Montclair PTO Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Members in attendance: Sean Leverty, Amy Grey, Amanda Elliott, Jason Lee, Emily Potts, Becky O’Donnell, Kilee Woodburn, Lauren Dahl, Corinna Yballe, Mike Pringle, Ross Bradshaw, Peter James, Kari Smith

  1. Call to Order - 7:03
  2. Motion to approve October 2017 minutes, video - seconded, and carried
  3. Principal update – Sean Leverty
  1. Vacation Time - please consider BSD/Montclair scheduled breaks when scheduling vacations, student contact time is paramount
  2. New key card entry system - system is new, and please be patient with parent access, no key card access for community members

  1. Teacher Liaison update – Amanda Elliott

  1. Sandy Ehlert, Jason Lee, Amy Grey – Inclusionary practices
  1. Increasingly, some kids feel excluded from Donuts/Muffins events because they do not identify with having “mom”, “dad” or either living with parent.  Thoughts by teachers to change name of events to be more inclusive.
  2. Continue with two events and rename, possible names include: “Tea for Two”, “Muffins for Montclair”, “Breakfast for Buddies”, etc.
  3. Ross: potential for three events, renaming spring event
  4. Lauren: concern with marketing with events, if name change moves parents away
  5. Sean:  include inclusive images in marketing, FB posts, emails, backpack stuffers
  6. Spring ‘muffin’ event, name can be changed - the marketing is key, since we usually market to parents, not the kids
  7. Sean: family nuclei are changing, must keep events names inclusively

  1. Emily Potts – It’s Snowing Hawkeyes update
  1. Name of Event - Book fair is not happening concurrently with event, can logos and titles be changed
  2. Hawkeye color - school year Hawkeyes are white, ISH Hawkeyes were white, now they will be light blue
  3. Ticket payment methods - Square/Paypal readers with iPads, iPad/Beats headphones? purchase - other Black Friday deals/, photo booth (PTO owns small photo printers, Joe Forbish-owned photo booth, party (almost all night/PNO/other) sign-ups, teacher time raffles

  1. President update – Mike Pringle

a.         Scrip - Mike is undertaking scrip orders which will utilize cash, card and online payments

B.  Scrip is a portion of merchant gift card sales that is donated to PTO

  1. Vice President update – Lauren Dahl
  1. T-Shirt fundraiser - Lauren’s employer has a design studio they use that has donated their design, Bonfire will make and inventory shirts, run online sales and ship after our sales period, have paper order form/non-online option for access issues, pre-order shirts for teachers/PTO Board/giveaways/ISH raffle for marketing, design was approved
  2. DOFD Update - attach Lauren’s email

  1. Secretary update – Peter James
  1. PTO Directory
  2. Volunteer name badges for MVP
  3. Campaign for Carlos update

  1. Volunteer Coordinator update – Corrina Yballe / Becky O’Donnell
  1. Clothes Closet volunteers - Wednesday, November 29th is Montclair’s day to staff, shifts are available in MVP

  1. Treasurer update – Ross Bradshaw

a.        Budget update - Fun Run donations still roll in, employee company matches are still coming in

B. Auction update - Disney

c.        November budget, P&L, and Team funds

  1. Adjourn - 8:02pm
  2. Join us at OMP for a beverage….even if you are at home