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77.18 Walkabout
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77.18 Walkabout


563. One main goal of Walkabout Solopreneur is for IBMs* to create a website or blog to generate passive income.  Once a product is developed and created, you’re not actively creating it anymore but promoting.  You stand back and watch as people buy, and your bank account grows. But when you hear people talk about online passive income, they’re talking about a specific kind of business and specific kinds of products.  ~

564. One of the most popular ways to earn income passively online is by starting a blog and monetizing it with affiliate links.  You create a site about a topic you enjoy or have some knowledge about already. You add new content on a regular basis as you should with any blog.  Then you sign up for affiliate programs for products or services related to your blog topic, and include affiliate links in your posts.  You can also include links or banner ads in your Wordpress blog sidebar for the affiliate programs.

565. A blog site is about as low-cost as you can get in terms of startup, and it can be quite low maintenance. Once you get your initial content up on the site, you can outsource new posts if you wish, or automate the creation of curated posts and video. So long as affiliate links are included, you can, in theory, watch your bank account grow while you travel the world in luxury.

566. Creating a product to sell is active, not passive. I have seen a number of programs that teach dropshipping, but it’s not for me.  You will need money for inventory, and a great deal of time unless you use someone like Amazon to handle the product fulfillment and shipping.  Selling other people’s products is active too when you have to build your own store (which is getting easier) and maintain inventory. When you use dropshipping with the right vendors, all you have to do is set up a store and drive traffic to it. Everything else is handled by another company and you walk away with a share of the profits.

567. Writing an ebook is another popular online passive income strategy. Then you just need to build a website for it and watch as the money rolls in with each purchase. You only have to do the work upfront and then you just sit back and enjoy notifications from PayPal. Or, you can post your ebook with Clickbank, and have them handle the sales and product fulfillment and refunds.  On top of that, you can have thousands of affiliates on Clickbank selling your book.  Your Clickbank ad can include of funnel of upsells to make even more money.  This is as one of the best ways to earn a passive income online, and can earn money for years if your ebook is in an evergreen niche like health, wealth, or relationships.

568. Affiliate marketing is the fastest entry into Internet marketing.  You can resell digital products created by others and receive a commission, often 50% to 75%. Some vendors will give you 100% of the front end product (FE) just to capture an email lead.  This is a good option if you don’t have the time or skill to create an ebook but still want to earn passive income. You sign up for an affiliate account with someone who’s created a digital product (ebook, guide, online course, WordPress theme or plugin, software) and build a page or site to promote that product. You sell it via affiliate links to the primary vendor’s site. If you make a sale, you earn a commission.  Networks like Clickbank and CJ aggregate thousands of products and pay you the commissions from all vendors in one check on a regular basis.

569. An increasingly popular thing you can do is create an online course for a niche subject in which you are an expert. If you feel like you have sufficient know-how that could be useful to others, write down your thoughts and build a course around them.  A powerful strategy is to create a free ecourse to give away in exchange for an email address.  Once you show value for free, you can promote an advanced course for big money.

570. If you choose, you can offer this information through a membership system. People pay a fee to access your membership site.  If you add new materials monthly people will pay each month. People stay on a membership site for an average of 4 months.  Strange as it sounds, you could start with a free membership site.  Even free membership sites earn about $1.00 to $1.50 per month per member by promoting paid products in your dashboard or email messages.  You can even create videos for your course instructing people how to do something like performing the perfect golf swing or cooking tasty vegan foods.

571. “Those whose blood vitamin C levels were among the highest 25% had a risk of dying from cancer or stroke that was 28% lower than participants whose vitamin C blood levels were in the lowest quarter. Likewise, the risk of dying from heart disease was 35% lower than subjects whose levels were lowest.” -

572. One final option is to create a digital or website guide. Guides can sell for years, but they can also be ripped off easily.  This falls between creating a blog and an online course. The information can be presented on your site for free with affiliate links or through a subscription. Create something once and continue to earn passive income for months or years to come.

573. Starting a passive income company does take actual work. Quite a bit of work. You need to write a piece of digital content from scratch, like an eBook, guide, or numerous blog posts. You’ll need to set up an online store, or register your product in an affiliate network like Clickbank. And though you’re not creating the products yourself, you will still need to invest considerable time in setting up the site and customizing it.

