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Arizona Youth Sports League established a mission statement as it relates to the game of football. Coaches are expected to abide by the Mission Statement, as well as this Code of Conduct as set for:


With regards to my players:

I believe that my role as a coach is to contribute to the overall success, physical and athletic growth of the player through participation in youth football.

1.     I will endeavor to be a good instructor and a positive role model for my players.

2.     I believe that the score of a game comes second to the safety and welfare of all of my players.

3.     I will endeavor to put winning in its proper perspective.

4.     I am responsible for understanding and competing within the letter and the spirit of the rules of the game.

5.     I will teach my players to understand and play within the letter and spirit of the rules, as well.


With regards to opposing teams:

I believe that way my team conducts itself can also have an influence, for better or worse, on those we compete against.

1.     I will endeavor to make my team a positive role model.

2.     I will not coach, nor will I allow my players to play, with the intent to cause bodily injury to opposing players.

3.     Neither I nor my players and spectators will display hostile behavior towards opposing players.

4.     Neither I nor my players and spectators will speak in a negative manner towards any staff member, league member and/or spectator.

5.     I will emphasize winning without boasting and losing without bitterness.


With regards to game officials and league staff:

1.     I believe referees and league staff are attempting to do their best, just as the coaches and players.

2.     I will instill in my players and spectators a respect for that fact.

3.     I understand that my attitude may influence my players and spectators.

4.     I will display a controlled and undemonstrative attitude towards referees and league staff at all times.

5.     Neither I nor my players and/or spectators will address a referee before, during and/or after the game in a demeaning fashion.


Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and the spectators on their side of the field, specifically as it relates to the referees, coaches, players and spectators on other teams. Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Any coach showing this type of behavior may be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game.


If players and/or coaches conduct is not in the spirit of recreational football, the referee may have the player and/or coach leave the game for a cooling off period. The same conduct rule applies to spectators. If the cooling off period does not resolve the problem, the person(s) may be asked to leave the field and/or grounds for the remainder of the game, for the next game or for the remainder of the season.


Coaches shall avoid approaching a referee or stepping on to the field to challenge a call in a demeaning way.


I further understand that my failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action by the league, which may include but is not limited to game suspension and/or my rights to participate as a coach for Arizona Youth Sports League.


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