ALICE Procedures

Until recently, JCPS schools were instructed to shelter-in-place in the event of a dangerous intruder.  Last year,however,  JCPS introduced ALICE as a better response to such an event.







Those steps are not listed sequentially.  So let’s elaborate on each, in sequence.

Alert - If you see a dangerous intruder, contact the office immediately.  In turn, the office will alert the campus immediately after learning of a dangerous intruder.

Inform - When the office alters the campus about a dangerous intruder, we will provide as much information as possible about him/her, especially the intruder’s location on campus.

Evacuate - If possible, fleeing is of utmost importance!  Use your best judgement based on what you learn about the intruder’s location; if possible, get out of the building and run away from the campus.  Do not allow concerns about where you and your students will go interfere with getting off campus as fast as you can.  Your first priority (if you’re able) is to get out of the building and get far away!

Lockdown - If you are unable to evacuate the building, lock your door/secure it from opening in any manner possible.  If your door opens inward, lock it and barricade it with heavy furniture.  If your door opens outward, lock it and tie it down with the most sturdy items available (belts, electric cords, computer cables, etc.) to prevent your door from being pulled opened.  Turn out your lights; as much as possible, move people out of the proximity of your door.

Counter - After your door is secured, have every person in your room grab items they can use to attack the intruder, should he/she make it inside your room.  If the intruder enters your room, despite your best efforts to keep him/her out, attack the intruder with any items available.  Do your best to fight, subdue, and disarm the intruder; fight and do not remain passive.  If you are able to disarm the intruder, place his/her weapon(s) under an overturned garbage can far from him/her.  Once the intruder is disarmed/disabled, call for help immediately.

Unless you are told to stay in your room during a dangerous intruder event, follow ALICE procedures.

Another Overview of ALICE Procedures