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Name Change section on forms website

Courts website - Basic Instructions

CV-410A: Petition for Fee Waiver


CV-450, Name Change Petition

CV-460, Notice and Order for Name Change Hearing

CV-470, Order for Name Change

14+, Confidential Name Change

CV-451, Confidential Name Change Petition

CV-461, Notice and Order for Confidential Name Change Hearing

CV-471, Order for Confidential Name Change

Minors under 14:

CF-455: Petition for Name Change for Minor Child Under 14

CV-456: Petition for Confidential Name Change for Minor Child Under 14

CV-465: Affidavit of Attempted Service on Non-Petitioning Parent

CV-480: Response of Non-Petitioning Parent

WI Department of Vital Records forms

DHS F-05021 - Report of Legal Name Change

Confidential name change report requires contacting DHS directly

DHS F-05291 - Birth Certificate Application

Form to change gender marker on birth certificate can be obtained by contacting DHS directly