Cienega High School

New and Improved Online Hybrid

Fall 2019 Intersession Program

Are you looking for a way to bring up your 1st quarter grade? Check out Intersession!

ELIGIBLE STUDENTS:           Cienega High School students with a grade of D, or F, in a non-honors course

LOCATION:                Education Center at Cienega High School, 12775 E. Mary Ann Cleveland Way

COST:                        $75 per class per student (make check payable to Cienega High School) 

**May pay via credit card online with added processing fee.**

REGISTER BY:                Wednesday, September 18th  at 3:30pm in the Bookstore OR Online.  

TRANSPORTATION:            Pick up a bus schedule from the CHS front office or visit the district website

LUNCH:                                 Please bring your own lunch, the cafeteria will not be available

WHAT TO BRING:               Charged Chromebook & charger, headphones that work with your computer, notebook, pen/pencil

NOTE:                                   Classes capped at 25 students (15 students minimum)

DATES & TIMES:                 Monday, September 23rd: 8:40 am - 3:20 pm, (Mandatory attendance)

              Tuesday, September 24th: 8:40 - 3:20 pm, (Mandatory attendance)

              All Coursework must be complete by Friday, October 4th at 12:00 p.m.


All classes will be ONLINE through the Edgenuity platform and focused on the first quarter standards for the courses offered. The first day we will establish the students within the Edgenuity program and get the students comfortable with the platform and connected with their teacher.  Intersession students will be required to attend classes during the designated time to receive in-person support from a certified teacher.  The grade earned in Intersession will be averaged with the grade earned in the 1st quarter.  This newly averaged grade will then become the official 1st quarter grade, up to an 80%.  NOTE: Intersession can only raise grades; it cannot lower them.  Student must complete the intersession course in order to receive the grade increase.

        EXAMPLE:        Quarter 1 grade of 50%

                        Intersession grade of 80%

                        Average of the two is 65%

                                           Now 65% is the new official Quarter 1 grade for that class.



Student agrees to act responsibly and with good behavior on any computer or communications system using Vail School District’s wired or wireless network services. The user agrees to follow all School and District rules for behavior and communications. Access is a privilege - not a right.

*Full policy is available in the General Information section of the student Handbook beginning on page 24. An electronic copy is available on the CHS website ( under “Student Resources.” Hard copies will be provided upon request.


Academic dishonesty occurs when students obtain or assist others in obtaining credit for work that is not their own.*Full policy is available in the Academic Considerations Section of the Student Handbook beginning on page 14. An electronic copy is available on the CHS website ( under “Student Resources.” Hard copies will be provided upon request.

For questions about logistics, please call Brittany Matsushino  879-2809.  For questions about Edgenuity, please call Amy Kuhn, 879-1860.  Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be extended beyond the deadline.

About the Edgenuity Program

Edgenuity is a self-paced online program that has automatic progression built in. Each course will require approximately 18-20 hours worth of work for the student. The program is designed to automatically progress through each assignment at the pace set by the student.  

Program Specifics:

The student will complete each assignment to the best of their ability. The quizzes that follow each activity are designed to determine if they have acquired the content to a mastery level. If the student scores 70% or higher, the program will automatically move them onto the next assignment. If they score below 70%, the program will allow them to retake the quiz. After two attempts, the student will be paused, requiring them to wait for teacher feedback before proceeding. The teacher will then provide helpful feedback and unlock the student from there.

*If the student needs higher than a 70%  on their intersession course in order to boost their 1st  quarter overall grade, they can meet with Mrs. Kuhn on the first day of intersession to bump up their passing rate.

*Teachers will be checking Edgenuity at least twice a day. Because of this, there may be lag time that a student might need to wait for feedback. Please be patient and know that students will be tended to no later than the following day.

*Students will have the entire break to finish coursework. All work must be completed by Friday, October 4th at 12:00 PM.  At that time the grades will be downloaded.

Registration Expectations: 

Edgenuity is a program specifically set up for your child. Because of this, students must be registered before the class begins on Monday, September 23. Because of the nature of this program, refunds will not be given once the course has begun.

Teacher Contacts:

Intersession teachers can be reached via email during the entire Fall Break. We recommend that you not leave voice messages as they will not be on campus to receive them in a timely fashion.

Mrs. Matsushino:

Mrs. Scott: 

Mrs. Kuhn: 

Ms. Newman: 

For Edgenuity Assistance:

-If you are having technical difficulties, please press the help button for immediate assistance

-For assistance with a lesson or questions on content, please contact Ms. Newman or your teacher

-For other logistical inquiries, please contact Mrs. Matsushino or Mrs. Scott

Intersession is a great opportunity for students to gain addition review of standards taught during the 1st quarter. Our ultimate goal is to help students learn the required content and be successful with the program. Thank you for your partnership with this program!