Updated 2/17/18

CONSTITUTION of NorthWest Lacrosse Association

ARTICLE I – NAME Section I – The name shall be NORTHWEST LACROSSE ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as the NWLA.

ARTICLE II – OBJECTIVES Section I – The aims and objectives of the NWLA are as follows:

• Enable growth: Serve as an advocate to promote the growth of boys and girls scholastic and youth lacrosse programs in the Flathead community.

• Support coaches and players: Provide support to coaches and players in all lacrosse programs across the Flathead community.

• Community Alliance: Create and strengthen alliances between members of the community who seek to promote the growth of lacrosse in the Flathead.

• Promote and Communicate: Promote lacrosse instruction, enjoyment and knowledge of the game of lacrosse by spectators and interested community residents

ARTICLE III – MEMBERSHIP Section I – The membership of the NWLA shall be open to community residents and non-residents as provided hereinafter in the By-Laws.

Section II – The classification of the membership shall be as follows:

a. A Contributing Member shall be a community member interested in Flathead lacrosse and who shall pay dues at a rate established by the Executive Board.

b. A Player Member shall be any member grades Kindergarten – 12th grade. A Player Member shall pay dues at a rate established by the Executive Board, and shall be a non-voting member. Voting privileges for the Player Member shall be conveyed to the player’s parents. Each player shall have one vote, except in the case where multiple players are of the same family. In this case, the family shall have only one vote, regardless of the number of player members in the family. All players participating in Club sponsored activities must be NWLA members.

c. All coaches participating in NWLA sponsored activities must be a Contributing Member. Where a coach’s child is a Player Member, the coach need not be a Contributing Member.

Section III – Dues shall be paid at registration as determined by the Executive Board. Dues shall cover the specified season, and shall be in full, prior to the start of the season.

Section IV – All players and Coaches will be members of US Lacrosse.


Updated 2/17/18

Section V - Any member in good standing may seek and secure any office, subject to the regulations contained in the Constitution and By-Laws, except, however that all officers must be at least eighteen years of age, may not be a current high school student and must be either a Flathead resident or have a child enrolled in the Flathead County School District.


Section I – The officers of the NWLA shall be the elected positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure, hereinafter referred to as the Executive Board. Non-elected members of the Executive Board shall be the Legal Representative, President Emeritus, Member Representative, Girl’s Program Director, Boy’s Program Director, Sponsorship and Fundraising Director, Booster Club Director, Officiating Director, and other non titled positions.

Section II – Two Executive Board members shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership at the annual meeting. The nominees receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared elected to the Executive Board. Pursuant to the election schedule set forth in Section III, the two newly elected Executive Board members shall fill the vacant officer positions by a majority vote of the Executive Board. The Officer positions shall be elected by the close of the first Executive Board meeting following the annual meeting. The non-elected positions (i.e. Coaches representative, Member representative and Parent liaison) will be appointed by the Executive Board within 60 days.

Section III – The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall serve terms of two years, staggered such that the elections of President and Secretary occur in alternate years as those of the Vice President and Treasurer. To set the 2 year staggered pattern, the President and Secretary shall be elected in even years (i.e. 2016), and the Vice-President and Treasurer shall be elected in odd years (i.e. 2017).

Section IV – Except as provided in the By-Laws, vacancies in any office shall be filled by a special election by the Executive Board.


Updated 2/17/18

Section V – Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Board Officers


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: Oversee and manage the administrative

functions of the Club. Preside at all regular meetings and represent the Club at other community meetings as necessary. Work with the Board to appoint temporary committees as required.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Two Years

President Accountabilities: ● Provide agenda one week prior to

all meetings to all club members.

● Preside at all regular and special meetings according to Robert’s Rule of Order.

● Manage the administration of the Club including: Oversight of the financial committee, field space committee, merchandise committee and any special appointed committees or task force.

● Understand the financial reporting and bank reconciliation and review at every Board meeting.

● The President shall appoint temporary committees (task forces).

