LPS Testing Schedule 2017-2018

Assessment Name

Subject Area

Grade Level Tested

Number of Testing Administrations in District:

Testing Mode:*

Testing Time allotted per student **

Testing window***

Results Available to Districts****

Information for Parents/Guardians Regarding the Assessment


Math and ELA


1- October 11, 2017


4 hours



PSAT Student Guide



3 through 8; Algebra I Geometry and Algebra II

1 - Spring 2018


4 hours

April 5 thorugh April 26;

June 24;

PARCC Website


3 through 11

1 - Spring 2018


4 hours

Spring: April 5 thorugh April 26;

June 24;

New Jersey Department of Education Parent Resources

* Testing mode refers to how the student will be administered the assessment. The two types of mode are computer and paper and pencil; some computer-based assessments allow students to take the assessment using paper and pencil. Be sure to the inquire about the options if your son/daughter has a medical issue that would not allow him/her to take the assessment on the computer.

** 'Testing time' is the maximum amount of time allotted to students to complete the assessment. Most students finish well in advance of the allotted time.

*** The testing window is period in which districts administer the PARCC assessment; it is not the actual number of days it takes a student to test. School districts can choose which days within the testing windows that it wants to asssess students. Please inquire with your district about the exact testing dates of the assessment.

**** This column indicates when the reports will be available to the district. The district will send out reports to parents as soon as possible. Please contact the district for further information.