574. This startup work is something that anyone involved in establishing passive income will admit requires some serious elbow grease. “Passive” income is decidedly not passive. And for the most part, this is acceptable. People understand that it takes work to set up.  And some to maintain.  It’s a simple enough concept.

575. Having water destroy my Chromebook has forced me to use my Windows 10 desktop and standing desk.  My back hurts like hell getting used to it.  God, Windows is slow.

Brain Dump - Health

I guess it’s natural, but I hate it anyway.  At 65, I am dealing with a variety of health issues, many self-inflicted.  Many of these will not just go away or heal themselves.  Some are downright embarrassing and will take 6 months and a few thousand to cure, if they can be cured at all without surgery.  If surgery is required, think $50,000.

Incremental improvements in routines are hard for my impatient self.  I tend to overdo it on day 1 and then have to skip days to recover.  Same with food.  If I break protocol and consume sugar, I binge on ice cream and donuts.

What’s hard now is accepting that it takes 10x the effort to get half the results.  Your mind thinks your body is 16 and can work all day without rest.  Your body knows you are screwed.

Today I’m going to do a brain dump in all 3 areas of life - health, wealth, and relationships.  All 3 areas overlap and cannot be tackled in isolation.  I need to respect my ADD nature and deal in absolutes.  

For example, no sugar means no sugar.  Or processed carbs.  No cake, pie, donuts, ice cream, toast and jelly, cookies, or brownies.  No breaded or fried foods.

What it also means is a list of virtually unlimited foods whenever hungry.  

Brain Dump - IBMs and MOBs

  1. IBM* - introverted boomer male
  2. MOB* - mail order brides
  3. IBMs have gone from dominant where I father’s were to being the brunt of all jokes in ads
  4. Father Knows Best to Married With Children
  5. Modern Family
  6. sorry ladies - I don’t want a spouse my own age
  7. men with young wives live longer
  8. if you and your woman are happy with the age differences, fuck the critics
  9. I want to be the ideal choice - fit, financially secure, even romantic - for the perfect woman
  10. my personal definition of the perfect spouse for me
  11. give each woman a chance to present her attributes and see if the chemistry is there
  12. don’t want to second guess her motivation
  13. nothing wrong with a poor beautiful woman in the third world seeking to improve her life by marrying up
  14. retired?  consider being a mail order husband
  15. core problem is finding a perfect mate that is sexually appealing
  16. best looking women 45 to 55 are cougars or Boca Babes looking for someone to maintain their lifestyles
  17. why I’m qualified:
  1. former consular officer
  2. ex-wives (shifting priorities)
  3. lived abroad
  4. former Immigration lawyer
  5. clerked at INS miami
  1. basic philosophy
  1. most american women my age are not the best fit
  2. want a woman who is younger, taller, prettier, smarter, sexier than I can find at home
  3. want a woman who is significantly younger
  4. chemistry is all important
  5. last chance to get it right
  6. don’t care if I get married or just live together (Harry Browne)
  7. if I don’t free my mind, I am stuck with the crumbs society provides
  8. am smart enough to avoid scams
  1. how to recognize
  2. how to avoid
  3. how to turn on the scammers
  1. eye candy is okay by me
  2. never a problem before now, so why should the old solution be what I settle for
  3. don’t want to waste a minute on okay women
  1. step-by-step process
  2. make it easy to scan and read
  3. checklist of items you want IBMs to master
  1. fitness
  2. legal life in order
  3. getting rid of stuff
  4. or getting your stuff up to snuff
  5. free your mind
  6. pay off any past mistakes - HB
  7. find the best tours or individual setups
  8. finances in order
  9. set up some dates in advance but not many
  1. no demand for american women MOBs except as visa petitioners
  2. there’s no need to go abroad if you are going to act like a pussy and settle for the first woman who gives you a blow job
  3. why Peace Corps, Diplomatic Corps, and the Bar stunted my personality and made it too easy to get laid
  4. need something like 111 AM for MOBs as a free ebook
  5. need a section on PUAs and how they help you home and abroad
  6. all advice on how to attract women gets lumped into PUA
  7. PUA is now the twin/mirror for MOB
  8. you can reinvent yourself abroad - but so can she
  9. your past is what you want it to be

Buzzinar Outline:

The Buzzinar is a self propagating lead attraction system, that incentivizes your prospects to drive traffic FOR you, puts subscribers on your list, and actually turns them into customers through targeted marketing over time.

