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Chester Anderson, District Manager, 5-7-18

This year, at our Annual Day-in-the-District held last Friday, we hosted a number of dedicated conservationists and representatives from a variety of industrial and commercial interests. Our staff and Directors facilitated focused conversations on what we imagine our natural resources to look like 20 years from now and identified steps to get there.

At our Day we first had 8 speed-dating type stations where we looked at a number of conservation projects that have been constructed throughout the region and then we had 3 sessions facilitated by our Directors and staff that focused on agriculture, forestry and water.

A lot of interesting ideas and discussion ensued which we will compile, present and use to keep the conservation conversation going.

What was clear from the day was that the Western Shasta Resource Conservation District and all 98 Conservation Districts throughout the state are the focal point and the facilitator of conservation work for the myriad interests that depend on, utilize, and enjoy our natural resources.

Kapusta 1a Side-Channel Update

By Jan Reather, Project Coordinator, 5-3-18

Last week we showed you our brand-new Kapusta 1-a side channel on the Sacramento River near Anderson, CA. Below is the channel the day after opening it to flows from the Sacramento River. Snorkelers from Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission were looking for fish and checking out the habitat. The snorkelers found 8 juvenile fall-run Chinook salmon in the new side-channel. They said this was an excellent start given how quickly the fish moved in and they expect the use to increase as vegetation grows on the banks and flows flush out sediment allowing the juvenile fish to use gaps in the rocks as refuge.

During their surveys the crews also captured a couple of aerial images of the new channel, providing our first look of what the channel looks like from above. The unvegetated area across the river in the top of the image below is the location where we will build the Kapusata 2a side channel. Kapusta 1a is seen in the bottom of the picture.

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