differently? What was changed? Why?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Happy VALENTINE’s DAY!!

NOTE: Photoshop Creative Cloud just updated its list of new features with some REALLY COOL STUFF!! Check it out, 

Today’s Question(s): List five features from the video that are new to Photoshop CC 2018 (from the drop 5 days ago)

  1. Customization of project brushes
  2. Apply Layer Mask → Image Masking (masking) using ONION SKINS to show transparency
  3. Command + C to copy layer to new document
  4. Variable Fonts (shortcut key = t)
  5. Learn Tool → looks like a lightbulb; located in right menu properties (Ex: how to use spot healing  brush)

TIP ? How to airdrop a photo from iPhone to Mac…

Finder > GO > Airdrop > locate your computer to share the file (only works on mac :( )

QOTD → How do you show warmth, tone, or mood in Photoshop? Open PS and create an image you might print / send your Mom (or close friend/relative you care about) today that displays warmth and a caring message. Meme-i-fy it and send it! Reflect… what is your recipient’s response?

BLOGGER → Upload your Valentine or Personalized Meme you’d send to your mom or someone you care about, here

Friday, February 16, 2018 FOOD PHOTO DAY!!!

Today’s Question(s): Upload your best three images of today

On Tuesday, copy and share on your blog

Blogger → What are the best food images to give to a Valentine or show someone you care? Go to Find three images that would make you change your order…


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Today’s Question(s): A photo of a single trapped atom wins the UK science photography prize. Why was this SO important? Explain
Upload and crop your Foodie Photos from Friday to to Blogger

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Today’s Question(s): What is the difference between the images you shot on Friday with your favorite Foodie Photos from last week?
Cut out ONE item from Friday in PS.

Digital Photo prep you should do for ALL photos

  1. Adjust the lighting if it needs it
  2. Adjust my levels
  3. Be sure the images you want are in the frame (you may need to crop it afterwards)

Monday, February 26, 2018

Today’s Question(s): What is “white balance”? How to you adjust “color points” in Photoshop?

Onion Skinning Notes for Photoshop CCt

  1. Select > Select and Mask (on image you want to cut out; i.e. like the crazy hair in the sample image)
  2. Onion Skin View will appear at right allowing you to adjust the transparency to see more or less of the subject/background. Set transparency to 25%
  3. Using the Quick Selection Brush, paint over the subject and her crazy hair as much as possible, so as to cover
  4. Turn on Smart Radius and move slider quite a bit to the right (see what you’ve selected in black and white mode)
  5. Click Refine Edge Tool Brush from Left and brush around the side of her hair. Some strands will reappear and for other small areas, decrease the size of your brush and hold down alt or option and it should remove what shouldn’t be there in the background. Sometimes, shifting the “edge inward” can shift some of the original color that has shifted when you notice a change in contrast in B&W mode. Do additional color processing after saving changes.
  6. Save to New Layer with Layer Mask > OK

POST YOUR FOODIE PHOTO to Blogger when Finished with Subject “Foodie Photo”

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Today’s Question(s): One of the most popular functions of Photoshop is using layers and masks. What is a “layer mask”? And how do you make one?

Create own layer mask

NEW PROJECT → Create a layer mask for the “People” folio of People Magazine where you fill the background with text fill of your color. Create a Teen Digital Photography theme for this issue. Then, include at least three images you have taken as part of the cover display. Use the onion-skinning technique we’ve been using to make the background show thru the “People” lettering

Friday, March 2, 2018

Today’s Question(s): Insert two images of People Magazine covers that catch your eye and explain why they stand out to you

Create a layer mask of the folio for People that lets you place different images or colors underneath. Cut out the image you want to feature on your cover

PROJECT → Create your own cover for People Magazine. You select the feature photo. You select the three photo stories

Monday, March 5, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180305: What are Getty Images? Why does this Seattle-based company offer some images for free and others for pay? According to this leading Visual Trends Co report from last year, what is a “color surge?” Why is it important to add contrast to some of your photoshopped images? What will it do for your magazine cover?

