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Subject : How Much Loans Did Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG Supply to NH Belgium ?

Enclosed is a letter to His Excellency Donald Trump, the President of the United States about Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG supplying loans to European Hotel Ventures Belgium, a hospitality developer, in 1998.  

In the letter I have listed the current findings, while a further investigation is in progress.  I have the honor to notify the information to the government of the Republic of Germany, given indications in this direction.

European Hotel Ventures Belgium became NH Belgium in 2009.  This was after the spectacular bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers bank in New York, officially in September 2008.  

NH Belgium CVBA (cooperative) is currently the parent company of 11 very beautiful NH hotels and resorts in Belgium, and it.  In 2000, it created Hotel Exploitatiemaatschappij Diegem NV (limited company), which fuels capital under the form of shares into NH Belgium.  Both companies as well as NH Brussels Airport hotel are effectively located at the same address on 14 De Kleetlaan in 1831 Diegem.

NH hoteles attracted my attention in 2005, when I found students from Thailand being flown over to Belgium for internships at this hotel.  They came, through the Erasmus program which is funded by the European Commission.  There is a school in Brussels named after the program.

I saw “NH Hoteles” printed on the letter of aThai student who successfully completed the program and who decided to pursue further education in a Belgian university, and I help her find one.   Belgian schools and universities, like UCL have a very high reputation in the world, as well as their development cooperation programs.  I was really pleased to discover that Belgium was dedicated to developing the competence of students from the developing countries in this way.  

According to Bloomberg “NH Hoteles” is a Spanish company.  I was so pleased to find a big Spanish hotel operator expanding rapidly in West Europe.  They are finally beginning to accept Spanish investments as well as the business management style of the Southern Europeans.  Apart from the housing conditions of the students, NH Hoteles has affirmed it’s brand reputation in Brussels in very big ways, indeed.  

While NH Hoteles stocks continue to rise and yield spectacular revenues, and while the links to NH Belgium are unclear, there are questions around NH Brussels Airport hotel not being a registered brand name in Belgium.  

But, if Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG supplied loans to European Hotel Ventures Belgium, then some adjustment is needed if loans were applied on companies that were not registered like NH Brussels Airport hotel, and also when the amounts of loans are missing in all the documents of NH Belgium, formerly called European Hotel Ventures Belgium.

Is there a reason why Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG omitted the figures on the loans which they supplied in 1998 to European Hotel Ventures Belgium ?  Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG also does not have any key executives recorded, and that is a risk.  

Given the financial risks for Belgium, which is dependent on revenues from the international travel industry, iI have notified my discovery to Their Majesties King Philippe and Queen Mathilde yesterday, and I have the honor to share a copy with Your Excellency.

Your Excellency, would you be willing to publish the total volume of the loans from Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG to European Hotel Ventures Belgium, between 1998 and 2008, please ?    This would really be helpful for the highly attentive Belgian financial authorities to assert that no responsibility in the collapse of Lehman Brothers can be attributed to any Belgian market operator.  

Should you have questions or if you need further information, please contact me.  My details are further below.

I thank you beforehand for your time and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Naima Mouali

President of United Chambers and Innovation Consultant

Founder of Anaccell Corporation

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Attachment :         1. Letter to HE President Trump

2. Analysis for HE President Trump

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