● In addition, the President will represent the Club at other community meetings as necessary.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: Assist President as necessary and

requested. Vice President shall succeed to the office of President.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Two Years

Vice President Accountabilities: ● Assist President as required.

● Understand the financial reporting and bank reconciliation and review at every meeting.

● In the event that the office of President becomes vacant prior to the end of the normal term, Vice President shall succeed to the office of President.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: Receive all monies and disburse as

authorized by the Board of Directors or Program Directors. Report complete financials for each division at meetings.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Two Years

Treasurer Accountabilities: ● Submit budget at the beginning of

each fiscal year.

● Receive deposits, record on income statement and deposit.

● Write checks as approved by the Board.

● Maintain accurate database of all deposits and checks for reporting at monthly meetings.

● Balance bank statement with income/expense statements for presentation at monthly meetings for Board approval and sign off.

● Post monthly interest to statements.

● Review annually financial opportunities i.e. Bank interest, Bank expenses, CD opportunities and advise Board of best options for approval of Board.

● Compile data at year end to submit to the IRS or (hired accountant), including 1099 forms for paid employees.

● Maintain all non-profit financial documentation, including Tax ID number and supply necessary forms to vendors for tax exempt purposes.

● At year end, file tax paperwork.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: Responsible for keeping accurate records

of all business conducted by the Club and sending all correspondence relative to the Club's business as directed by the Board.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Two Years

Secretary Accountabilities: ● Record minutes at every meeting.

● Post minutes on the Club website within two weeks of meeting.

● Send out correspondence as required and directed by Board.

● Follow Robert's Rules of Order at meetings.

● Understand the financial reporting and bank reconciliation and review at every meeting.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: Responsible for overseeing the

development of the Youth Lacrosse Programs.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Representative Accountabilities: ● Work with coaches to develop

youth programs based on participant interest and skill development goals.

● Determine viable number teams and coaching positions to support program.

● Coordinate roster selection process with Head Coaches.

● Determine field space requirements and allocation.

● Establish and implement coach training programs.

● Determine and manage procurement of equipment as required with the assistance of Equipment Coordinator.

● Understand merchandise supply chain for uniform requirements for youth participants.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The Member Representative will be

responsible to communicate directly with members of the league.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Accountabilities: Give the members of our club a

voice within the Board of Directors.

Advise the leadership committee


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The Legal Representative will advise the

Board regarding legal matters.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Representative Accountabilities: ● Advise the Board regarding

reducing liability.

● Draft and maintain Club Documents including Bylaws.


Updated 2/17/18


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The President Emeritus will advise the

Board and provide guidance and expertise.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Accountabilities: ● Advise the Board regarding past

experience and procedures.



Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The Sponsorship/Fundraising Director

will be responsible to oversee and manage obtaining sponsorships and fundraising.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Accountabilities: Obtain and direct sponsorship of

the Program.

Obtain and direct fundraising outside of the Booster Club.


Updated 2/17/18

Job Title: Booster Club Director

Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The Booster Club Director will be

responsible to operate and manage the Booster Club.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Accountabilities: Solicit and obtain donations and

funds to operate the Booster Club.

Have charge of Booster Club funds and disbursements, under the directions of the Board of Directors.


Reports To: BOARD

Summary: The Officiating Director will be

responsible for the Officiating of the Program.

Voting Member: Yes

Term: Appointment

Accountabilities: Coordinate and manage the

training, placement and development of Officials.

Work with MLA and US Lacrosse regarding certification and training of officials.


Updated 2/17/18


Section I – Elections and nominations for elections shall be coordinated and conducted by a temporary “Elections Committee” appointed by the President. The Election Committee shall be comprised of three committee members.

Section II – Balloting for all offices shall take place at the annual meeting.Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

Section III – The Elections Committee shall count the ballots and report to the membership at the annual meeting.

Section IV – In the event of a tie vote, in which an officer cannot be determined, the Elections committee shall cast their own ballots and break the tie by a majority.


Section I – The authority of the NWLA shall be vested in the membership which consists of the Executive Board and membership at large.

Section II – The management of the NWLA shall be vested in the Executive Board which shall consist of the Coach Representative and Parent Liaison as defined in Article IV above.