Create a layer mask of the folio for People that lets you place different images or colors underneath.

  1. Cut out the image you want to feature on your cover. You can separate your subject from the background by flattening it and changing the color to contrast the background with the subject’s clothes using the Quick Selection tool (W) (to refine more carefully, you can invert the selection by pressing Cmd + Shift + I
  2. Options > Select and Mask. Properties > Choose your View Mode. From the View dropdown menu, choose On White. Set the Opacity to 100% so it’s easier to see what has been selected. If there are any areas of your image not selected that should be, use the Quick Selection Tool to paint them in
  3. Use the Quick Selection Tool to paint any sections that are still not selected that should be.
  4. Clean up the edges of your selection. Select the Refine Edge Brush and brush over the edges of the hair to include any stray strands of hair that were missing from the original selection.
  5. Turn on Smart Radius in Edge Detection to bring in some of the finer details, especially in the hair. The Radius you use will vary depending on your image – try using a 5px Radius.
  6. Use the Global Refinements sliders to fine-tune your selection. I’ve not needed any for this image, but you may find Shift Edge and Contrast help the make the hair look more defined and realistic.
  7. When you’re happy with your selection, click on the dropdown menu in Output settings and choose Selection. Then, press OK to confirm.
  8. Now Now that we have our background masked, let’s decide on a colour for it. For this, we will be using the Adobe Color Themes panel. You can find this by going to Window > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes. Here you can see a selection of colour schemes made by other users that you can use in your own work, but for now go ahead and click on the Create tab.
  9. Back in the main Photoshop window, click on the New Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and choose Solid Colour. For now, set this to white – we will be changing the colour later once we’ve built a colour scheme.Pressing OK will confirm the new layer, which should now have the mask applied. Don’t forget to invert the mask again by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + I.
  10. Now that we have our background masked, let’s decide on a colour for it. For this, we will be using the Adobe Color Themes panel. You can find this by going to Window > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes. Here you can see a selection of colour schemes made by other users that you can use in your own work, but for now go ahead and click on the Create tab, at right.
  11. Select a base color for our color theory idea. With the Brush tool selected, hold down the Alt key and click on the hair to make it our active colour. Then, in the Color Themes Panel, click on the middle icon beneath the colour wheel to set the selected colour to be the active colour.
  12. click on the drop down menu at the top of the Color Themes panel and choose Triad. Rather than directly contrasting complementary colours, this should give us a selection of two evenly spaced colour suggestions from the colour wheel that will sit well with the color in your subjects clothing.
  13. Now that we’ve got our triad colours for this image, go ahead and click on your favourite swatch and click on the Set Active Color icon to bring the colour into our normal swatches panel ready to use.
  14. At the moment, this is a really intense, flat colour. Let’s bring it back a little by changing the layer Blending Mode to Color - which will also allow the original shadows from the white background to pop through.
  15. Going further, you could also repeat the above with accents in a third colour from your triad colour scheme. Here I’ve brought in the red as an accent, using Hue as the layer blending mode to turn it into a softer, peachy tone.

Tigz Rice, a London-based photographer specializes in fashion and boudoir with a vintage aesthetic. She has worked for many major magazines and is an Adobe Community Professional and Wacom Influencer, who also trained in digital illustration before venturing into photography and retouching. 

PROJECT → People Magazine

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Introduction of Photo Comps & Photo Mockups

Today’s Question(s) 20180307: 1) Display & discuss 5 of your favorite magazine covers and why you like them. Include the 1985 Nat Geo Afghan Cover as a sixth cover (one of the most famous magazine covers of all time). 2) Why is this 6th cover so famous? What is unusual about the image? How does the IMAGE prompt you to want to find out more? What was Sharbat Gula’s Life Story? What happened to her then and where is she now? THEN, write why you think Your “Look” is or is not important? Does it change when its on a magazine cover? Why? What technology was used to find out what happened to her? 3) How important is the “look” of a cover?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180309: Reflect. What was the most challenging part of creating your People Magazine Cover? Whose cover did you like the best? Why? If you could improve your own, what would you do (even if you don’t know how to do it yet?)

