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2021-2022 Nordic Skiing Mitigation Plan
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Updated 10/29/2021

2021-2022 Nordic Skiing Mitigation Plan        

  1. Masks remain optional for outdoor sports/activities (individual/ Family choice)
  2. Masks are required indoors when students are in warming areas, waxing skis and not actively participating.
  3. Masks are required for spectators indoors.
  4. Participants may not attend if ill or experiencing symptoms of illness.
  5. All coaches will maintain an accurate roster and daily attendance record for contact tracing, if necessary.
  6. Coaches /athletes should try to maintain 6-foot social distancing where appropriate.
  7. Hand sanitizer/washing stations need to be readily available at all athletic venues.  Frequent hand washing should be encouraged by the coach.
  8. Frequent sanitation of equipment should be performed.
  9. Return to play protocols will be followed for those student-athletes who are returning after a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.