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1.        Purpose

Each District has an opportunity to participate in the services and programs offered by the assigned intermediate unit.

2.        Authority

        SC 951, 952

It is the policy of this Board that cooperation and communication be maintained with Berks County Intermediate Unit Number 14 to ensure maximum effectiveness of programs and services.

        SC 970

The Board shall annually review District programs that involve intermediate unit services and make whatever determinations such a review suggests. This review will normally take place prior to the District's approval of the proposed I.U. budget.

        SC 960

In order to maintain a constructive relationship with the intermediate unit, the Board member elected by the Board is designated as the official liaison between the District and Berks County I.U. Number 14.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The duties of the Board representative are to ensure that the Board receives necessary information and data that will lead to sound and valid judgments regarding decisions that involve participation by the District in the various programs and services offered by the intermediate unit.

School Code

951, 952