DUE TODAY: Your People Magazine Cover → Post to Blogger

Monday, March 12, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180312: Why would it be important to show an image in the background of text? Or, what can it add to your People Magazine Cover

Clipping Mask, Picture Within a Word Project

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180314: How can contrast be used as a tool when creating your word picture within a picture? What will it do for your image? 

Clipping Mask, Picture Within a Word Project

Friday, March 16, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180316: Describe how a word can become an image out of this assignment. How can contrast be used as a tool when creating your word picture within a picture? What will it do for your image? If you need to, you may make reference Catherine’s Hands of Diversity we talked about in class, as an example.

DUE: Clipping Mask, Picture Within a Word Project

Monday, March 19, 2018

Project: Create Photoshop Endangered Species Awareness Collage of your Choosing using only images you find on the internet. NO TEXT

Today’s Question(s) 20180319: Parts of my Endangered Species Awareness Collage

A. My Animal = _______________________________________ Endangered Species do you want to create awareness around?

B. PASTE YOUR Collage HERE and on your blog today.

C. THEN, list your 10 links to your 10 URLs you found online

DUE: Copy and paste A + B + C in an email to 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180321: Where can you go over Spring Break to capture Human Emotion candids? When / Where would be a good place to shoot photos? How can you get the photos without people knowing you’re taking them?

BEGIN: All About Me Collage Project

Friday, March 23, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180323: What is a photo comp and how are they used by designers?

DUE: Your Endangered Species Photo Comp (Please POST ON your BLOG)

Ask Ms H to include the PhotoShop Fix App, iPhone →

Android → 


20 Human Emotion Candids!!!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180402: What does your collage say about you as an artist? Include your answer on your blog

Begin your next project. Directions from the links, below

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180404: Post your dozen candids here for today’s assignment

Select your top three to POST ON your BLOG

Continue Working on your collage / disintegration / frame-within-a-frame / pop art / layer mask blur (if you didn’t finish it) / double exposure / digital illustration / frozen TV shot / presidential campaign / shallow depth of field / album cover Project

Friday, April 6, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180406: For each of the three candid images you posted on your blog, why did you select each as an example of your best work? What feeling did your subject embody? Do you think your viewer will understand that from looking at the image, even if they weren’t there? Why or why not?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180409: What is your favorite project so far and why? 1 paragraph response

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180412:

What is the How might this be interesting for your unit on Cartooning or Digital Illustration?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180416: Many of you already completed the Color Wheel. What was the hardest part about that project and why? What made it hard?

