2019-2020 ASEC School Supply List

Math Class:

English Class:

  1. One 1-inch 3-ring binder notebook
  2. College-ruled loose leaf paper
  3. A couple of pencils and blue or black pens  
  4. Lots of Post It notes (3X3’s are fine...may want smaller and multicolored--these are used to annotate books)
  5. A pack of 4x6 lined index cards (these will be cut into fourths and used as vocab flashcards)
  6. A pair of inexpensive but reliable earbuds or headphones
  7. A mini notebook to serve as your vocabulary journal - English 3 & 4 only


  1. Spiral Notebook
  2. Loose leaf paper
  3. 100 Pack Index Cards
  4. Pencils/Pens
  5. Glue sticks
  6. Scissors
  7. Colored Pencils
  8. Pocket folder


  1. 3-ring binder
  2. Notebook paper
  3. Pencils/black or blue pens
  4. Graphing calculator
  5. Colored pencils
  6. Scissors

Social Studies/History:

  1. Spiral or composition notebook with at least 100 pages
  2. Pens and pencils
  3. Highlighter
  4. Scotch or clear tape
  5. Index cards
  6. Sticky notes
  7. Headphones or earbuds are strongly recommended but not required
  8. A planner or agenda is strongly recommended but not required -- this would be a great tool to help students keep track of assignments and stay organized for all their classes!!  

All Other Classes (MCC and High School - more information will be given on the first day of class):

  1. Notebook/folder for each class
  2. College-ruled loose leaf paper
  3. Blue or black pens, pencils, highlighters