20th International Mountain Film Festival

25 - 29 November 2020, Bansko

A member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film since August 25, 2005


  1. The International Film Festival for Mountains, Extreme Sports and Adventures is organized by the municipality of Bansko and the Association “International Mountain Film Festival”.
  2. Organisational funds come from charity, sponsors and contracts for advertisement.  
  3. The Festival takes place in Bansko, Bulgaria.
  4. Festival time: 25 - 29 November 2020.
  5. Entry deadlines:
  1. The purpose of this festival is to encourage production of films for mountains, extreme sports, adventures, and to contribute to their development by attracting public attention to mountains, mountaineering and extreme sports, outdoor activities, adventures the way of life enjoyed by mountain people and the preservation of mountain nature.
  2. Categories and awards:
  1. A piece of work can be awarded a single official prize only.
  2. Every producer/filmmaker/director can participate in the festival competition program if the film is produced during 2019 or 2020 year.
  3. The meaning of “Film for Mountains, Extreme Sports and Adventures” is any movie production (on film or tape) that treats the problems listed in Regulation #6.
  4. The Festival is open to all filmmakers, whether professional, amateur or freelance.
  5. The Movies which will be presented should adhere to the following guidelines:
  1. The movies should be accompanied by translations (dialogues) in English, French, German, Italian, or Russian. Translation and sound are the responsibility of the organizers. Organizers may use simultaneous interpreting, or just present the movie in original audio, if there are difficulties in translation. Recommended subtitles file format: SRT. Exceptionally, a dialogue script can be sent instead, if subtitles are not present.
  2. The films should be accompanied by a participation form (entry form), available here:
  3. Each filmmaker can present up to four movies, made during the last two years (2017, 2018) preceding the current festival.
  4. During the Festival, there is a retrospective (non-competitive) part. Films for this part should meet the criteria of Regulation #6.
  5. The Association “International Mountain Film Festival” can make a pre-selection if necessary.
  6. The Organizing committee appoints a Jury.
  7. This Jury specifies the prizes to be awarded. These prizes are affirmed by the Organizing Committee and the Association “International Mountain Film Festival”.
  8. Each participants should present the following:
  1. All the entries should be accompanied with a summary of their contents, 3 photographs of the minimum format 9 x 13 cm and other advertising material which shall become property of the Festival and the Festival is entitled to publish them free of charge.
  2. Participants should send their films to the following address:

         Association “International Mountain Film Festival”
                Yuri Gagarin Street. Bl. 97/ A1113 Sofia Bulgaria

  1. All fees for shipping and handling for this mailing are paid by the participants.
  2. The Festival Board invites one representative (film-maker, producer, protagonist…) of each production presented in the competition and will cover their expenses for 2 days. Traveling expenses are covered by the representatives themselves.
  3. The organizers agree to use the copies sent to them for one presentation during the festival and two presentations during “Echo from Bansko Mountain Film Festival”. With the permission of those who possess the copyrights, small 10-15 second clips can be broadcast on TV for non-commercial purposes.
  4. The producer is asked in the entry form if the Association for the International Mountain Film Festival is allowed to make a copy of the entered film (on its own expenses) for the Festival archive. The archive is only to be used for non-profit-making festival purposes.
  5. If any difficulties arise in the interpretation of these regulations, the Bulgarian original will be seen as decisive.
  6. The form for participating contains agreement for obeying the regulations set down herein.

Natalie Petrova

Festival Director

Association “International Mountain Film Festival”

Yuri Gagarin Street. Bl. 97/ A1113 Sofia Bulgaria

For contacts:, +359888859563, +359887103980

E-mail: contact@banskofilmfest.com

The Association for the International Mountain Film Festival

April 2020