April 20, 2018 Day of Service Volunteering Opportunities

  1. 10-3 Cafe 180 meets at 3315 S Broadway; Englewood, CO 80113 - See Mr Garkow - Students will help to prepare meals for homeless visitors
  2. Catholic Charities meets at Columbine to make lunches and a few will take the meals on Sat - See Ms Van Norstrand
  3.  in the main office - sign up sheet not shared to public, this is a girl’s lacrosse team project GLAX to make 300 sack lunches for women’s shelter.  Lunches to be made in FACS room at CHS.  GLAX board to provide all materials.  Lunches will be delivered to shelter following  morning (4/21) by 5:30am.
  4. 9:30-1:30 Chatfield State Park meets at Chatfield State Park - See Aimee McElroy - variety of projects to help Chatfield State park. Bring a lunch
  5. 8:30-noon Clement Park Clean Up meets at CHS - See Leslie Layman Arch -
  6. 8:30-2:45 Columbine Hills Elementary - See Ms Saout - front entrance and grounds beatification
  7. 8-2:30 Columbine HS Beautification - See Ms Levin or Ms Kling - painting and other projects. Letvin will recruit the painters.  If there are other projects, we will need a leader.  Tamra mentioned grounds cleanup and beautification, window washing, gym & auditorium cleanup.
  8. 7:30-9:30 Denver Rescue Mission - See Mr Moore or Mr Woodruff - Alex has a contact through his parents and church with the Denver Recue Mission.  Volunteers need to be at least 10.  Meet at CHS and drive in a few vehicles.
  9. 9-1 Dutch Creek Elementary (Outside) meets at Dutch Creek Elementary - See Ms Doucett - Re-work the 2 front planters. Weeding, planting plants, planting bulbs, and adding new bark.
  10. 10 AM Dutch Creek Elementary (Reading) meets at Dutch Creek Elementary - See Deb Eurick - work with students...they love the reading idea w/ kind. & 1st graders
  11. 9-noon Family Tree Art Project meets at CHS - See Ms Berve - Students with artistic flair are needed to create a family tree mural at CHS
  12. Gardens at Columbine Memory Care meets at 5130 W Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, CO 80128 - See Ms Testa - sit w/ residents, play cards/games
  13. Girls Softball Dave Sanders & Jody Reeves field clean up - See Jim Santaniello - Cleaning up the fields
  14. 9-3 Governor's Ranch Elementary meets at GRE Art room - See Mr Varney - Contact at GRE-art teacher Kate Wheeler - helping hang art might be on ladders and working with tools
  15. 8-noon Jefferson County Open Space Black Bear Trail Building meets at Hildebrand Ranch - See Ms Thomas - TBD - Mountain Biking team participants mostly, but CHS students are welcome,8am-12 noon; Juli Thomas included a waiver in the “Waivers” folder; Transportation waiver needed; Park at Hildebrand Ranch
  16. 9-11:30 and 1:30-3:30 Leawood Helping in a Few Classes - See Ms Rodak in the am session - helping in classes - Check in at the office and Cathy will explain where to go.
  17. Leawood Science Fair - See Ms Rodak - Kelly & Coe will get kids signed up thru their classes--NO SIGN UP SHEET to bring to rest of student body
  18. 8:40-10:30 Normandy Elementary - Reading in Kindergarten Class meets at Normandy Elementary - See Ms Patterson - 3 Classrooms, 10 CHS students per room. one teacher’s name @ Normandy is Erin McCulley
  19. Rescue Dog Foundation Platte Canyon - See Sharon Gardner - collecting donations throughout the month and Sharon will take the items to the shelter on the 20th.
  20. 9-11 Ronald McDonald House - See Suzie Garramone - Writing get well cards.  Students can bring their own art supplies & need to provide their own transportation
  21. Morning Service Project at Ken Caryl Middle School meets at KCMS - See Mr Hargis - Painting the temps behind the school.
  22. 9-noon Shilo House meets at CHS with JV Cheerleading - See Mr Tonelli -
  23. Shifts all day Spanish Mini Lessons meets at KCMS & an elementary school in district - See Ms Cook - Shannon is taking kids to teach mini Spanish lessons...they can either be in a Spanish class or currently speak Spanish somewhat fluently
  24. 8 or 9-2 Spring Cleanup for Elderly Neighbors in Our Community (Leawood) - See Ms Gallagher - Will be helping seniors with yard work, raking, weeding, trimming in the Leawood community.  Students can sign up for 2 hour shifts and can continue if they choose.
  25. 8:30-12:30 Staunton State Park meets at Staunton State Park - See Ms Zichterman - weeding and trail maintenance, participants should bring gloves work time TBD; Waiver needed - will supply
  26. 9-1 Stepping Stone Support Center meets at 9700 Old Coal Mine Ave, Littleton, CO 80123 - See Ms Holland - 4 for product team (making products including candles, lotion, and lip balms); 4 for the Coffee Shop (making drinks for patrons of the food bank); 3 for the Culinary team (making lunch for all participants, staff and volunteers); 4 for the Food Bank (running the food bank and fulfilling patrons orders)        **Lunch Provided for volunteers**
  27. Tennessen Center - See Brian Todd & Girls Soccer - The varsity Soccer team will be helping at the Tennessen Center.  The JV team will be doing something and Brian is not sure about the Level 3 team.
  28. Treasure Trunk Thrift Store meets at 5892 W. 44th Ave Wheat Ridge 303-421-9205 - See  - This is a division of Family Tree which helps abused women and their children- volunteers will be helping at their thrift store.  Family Tree helps women in abusive relationships.
  29. 9:30-11:30 Willowbrook Senior Center meets at Willowbrook Memory care 5275 S Kipling Pkwy, Littleton, CO 80127 (303) 945-3065 - See Allie Grush - stepping stones and garden beautification