Section III – It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to carry out the policies and instructions of the NWLA and to take action in the NWLA’s interest between general meetings. Reports of the Executive Board action, including financial statements, will be made to the full membership at each general meeting.


Section I – Except as noted in Section II below, all items requiring a vote shall be voted on by the Executive Board only.

a. A motion shall be ratified by a simple majority of the Executive Board members present at the meeting.

b. No quorum shall be needed to vote.

Section II – The following items require the vote of all members: Contributing and Player. a. Amendments to the Constitution and these NWLA laws shall require a 2/3

majority vote.


Updated 2/17/18

b. Ratification of these shall require 2/3 of the membership present at the meeting where the Amendment is being voted on. No quorum shall be needed to vote.

Section III – The following items shall require a vote by the Executive Board:

a. Election of Executive Board Officers and the appointment of Member representative, Parent liaison and Coaches representative.

b. Changes to the financial and accounting practices.

c. Expenditures of the NWLA General Fund.

d. Changes in Club Dues.

Section IV – Voting methods

a. Unless deemed by the Executive Board to require immediate action, all proposals will be represented at a regular meeting and be open for discussion for at least 7 days before or after the meeting.

b. Voting by the Executive Board may occur at monthly meetings or by e-mail following the 7 days discussion period.

c. In the event of a tie vote by the Executive Board, the proposal will be open for discussion by the contributing membership for at least 7 days and then voted upon by contributing membership at the next monthly meeting. The motion shall be carried by a simple majority of the contributing membership in attendance. A quorum will not be necessary.


Section I – The Officers of the NWLA may appoint Chairpersons for each of the following standing committees: Leadership; Registration; Booster; Fundraising; Competition/Tournament; Communication; Field; Equipment; Finance and Charitable Giving Committee.

Section II – Committee membership shall be open to all members as provided in the By-Laws. Efforts should be made to recruit committee members with special interests in a diverse age and skill level.

Section III – The President of the NWLA may appoint temporary committees which he or she, or the membership may deem necessary. Such temporary committees shall


Updated 2/17/18

serve in an advisory capacity to the President or the President’s appointee or the membership at large and shall have no other powers.

Description Of Committees

Leadership Committee. To assist the board of directors with building an agenda and action plan to further the goals and mission of NWLA.

Registration Committee. This committee shall be responsible for organizing and executing the annual youth registration.

Booster / Fundraising Committee. NWLA is a separate entity non-profit with a 501C(3) and a mission to bring lacrosse programs to the Flathead area. The mission of the NWLA is not consistent with the mission of a "booster club" which is generally a fundraising mechanism. However, NWLA will support "booster club" activities and assist in organizing. The separate committee shall be responsible for all “booster” activities during the season including but not limited to; Lacrosse festival, annual team dinner event and momento, graduates recognition and gifts. Coordinators as well as at large members decided upon by the Executive Board.

Communications Committee. The Communications Committee shall be responsible for internal and external communications, including newsletters, program announcements, website, and email as may be necessary and authorized by the Executive Board. The Committee shall also promote the programs of the NWLA by various means in order to create a positive image for the NWLA, to stimulate public interest and support for lacrosse. The Committee shall also be responsible for preparing news articles and game results for the local newspaper. Develop marketing strategy to maintain a robust youth program.

Field Committee. The committee shall work in coordination with the Kalispell City, Flathead County Parks and Recreation Department, the Kalispell School District Athletic Director and private landowners to secure the use of appropriate field space and to allocate it accordingly.

Equipment Committee. The committee shall be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all equipment owned by the NWLA.

Merchandise Committee. The committee shall be responsible for all of the selection, ordering and distribution of NWLA merchandise including but not limited to apparel and gifts.

Charitable Giving Committee. The committee shall serve as the NWLA liaison to community charities that seek NWLA support. Charitable activities including fundraising to support community charities will be directed by the Committee under the budgetary approval of the Executive Board.


Updated 2/17/18


Section I - The Registration Committee manage player registrations for each youth registration cycle and adjust players into correct team locations on the website. Registration details will be at: http://northwestlax.com.