  1. traffic and list building
  2. tried every short cut I could find and I fell flat on my face many times
  3. constantly testing and improving our marketing funnels
  4. put your list building and online income strategies on STEROIDS


  1. segmentation and monetization
  2. opting into your mailing list and getting something for free is most likely a way for the prospect to learn more about you


  1. when the right product is offered, at the right time, by the right person, then money changes hands
  2. segmentation process
  3. “Moving” subscribers from list to list is done in your autoresponder software through a process called automation rules.
  4. goal for the people on each of my lists is to get them to the next trust level
  5. funnel doesn’t create just one list, it actually builds multiple lists
  6. no other reason for them to be on my list than to purchase something
  7. “Your order is never complete”
  8. key to attracting leads is to find the traffic FIRST and then build a funnel that caters to that traffic
  9. best way to find a group of hungry people that want your product is to ASSEMBLE THEM YOURSELF
  10. put your product in front of an existing stream of traffic, that you actually OWN
  11. what they should be doing is finding the traffic or assembling the traffic FIRST and THEN create products and funnels that the traffic is going to absolutely love
  12. the right offer, the right person, the right time
  13. you’ve got to make it as enticing and easy as possible for a potential customer to “opt in” to your squeeze page
  14. assemble that targeted audience FIRST
  15. you should always keep in mind that you can’t talk to everyone the same way


  1. no exact amount of pages or lists that you will build from each funnel
  2. weeding out process is called segmentation
  3. separate a group of parties by their level of interest (trust) so that we can market to each group accordingly
  4. consider every one of these “trust stages” as a membership level so to speak
  5. it’s your job to build that trust, OVER TIME
  6. automation rules - you can then move a person from your “freebie seeker” list to your buyer list the moment they purchase something from you
  7. write all these follow up sequences at once
  8. whole purpose of even doing all this is for monetization
  9. always start with the end in mind
  10. reverse engineering
  11. best to start with a no brainer, low-ticket offer
  12. key to auto pilot monetization will reside in your ability to follow up
  13. not all customers are created equally and your prospects shouldn’t all be treated the same way
  14. build as many lists as possible, at the end of that funnel, there should be another funnel, then there should be another funnel
  15. build as many lists as possible, and develop multiple recurring income streams that grow overtime