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180418: What is the purpose of the Day of Remembrance? Why do we HAVE this day? Why not just cancel school? What does it signify? When people see photos from what Columbine did to Participate in their Community, what does that show to viewers about our Community?

Day of Remembrance! Sign up to Volunteer!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Today’s Question(s) 20180424: What is Character Design? Many Character Designers also create Model Sheets. What are those? If you had an entire month to finesse your character, do you think you would have enough time to complete several poses? Apply your thinking to real life, how might this be useful work on a team in the Professional Design World?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180425: M

Will we have school on 4/26?

Friday, April 27, 2018 Day Without Hate

Per 2 starts at 7:30 - Assembly - Per 4 - Per 6

Today’s Question(s) 20180427: M

Monday, April 30, 2018

Today’s Question(s) 20180430: M

Upload the following Projects to BLOGGER 

(completed projects that should be on your blog have a line thru them)

  1. 2-A-Days
  2. Valentine
  3. Plated Foodie Photo WITH shadow!!
  4. Background Replacement w/ Onion Skinning
  5. Clipping Mask, Picture Within a Word Project
  6. All About Me Collage Project
  7. Disintegration Project steps
  8. Frame Within a Frame Project →
  9. Pop Art Project
  10. Layer Mask Blur Project
  11. Double Exposure Project
  12. Digital Illustration Project → Paintbrush Project; comic cartooning steps;
  13. TV Frozen Shot →  group wksht 
  14. Shallow Depth of Field Project → group wksht
  15. 2020 Presidential Candidate Project
  16. Scavenger Hunt →
  17. Candids Project →
  18. Color Wheel Project →
  19. Aperture Project → IDK if we can do this on phone cameras? Can we see in Camera Simulator?
  20. Album Cover Art → Using ALL the skills you've developed in class, create a futuristic or mixed multimedia art based album cover for one of our last assignments. Could be for your favorite band or a friend's band or even a new makeup group you'd like to see. Must include at least three elements from things we have done in class. Don't forget to list the Artist Name AND Album Name. Include a front and back cover (place the songfest, and copyright info on the back, as well as the UPC for purchasing). Be sure to select the CD cover setting in Photoshop when starting this project. Create a custom size paper jewel case insert that is 4.724” tall x 4.724” wide
  21. 500 pt!! FINAL PORTFOLIO 
  22. FOR YOUR STOP MOTION PROJECT, use Pivot Animator or see instructions for Gimp on your Chromebook

Additional Possible Topics:

View the Exhibit, New York in COLOUR → Shot by various photographers, select at least one image and write the feeling you get when looking at it. How would you desc the photographer’s style? What do you NOT like about it? Why?

4:3 Screens vs Portrait

Rule of Thirds (only ⅓ of our class said they had heard this phrase before)

What is “frame on frame”?

What are your most useful PS tools? Why? Air Brush,Brush,Pencil and Eraser.