Current meeting and business arrangements of LCCC

November 2018

LCCC is one of the most active and effective community councils In Edinburgh with a substantial workload caused by (a) the high population density of the CC area and (b) the planned tram extension project.

To cope with the workload, LCCC’s monthly meetings are based around a detailed agenda with links to relevant papers whenever possible. In addition, a number of committees have been set up, namely:

These committees - which shadow similar CEC committees - have individual remits and a fixed slot on the agenda, reflecting the importance of the issues they are concerned with and the frequency with which issues arise.

In addition, LCCC has formed a number of permanent groups, working groups and - most recently - a subcommittee:

Each of the above committees may generate agenda items, which should be notified to the Chair or the agenda manager (currently the vice chair) at the earliest opportunity, together with a brief paper.

The above arrangements are subject to review at LCCC’s AGM.