Kibutz Sha’ar Ha’amakim







39y old front-end developer and a UX enthusiast, working on the web for 14 years now.

Husband to Noga and a father to Ayala (10), Ziv (6) and Yasmin (3).

I like contributing and showing-off with open source projects, I’ve contributed to Video.js, was a core contributor to Susy (RIP), I’ve created inlineDisqussions and Puzzled, as well as many Drupal themes, modules and patches for Drupal core (even its logo).

What I Do

Self employed & co-founder @ TAY


Providing UI & Front-end development services. Working directly (and remotely) with clients all over the world.

Working a lot on the mobile-web, whether it is a responsive website
 or a mobile app.

Few things I’ve done:

Senior front-end developer @ NGSoft


Mentoring and leading the front-end development of the web department, writing PHP, HTML, CSS/Sass and JS/jQuery.

Few things I’ve done @ NGSoft:

  • Develop interactive browser based games for Philip Morris.
  • Mentor front-end development.
  • Improve department workflow and methodologies.

Head of the theme team @ Linnovate


Leading the front-end side of the company projects, giving talks about Drupal theming and front-end development, about HTML, CSS, Sass & Compass, about developing for mobile etc.

Few things I’ve done @ Linnovate:

Creator and Maintainer of Sasson - a themer’s tool-kit


Sasson is all about open-sourcing my theming work process, tools, tips & tricks. it allows amature themers to introduce themselfs to the world of Sass, Compass, HTML5 and responsive web-design, and it allows professional themers to build amazing themes rapidly and easily.

Some of the features I’ve developed for Sasson

  • Image sprite generator (PHP)
  • File watcher - updates the browser when a file changes (JS)
  • Salsa - a responsive layout system and now a compass plugin (Sass)

Team member @ Susy - Sass layout system


Following the work on my own layout system, I was invited to work on the 2nd version of Susy. Susy is the most popular Sass based layout system amongst Sass & Compass users and the 2nd version of it is inspired heavily from Salsa..

What I studied

Università degli studi di Ferrara, Italy

Natural Sciences BSc — 2007-2010

I studied Italian for before moving to Italy and graduated from the course of natural sciences and ecology with honors.

What I know

  • Javascript - Client-side interactions, DOM manipulations with jQuery, lots of experience with Backbone and Angular MVCs.
  • PHP - Drupal modules, Drupal theming, page manipulations etc.
  • CSS - very high understanding of layouts, of browser compatibility, of responsive web design and of advanced CSS3 features.
  • Sass - writing more OO and more re-usable CSS code.
  • HTML - high understanding of the DOM, of semantics,  and of the various elements.

What else

  • Performance - excellent understanding of what makes your browser react faster and your experience better.
  • UX - years of experience with crafting appealing and intuitive user interfaces.
  • Mobile - Building responsive interfaces of many kinds, familiarity with the various approaches and finding the optimal solution for a given situation.
  • GSAP - JS based HTML5 animations engine.
  • GIT - as well as other VCSs.
  • Android SDK - building native apps for the Android platform.
  • Linux - I’m a fan.
  • Other languages - Hebrew, English and Italian.

Now it’s your turn, contact me :)