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Anesthesia work space preparation
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*Make sure the work area is clear of all obstacles (Move chair, warming device, IV poles etc. out  of the way prior to the patient being brought to the room.)

*Move cables to a safe area. Make sure the OR bed cord is long enough, and that there are enough outlets within reach.

*Place anesthesia machine in correct position

*Place trash can under head of bed or under computer keyboard

Two IV poles with drape clamps attached

Two arm boards, one attached (with pink pads), one under bed

Fluid warmer, cable rolled up

Forced air warmer, cable plugged in

Functional suction: Connected, active, unkinked and reaching

Correct glove sizes

Special monitors as requested (a-line....connected and zeroed at appropriate level)

Machine supplies:

New breathing circuit

ETT, 10ml syringe, airways and laryngoscope

500ml & 1000ml pressure bags




Artery clamps X2


Fill vaporizers

For General anesthetics, place tube holder at head of bed and hang mask with circuit on it.

For L/MAC’s, spinals and epidurals, place nasal cannula (CO2) on work surface

Cables of all devices near our work space, not in use, should be neatly wound up in a fashion that allows easy unwinding

Make sure all monitor cables are neatly wrapped/ wound, electrodes on EKG