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Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents by sending quick, simple messages to any device.  It’s completely free although SMS message charges apply based on your carrier and plan.  (Updated Fall 2019)

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Text this code to 81010 or type it into the iOS/Android Remind app

Mr. Haggerty

6th Grade Announcements

7th Grade Announcements

8th Grade Announcements

  •  @6elks1920
  •  @7elks1920
  •  @8elks1920

Mr. Macaluso

All 7th Grade World History Classes

All 8th US History Classes

  • @mrmacworld
  • @mrmacush

Mr. Stow

1st Hr - 6th Grade Choir

2nd Hr - 7th Grade Choir

3rd Hr - 8th Grade Choir

  • @mrstows6
  • @mrstows7
  • @mrstows8

Mrs. Shepherd

Algebra 8

Math 8

  • @shepalg
  • @shepmath8

Mrs. Eberle

8th grade Math Lab 1st and 2nd hours

7th grade Advanced Math 3rd hour

  • @1eber
  • @3eber

Mr. Morris

7th Grade Science 1st hour

7th Grade Science 3rd Hour

8th Grade Science 4th Hour

8th Grade Science 5th Hour

8th Grade Science 6th Hour

8th Grade Science 7th Hour

  • @Morriss1
  • @Morrs3
  • @Morrs4
  • @Morrs5
  • @Morrs6
  • @Morrs7

Mrs. Martin

6th grade math: 2nd and 3rd hour

6th grade accelerated math: 7th hour

7th grade math: 4th, 5th & 6th hour

  • @martin-23
  • @martin-7th
  • @martin-456                

Mrs. Bailey

 6th grade Spanish 1st hour

6th grade Spanish 3rd hour

6th grade Spanish 4th hour

6th grade Spanish 5th hour

7th grade Spanish 1st hour

7th grade Spanish 6th hour “A” day

7th grade Spanish 6th hour “B” day

7th grade Spanish 7th hour

8th grade Spanish 2nd hour “A” day

8th grade Spanish 2nd hour “B” day

8th grade Spanish 5th hour

8th grade Spanish 7th hour

  • @1Abailey
  • @3Bbailey
  • @4Abailey
  • @5Abailey
  • @1Bbailey
  • @6Abailey
  • @6Bbailey
  • @7Abailey
  • @2Abailey
  • @2Bbailey
  • @5Bbailey
  • @7Bbailey

Mrs. Gray

8th Grade Accelerated Lang/Lit

7th grade Accelerated Lan/Lit

8th grade Lang/Lit

  • @k69ea7
  • @62dh6a
  • @hdfba2

Mr. Anderson

ALL CMS Bands (parents only)

  • @elkrapids

Mrs. DeVogel

6th grade PE/Health

7th grade PE/Health

8th grade PE/Health


  • @devogel6
  • @adevogel7
  • @ged3c4
  • @dk27ek

Mr. Roman

Language Arts

Visual Art 6th Grade

Visual Art 7th Grade

Visual Art 8th Grade





Mr. Wilson

8th Grade US History 1st Hour

6th Grade Geography 3rd Hour

6th Grade Geography 4th Hour

6th Grade Geography 5th Hour

8th Grade US History 6th Hour

8th Grade US History 7th Hour







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