Notes “LIVE” vol. 3

Not Yet (/ Yet To Be) Titled (faux fiction) 2017/18

patterns, more graphic

obscure something w/ something else

the beginning is blurry (extended), and the end is a slow fade (to black)

(w/ text upside-down & reversed

...the text does something more than describe itself,

though, perhaps it has to begin that way)

Desert #Allegorithms Reh.

vulnerability (#vulnerability)

sensitivity, subtle (subtlety)  



monthly (subscription &/or series) curated based on the subscribers’ interests. Subnscribers pay an initial ‘subscription’ fee, which includes a museum-box (letter-size (or tabloid)) and then pay a monthly amount on top of that (they can also pay annually). For this they receive a number and quality of images equivalent to their payment.

$2 per picture? (picture + shipping)

They can hang/display these images however they’d like:

with clips, with sticky-tack, with tape, as a book, and so on.

They fill out a questionnaire at the time of subscription that gives me an idea of their tastes and interests.

made, found, modified, original works on paper, double-/over-prints, …