Northside Christian Church

Children’s Christmas Program 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must we reserve seats for the Christmas program this year?

We know that everyone wants a good seat to watch their child in the Christmas program.  Because of this parents, family and friends were coming earlier and earlier to be “first in line” and get a good seat.  The seat saving was becoming a problem (to no one’s fault).  This still allows for those who are first on Nov 18 at 1:00pm to get the seat they want.

Why are the seat reservations by invite only?

We want parents and families to have the first opportunity to get their seats.  By doing invite only from Nov 18- Nov 25 we allow each family “first dibs” on seats.  On Nov 25, seating will open up to the general public and an invitation will not be needed.  

Why am I limited to 6 seats? And when can I get more?

We want every family to have an opportunity to get a “good” seat and no one family to take a whole section before others have had an opportunity to make their reservation.  You can get more seats (although they may not all be located together) on Nov 25, when seat reservation is available to everyone.

What about kids who can sit on my lap?

You do not need to reserve a seat for any child who can or will sit on a lap. We are going to offer childcare during the program for Infants-3 year olds and we ask that you utilize that childcare or be prepared to step out with any fussy children.

Why do I need to be in my seat at 4:15 if the program doesn’t start until 4:30?

Your seat reservation is only good until 4:15 at which time our ushers will identify open seats and begin seating any guests without reservations in available seats.

What if I want a good seat so I can record the program?

We are providing a DVD of the performance to each family afterwards.  Should you choose to make your own recording we ask that you do so from the back of the room so as not to block the view of others.

What if I just want to show up and not reserve a seat in advance?

Those who do not reserve seats in advance will be able to sit in any remaining seats.  If all seats are filled an overflow room will be available where the program can be viewed on TV’s.

What if I have family out of town that isn’t sure if they can come?

We ask that you not reserve seats for anyone who has not confirmed they can attend.  We are going to live stream the program so your family who lives out of town or others who may not be able to come to the church can watch from home.  It will only be online during the performance and will not be available online after the conclusion of the program.

What about handicap accessible seats?

On the seating chart, please take note of seats highlighted in blue.  Those are locations where a chair will be removed for wheelchair access.  Please select seats next to those for the rest of your family or group.  The following seat locations are for wheelchairs: Section 1, Row K, Seat 12; Section 2, Row C, Seat 1; Section 3, Row F, Seat 10; and Section 4, Row F, Seat 1.

What if I no longer need a seat that I already reserved (like someone from my group is not going to be able to attend)?

Please send an email with the specific seats you would like released so we can make them available to others.  Send your email to