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Carpet cleaning company in Temecula California
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Carpet cleaning company in Temecula California

A special heated cleansing solution is sprayed deep into the carpet fibers, then agitated to loosen embedded soils. Typically this can be a very important step that's often skipped or unnoticed by different cleansing companies.  Rest assured, all of the cleaners we tend to use in your home have the Carpet and rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval. we additionally provide a "Green" product line that's hypoallergenic, non toxicant and biodegradable "EARTH FRIENDLY" cleaners.  Safe for all carpets, materials and hard surfaces.


Step 2 - hot water / Steam Extraction

Then we carpet cleaning company in Temecula California use hot water Extraction with a robust modern state of the art Truck-Mounted Extraction Machine to get rid of the soils and pollutants from you home.  Superior vacuum suction removes any residual moisture that reduces the dry time. we follow the cleansing with a hydrogen ion concentration balancing all fiber rinse to remove any soil and cleansing solution, leaving your carpet clean and residue free.


 Step 3 - Carpet Grooming

After the cleansing we groom the carpet fibers. this is the best way to keep your carpet looking new and fresh. we use a special brush to figure those heavy dirty  and high traffic areas during the cleansing process furthermore on add a finishing touch during the ultimate process. Your carpet can look clean, fresh and new once again!

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