No more Plastic

Plastic pollution is major problems in New Zealand .Plastic is everywhere.You find it in shoes,houses,clothing and more.Plastic is choking our oceans,over running our landfills and polluting our rivers.It is an environmental nightmare.

One way that we can reduce the impact the plastic has on our planet is by moving away from our throw away culture.Single-use plastics such as plastic bags,straws,glad wrap and such more.Countdown has already banned plastic bags.By doing the they a reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfill,oceans and rivers.

Another way, people can chose to use paper and cardboard instead of plastic.They are biodegradable.Plastics take 300 to 500 years to break down.In fact it entirely disappear.

Plastic doesn’t biodegrade.It photodegrades.

Additionally,we need to reuse,reduce and recycle because plastic is an harmful environment.We need to reuse our reusable Countdown.So we can stop littering,and stop with the plastic and get inthouseastic.

In conclusion,PLastic pollution is a major problem to our sea creatures.So we can stop burning our rubbish because if we do then we won’t have enough  air to breath in.So we won’t have any oxygen.So stop using plastic and start reusing,reducing and recycle.