Section II - Selection of teams will be based on registration, equal teams with equal playing time per player. The NWLA will reserve the right to limit registration secondary to field availability, number of players, etc.

1. Players will be evaluated at the end of the season. The Roster Committee will meet face to face with the list of players and evaluation data and assign players to their respective teams based on the following factors:

a) evaluation data from prior season b) geography - residence of player and school attended c) parent input - written requests from parents will be taken into consideration d) team counts - the goal is to have teams with even amounts of players

2. Final roster approval will be made by the Executive Board; rosters will then be posted on the website. The U14 age group will be selected and placed pursuant to the Montana Lacrosse Association guidelines. ALL OTHER AGE DIVISIONS ARE TO BE SELECTED WITH THE GOAL TO CREATE TEAMS OF EQUAL ABILITY in order to be competitive within their respective divisions of the MLA.

Section III - The Program Directors will review the coaching applications and select the most qualified applicants for each team. The Directors will select the head coach. This selection will be based on coaching experience, lacrosse experience/knowledge and ability to fulfill the NWLA mission. The head coach may appoint assistant coaches and team manager as needed. The coaches will be asked to run their teams for the specific youth season.

Section IV – A registration fee for the Spring Season (January - June) will be assessed and will include, at a minimum: NWLA membership, practice, uniform, referee fees, and games in. Registration fees for other sessions will be assessed to cover field space and coaching stipends.

Section V - The team managers will work with the coaches to handle all off-field duties. Team expenses will need to be collected from players/parents, or additional funds may be requested from the Executive Board.



Updated 2/17/18

Section I – All meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order, the sequence of business being: Reading of the minutes, Reports from the officers, Reports from the committees, unfinished business, new business and adjournment.

Section II – An annual meeting shall be held at the end of the Spring Season for the purpose of electing two board members, presenting annual reports and other business that may arise.

Section III – The Executive Board shall normally meet monthly and more often if necessary for the purposes of conducting the Club’s business.

Section IV – All meetings shall be open to all members of the Club.

Section V – The agenda for meetings and any items to be voted on will be posted in advance of the meeting.


A. The Treasurer shall administer the NWLA treasury and submit financial statements to the Executive Board.

B. The Treasurer shall sign all checks within the budget (those that have been approved through the budgeting process) and prepare all checks outside the budget (those not approved through the budgeting process) for counter signature by the President or Vice-President. In the event of the absence of the Treasurer, checks must bear the signature of both the President or Vice-President or Secretary.

C. All transactions require a paper receipt to be submitted to the treasurer at or before the next scheduled board meeting. The funds, books and vouchers in the treasurer’s hands shall at all times be under the supervision of the Executive Board and subject to its inspection, control and annual audit.

D. No financial commitments may be made by a member of the Executive Board or General Membership without approval of the Executive Board. The President, however, shall have the discretion of commitment not to exceed $500.00 without Board approval. All non-budgeted purchases over $1000 are required to competitively bid filed with NWLA before a purchase order can be submitted.

E. At the expiration of Treasurer’s term of office, the Treasurer shall turn over all books, monies, and other property to the Executive Board.


Updated 2/17/18

F. The NWLA Executive Board, upon receipt of the budgets and schedules from the appropriate Board Members and Committees, shall determine the extent of the NWLA and social programs and shall formulate a budget for these programs each year. The Programs and budget shall be made available to the General Membership at the ANNUAL MEETING.


Section I – The Executive Board shall review, investigate, and vote to determine the status of a Board member, coach and/or NWLA member.

Section II – Termination may occur when or if an Executive Board member, Committee Chair, coach or NWLA member is found to have violated the Mission Statement, By-Laws, US Lacrosse Code of Conduct or Participation Agreement.

Section III – Any mistreatment of an official, coach, or member will be grounds for termination if found to be verified by the Executive Board.

Section IV – The Executive Board reserves the right to make all final decisions concerning termination.


Section I – This constitution may be amended at a regular meeting of the Club. Amendments to the constitution shall require two thirds majority of those voting.