Hello!  I miss you and I hope you are well!  

Remember: it is ok to feel mad, sad or worried right now.  It is important to talk to someone about your feelings.

Go to this link to my website filled with resources for your and your parents to check out.

A shortcut to contact me is to fill out this form.

Everyday the SF School District delivers food here.   If you can’t make it to any of those stops Food for Sioux Empire Kids is here to help.

The longer we are all apart and cooler weather keeping us indoors, we can sometimes feel cranky and stuck.  Watch this video for a little calming, relaxation time.

Learning Careers

Watch a TV Show, Movie, or read a Story

and answer the questions below.

Student Name:

What did you watch?

Did any of the characters have a job?  Did their parents?  Draw a picture of one of the characters or parents at their job

Did any of the characters help each other?  How did you see them help each other?

Were any of the characters interested in something you’re interested in?  Draw a picture of something interesting to you!

What is a job you’d like to do?  Draw a picture of yourself doing that job?