  1. goal should be is to build the right level of trust, with the right segmentation in place
  2. way that you get anything to go viral is to get others to share it for you
  3. make it “stupid simple” for people to optin so that you can get the most amount of submits
  4. the person who gets the most subscribers wins, PERIOD
  5. another thing that increases your opt-ins is removing that extra confirmation step for them to check their email
  6. only field that displays is an email address field
  7. amount of people that you can put on the list is very important because deliverability is not what it used to be
  8. click through rates are plummeting
  9. if half of my emails are ending up in the spam folder, then I need to get twice as many people on my list, twice as fast, in order to compensate for that decrease
  10. nowhere is it written in the Can Spam Act that you have to have them confirm to be on your mailing list
  11. what you DO NEED is to have your information at the bottom of every email that you send, which needs to include an “unsubscribe” button so that they can opt out of your list if they choose to
  12. focus on everything you possibly can to legally get as many leads on your list as possible
  13. using a two-step single field form is definitely the way to go
  14. social API’s out there that will make it so that you can get people on your list with just one click
  15. optin using Facebook
  16. asking them to press the share button and you’re going to give them more information for doing it
  17. makes absolutely no sense to build a list that you can’t monetize
  18. every single list that you build you have to build with PURPOSE
  19. got to be mailing them CONSTANTLY
  20. important that you’re following up aggressively, create a long, and create a deep follow up sequence of emails that builds trust over time
  21. many different ways of doing retargeting now
  22. small download page only has the initial product that you promised them
  23. if they say, “yes,” then we’re going to take them to what we call the big download page
  24. the goal is to get as many people possible through the frontend of your funnel so that you can actually segment them later on and you can market to each segment accordingly
  25. don’t create unnecessary hoops for people to jump through
  26. don’t ever be afraid to mail your list
  27. “Online Income Automation”
  28. automate the money-making parts of your business
  29. focus on attracting NEW customers and basically feed them into your automation
  30. making sure that you’re setting things up the RIGHT way from the beginning.
  31. it’s important that you understand that you can do things right now, little tiny things: in your websites, in your squeeze pages, in your funnels that will turn into a lot of money down the road through automation
  32. how to insert little tiny things in your marketing that result in BIG, HUGE profits later on down the road
  33. autoresponder sequence is something that you always want to do way in advance
  34. before you start promoting your squeeze page, way before you start selling your product
  35. the whole idea here is to keep the money coming in AUTOMATICALLY
  36. the whole idea is to create a series of emails that are going to build trust, build a relationship while leading you to autopilot money
  37. every single breakpoint in your funnel should land your prospect on a list
  38. goal of every single one of your autoresponder sequences should be to build trust and that if they’re on a free list or a low ticket list
  39. each sequence is designed to get them on the next level
  40. you want your trip wires to be discreet (win-win scenarios)
  41. I want to recruit every single one of my customers and turn them into my affiliates
  42. win-win discreet tripwires is why revenue sharing offers are very very powerful when put inside of your websites
  43. Exit Redirects
  44. exiting the site is the only one with predictable behaviors that’s 100% guaranteed to happen every single time
  45. 404 Errors
  46. Pattern Interrupt Marketing
  47. Help Desk
  48. the people that are at your help desk are your ACTION TAKERS
  49. help desk is a HUGE opportunity for you to build a really good relationship and make more sales by custom-tailoring an offer that the user really needs.
  50. help desk is where your ACTION TAKERS are and they’re in there every single day
  51. Pop Ups
  52. the people that ARE interested are gonna click on the banner and that may result in a sale
  53. Banners
  54. not to make your member’s area or your download page look like Times Square
  55. try not to do is use banner rotators because banner rotators tend to not get as much traction
  56. Footer Links
  57. at least one footer link down at the bottom of the page that will sell them something if they click on it
  58. Resources
  60. create download items beneath your videos, things like, transcriptions, reports, stuff like that and those things can contain the link as well
  61. Bonuses
  62. use the word “free” as the most powerful word in advertising
  63. When you start to offer little bonuses like that or things that you could do through banners inside of your website, you’re going to increase your income
  64. key to continuous income is to continue getting people to log back into your site
  65. key is to give them the material in a way that they’re gonna have to keep coming back
  66. whole key with creating autopilot income is that you are putting your product in a place that a customer has to continue logging into to access it.
  67. autopilot money for months and months and months from the same people by dropping cookies and by getting them to trip over wires that lead to money and put them into a win-win discrete scenarios that lead us into profit.
  68. automatically getting new traffic from the existing traffic and you’re monetizing those buyers and freebie seekers to the max
  69. you could have a little ad on your password reset page and maybe you could advertise a service like 1Password which helps you remember your passwords
  70. adding tripwires, these are money makers
  71. redeem bonuses manually
  72. at the bottom of the welcome page, this is where what I do is a “fast action bonus”
  73. unadvertised bonus


  1. when somebody enters your sales funnel or maybe gives you their name and email on a squeeze page, they’ve only demonstrated a small amount of trust
  2. you’ve got to actually build up enough trust for them to buy from you and that’s done over time through a follow up autoresponder sequence
  3. to avoid being like a car salesmen and to make money over time is to be the opposite of a salesman and actually provide unconditional value
  4. Email Providers
  5. changes are causing emails to not reach your prospects inbox
  6. email clients are actually doing things to segment marketing messages and they’ve become really really good in identifying things that are in your email which reveals to them that you’re marketing or that you’re trying to sell something
  7. email clients see it as THEIR client which you’re marketing to
  8. don’t see it as YOUR prospect because they opted into your mailing list
  9. they try to put your email into their spam folders
  10. it’s important to develop ways to get into the inbox and that’s where it all begins
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. ensure that not only that you get into the inbox but that your prospects open, reads and actually takes action
  13. key is to follow-up through your autoresponder sequence and to establish baseline of trust
  14. grow that trust by providing congruent VALUE
  15. we are bombarded with emails and you should not fall into the pretense that you’re the only marketer or you’re the only person that they’re subscribed to
  16. if you’re not mailing them somebody else is
  17. important that you’re providing your subscribers with congruent value on a regular basis
  18. if you’re sending them stuff that interests them, stuff that they need, then they’re going to be more prone to open your next email
  19. should be emailing them DAILY
  20. make sure it’s a predictable pattern of communication and that you’re mailing them often
  21. emailing our lists daily works best


