2019 Homecoming Game Rules

(If you have any questions contact Alyssa Pama or one of the game leaders)

Stuff a Square (Game leader: Yoyo Ma)

  1. Both feet must be in the tape for each for every participant.
  2. Tape cannot be touched by anyone’s foot or they will not be counted
  3. Lifting people at all (supporting, piggybacking) is not allowed.
  4. After five minutes, the people will be “wrapped” with the tablecloth meaning that no one else can come in.
  5. Two teachers will be counting as each participant steps off until there is no one left standing.
  6. Once every teacher pair reports the number, the winning class will be announced.
  7. Since it will only be tape to outline the rules will be very strict!
  8. No taking shoes off

*Squares are 2x2 big squares

Tug o War (Game leader: Andrew Kim)

5 ropes will be laid out across the football field prior to classes arriving to the game. Stanchions in between all the ropes so the ropes do not interfere with each other. Two orange cones on each side of rope mark out center for each of the five ropes. One bandana will be tied on the rope to mark the center.

The pullers can only start after the MC says go (early starts will result in disqualification)

Once the bandana crosses the orange cone (marking where the participants stand behind), the other grade “wins” that rope

The class that wins three of the five ropes wins the round

Failure to comply with the following rules will lead to a DQ for your class:

  1. No cleats
  2. No special gloves
  3. No rope stacking
  4. No backpacks/added weight
  5. Once one side wins, everyone needs to sit down at that rope
  6. No running to another rope after your rope is done
  7. No starting before MC say go

Balloon Stomp (Game leader: Joshua Mei)

Four players from each grade have a balloon tied to each of their ankles (with string) and try to pop the other grades’ balloons in a closed space with their feet. Once both of the player’s balloons are popped, they are out.

ACT TO WIN: be the last player standing with balloon(s) attached to ankle

Obstacle Course (Game leader: Angela Cheong)

Person #1 runs 100m with hurdles high fives person #2. Person #2 runs 200m and a judge will raise a flag to signal Person #3 and Person #4 to go. Person #3 and #4 wheelbarrow to person #5, high fiving them. Person #5 cannot go until both person #3 and #4 cross the cones. Person #5 hops in the sack and high fives person #6. Person #6 puts on wet clothes and must get the OK from the judge. Clothes on means that person #6 has the shirt on and both arms through the proper holes. The waistband of the pants must be around their waist and their feet must be fully through the holes. Once they get the OK, they run to the finish. Whoever passes the finish line first wins.

Note: No cleats or spikes. No one other than the Obstacle Course participant, staff judges, and those in the Obstacle course committee are allowed on the field. Class officers are allowed on the track, but everyone must be in the stands.

Shooting Stars (Game leader: Hanna Suh)

4 players from each grade (no preference for gender etc.). 9 shots in total (8 normal, 1 half-court). Shots will be at marked places on the court, they will be marked with blue tape. The participant must stand on the blue x in order for the shot to count. Participants must make the shot before you can move on to next. Every player has to take two of the eight shots from the 1-8 marks. The half-court shot is open to any of the 4 to start, but then must cycle among participants if the shot misses in the order that the participants started in. The first class to make all 9 shots wins. 3 minute time limit for each round between the two classes. If both teams don’t make the 9 (half-court) shot, then the team that has made shots 1-8 first will move on. You cannot touch the opposing team’s ball on purpose. You cannot interact/interfere with the other team. You must go in order from shots 1 to 9. Everyone will have to have made 2 of the shots (1-8). One ball is given to each team. Teammates shag balls for each other (there will be no rebounder). Each grade must stay on their half of the court unless their balls go to the other side until the half-court shot. All members must alternate in shooting half-court shots. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in your class being disqualified from the game and will be automatically placed fourth.

*Will be a men’s basketball

Bucket Head (Game leader: Arunim Agarwal)

Each grade will have two people representing their class.  There will be one thrower and one catcher.  The goal of the game is for the thrower to toss as many balls as possible into the catchers’ red solo cup attached to their helmet, who then has to place the ball into their designated bucket beside them.  The pair that gets the most amount of ping pong balls into their bucket within two minutes wins the game.  The ping pong balls must be in the bucket in order for it to count.  There will be a strip of blue tape on the floor for which the thrower has to stand behind along with a designated area for the catcher to occupy.  If the thrower's feet cross the line, the ball thrown will not count.  Any form of cheating will disqualify the class such as bad sportsmanship.

Pool Game (Game leader: Kendrick You)



  1. Everyone must be in starting positions at the beginning of the game
  1. Participant 1: side 1 on the block, wearing shirt
  2. Participant 2,3: side 2, pool deck
  3. Participant 4: side 1, with inner tube
  4. Participant 5: side 2, with wopo ball
  5. Participant 6: goalie, in water
  1. Participant 1: throws the watermelon into their lane as far as they can, then retrieves the watermelon, and then swims to side 2 holding the watermelon OUT OF THE WATER.
  1. If the watermelon is not outside of water, participant 1 must restart from side 1.
  1. Participants 2, 3: once participant 2 has the shirt on, participants 2 and 3 dive in from side 2. Participant 3 holds onto 2, and 3 kicks while 2 uses their arms to side 1. They must both be in the water before connecting and must be connected the whole way until they reach side 1. Must be connected before leaving side 2

Scavenger Hunt (Game leader: Ethan Shaotran)

Students may bring accessories from home. Students may not walk onto the quad because the only person allowed on the quad is the class president from each grade.  Class presidents must start at a specifically marked X on the quad and may not walk off the quad. No harmful pushing or shoving between class presidents, or your class will be disqualified for the round. Classes may not steal objects or hinder the path of other classes (also a disqualification for the round). No throwing items.  The bucket may not be knocked over when putting the item into the bucket. The bucket may not be picked up or moved from the center of the quad. We will call out an item (from a pre-determined list), and whichever class to produce that item, give it to their class president, and have their president get it into the bucket first wins first place. Erin will be filming the buckets (with phone) to resolve any impending, potential disputes. 3 points for whichever class produces the correct item and deposits it in the bucket first; 2 points for second; 1 point for third; 0 points for fourth; and 0 points for classes unable to produce an item. Points will be tallied up at the end of the game. The winner is the class with the most points.

Sumo (Game leader: Peter Oh)

Rules: Whichever participant gets knocked out of the circle or gets pinned for three seconds first loses. Illegal or dangerous movements will get your class automatically disqualified.

The rules for sumo is as follows: the first person to be knocked off their feet or knocked out of the circle loses. If a foot is on the line, the person is still in. There will be 5 rounds, and we will have the winner go against a staff member