Platteville Schools Pack-a-Snack Program-Neal Wilkins ELC

Over the past few years our school district has seen a very significant increase in the number of students who have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Therefore, the Platteville Wellness Committee has implemented a “Pack-a-Snack” program for all students in all grades. Each day you would like your child to have a healthy classroom snack, please pack one in their backpack.  Healthy snacks would include fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins.

SMART FOODS. In addition to our concern with food allergies, it is important to recognize that food impacts how well a child’s brain works, affecting both their moods and abilities… “In a child’s brain junk food can cause neurotransmitters, which pass along information, to function improperly. Smart Foods, however, allow information to be processed correctly and help the child function at their optimal level.”  - Dr. William Sears

Smart Food is…

Snack Restrictions:

Thank you for supporting our Pack-a-Snack Program!

Maureen Vorwald                        

Platteville School District Wellness Coordinator

Tammy Haag

Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center Principal

updated May 2019