  1. they’ll know that you’re gonna be sending broadcast emails promoting other products and they’re already on your follow-up sequence
  2. the sole purpose for putting someone on your email list is so that you can email them to turn them into money
  3. transparency is the best attractor and connector
  4. being yourself and being genuine actually ATTRACTED people.
  5. transparency is the kind of thing that’s gonna keep people opening your emails and keeps them on your list until they are ready to buy, until you have built enough trust with them which causes them to become your loyal customers
  6. provide abundant edutainment to your subscribers
  7. so important to use “automation rules”
  8. engagement score
  9. open rate
  10. scroll rate
  11. bounce rate
  12. complaint rate
  13. none of the above things have anything to do with your click rate but these are the things that determine the engagement score that the email client is giving your address
  14. most reputable autoresponder services allow you to remove your bounces
  15. your list is for those who want to be there
  16. more than half of your subscribers are reading your email on a mobile phone or some sort of tablet or Ipad
  17. important that your email don’t looks like crap on mobile
  18. send a test email and just look at it on your phone to see if it looks like crap or if it’s all lined up properly
  19. create a template inside of your autoresponder for yourself so that you have a starting point when you begin each email
  20. ALWAYS test your emails on your phone FIRST before you hit that broadcast send button
  21. the subject line and anchor text can also be part of the mechanical aspect of things
  22. reason that these two things are so important is because they’re BOTH visible to an unopened viewer
  23. don’t send out an email with an anchor statement that’s actually hurting your open rate
  24. you should be mindful of the time of the day you send an email out to your subscribers
  25. MOST email autoresponder services will allow you to customize the time of day that an email is gonna go out based on the GEOcode of the subscriber
  26. TIME of day that you’re mailing has a big effect whether people are going to open it or whether they’re not
  27. goal is to always be at the top of their inbox
  28. studies show that most people are checking their emails before they even get out of bed
  29. you should assume that they’re not going to start going through your sales funnel while they’re lying from bed on their phone
  30. things you should and shouldn’t do in the “body” of your email
  31. don’t use too many links
  32. no more than two or three links in your email
  33. use a different “call-to-action” right before each of the links
  34. when it comes to adding images to your emails, I recommend that you try to make them clickable and that you test
  35. you can even use animated images in emails
  36. know your numbers
  37. know what emails are working and what emails simply aren’t
  38. “email chain breakpoints”
  39. starts with getting into your subscribers inbox
  40. make sure that you’re getting into the inbox because if you’re getting into the spam folders then chances are that your subscribers are never going to see your email, let alone read it
  41. no one is going into their spam folder and checking line by line if something got in there that they DO WANT to read


  1. subject line is what is going to determine whether or not they even open your email
  2. if your subject line sucks you’re not gonna do well
  3. suspenseful subject lines is what tends to work the best for me because the users actually open their email to relieve their suspense
  4. add little symbols in the subject lines
  5. “impulse factors” ~ create quick, short, direct, suspenseful and concise subject lines, to get people to open your emails
  6. “anchor” ~ first line of text in your email that is visible BEFORE you open the email
  7. Within the body of your email, you’re going to want to type up a compelling story that contains a “call-to-action.”
  8. TELL them what to do
  9. train your subscribers so that they KNOW when they get your email they have to click on something
  10. even  if the email you’re sending is NOT selling anything and is simply providing them VALUE, you should ALWAYS have something for them to do
  11. you’ve got to be really careful that you don’t overdo it with images
  12. you don’t want to come off like that pushy, tricky car salesman
  13. “people love to buy, but they hate to feel sold”
  14. find a balance between selling and providing value in your email
  15. main purpose of you building an email list is to make money
  16. provide VALUE and SELL