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Gold Bar Community League Hall Rental Terms & Conditions

THE GOLD BAR COMMUNITY LEAGUE (hereinafter referred to as “THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE”) owns and operates a Community League Hall, located at 4620-105 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta -and- THE RENTER wishes to use the premises for the purposes described in the rental agreement. THEREFORE, THE PARTIES AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING:


1. THE RENTER agrees to pay the rental fee indicated in the rental agreement to THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE for the use of the premises for purposes noted in the rental agreement. The rental is not confirmed until a full payment of the damage deposit is received.

2. Event cancellations must be made in writing to THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE Hall Rental Coordinator. If THE RENTER cancels this agreement more than thirty (30) days prior to the event date, THE RENTER will receive a full refund of fees paid. Cancellations made thirty (30) days or less prior to the event date will receive a refund of their damage deposit but NO refund of the Rental Fee. If for any reason THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE is unable to honour a booking, all monies paid will be fully refunded to THE RENTER.

3. THE RENTER agrees to pay THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE a damage deposit as indicated in the rental agreement. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE will return the damage deposit to THE RENTER within 30 days of the date of the event, or within 30 days of the termination of this rental agreement, minus any applicable deductions.


4. THE RENTER agrees to clean the premises at the end of the rental period leaving it in the condition in which it was received. If THE RENTER fails to comply, THE RENTER agrees that THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE may deduct the cost of cleaning from the Damage deposit. Cleaning by THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE will be charged at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

5. The COMMUNITY LEAGUE will inspect the facility after the Agreement Period. An inspection will not necessarily be conducted immediately prior to each rental. It is the responsibility of THE RENTER to contact THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE if the facility is found to be either damaged or not clean at the beginning of the Agreement Period.


6. THE RENTER agrees they are responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing any damage done to the property or the facility during their occupation of the premises. The damage deposit will be held until an inspection of the premises is completed by THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE following the event. THE RENTER’s liability under this clause may not be limited to the damage deposit.

7. THE RENTER agrees to pay THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE for any revenues lost from other reservations, existing as of the end date of the agreement period, which THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE is forced to cancel as a result of damage cause during THE RENTER’s agreement period.

8. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred by any person during the rental period. THE RENTER shall indemnify THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE against any claim which may arise as a result of the rental, made by any person for loss, damage or injury.


8. THE RENTER assumes full responsibility for the conduct of all people at the hall and will ensure that orderly conduct is maintained both inside and outside the hall.

9. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE or its designate reserves the right to refuse entry to the premises or to require the removal from the premises of any person who, in the opinion of a representative of THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE, is likely to cause damage to the property of THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE or injury to others.


10. THE RENTER shall maintain third-party liability insurance against claims for death, personal injury, and property damage on the premises, in an amount not less than $2,000,000. The policy should name THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE as an additional insured. Policies shall be in a form and with an insurer acceptable to THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE hall will not be available until a valid Certificate of Insurance is received. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE may waive this requirement at its discretion.

11. THE RENTER will ensure that all third-party contractors and/or service providers (caterers, inflatables, etc.) also provide proof of coverage to the same requirement as THE RENTER.


11. THE RENTER will ensure compliance with the conditions of their AGLC liquor license or special event license. This license will be posted in the area where alcohol will be dispensed.


12. THE RENTER will ensure compliance with all municipal and provincial bylaws. The damage deposit will not be refunded if smoking occurs inside the facility. The RENTER is responsible for ensuring that there is no smoking within five (5) meters of any door or window of the facility. THE RENTER is responsible for providing a receptacle and disposing of cigarette remains.

13. Animals are prohibited from the premises unless they are a certified service animal or a registered emotional support animal. THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE may waive this requirement at its discretion.

14. The Rental Agreement, the Certificate of Insurance, and the AGLC Liquor License or Special Event License must all be issued to the same individual.

15. THE RENTER agrees not to adhere anything to the walls and/or light candles or use any source of live flame.

16. THE RENTER and all guests must vacate the building by the end of the Agreement Period OR no later than 2 am on Friday-Saturday and 11 pm on Sunday -Thursday.

17. THE RENTER understands there are monitoring devices installed in the common areas, and all COMMUNITY LEAGUE licensed areas exterior of the building. The devices are used for the limited purpose of monitoring the conduct of persons in the event of damage and destruction of property. Video recordings may be reviewed and used by THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE and/or Edmonton Police Service to address rule violations, behaviour concerns, or illegal activity.

18. THE RENTERs information is being collected in accordance with the Digital Privacy Act and will be used for the purposes of renting a Community League Hall. Information collected will be retained for a period of 60 (sixty) days after the Agreement Period. Information may be shared with members of the Edmonton Police Service if required as a result of their attendance at the Community League Hall with respect to this event but is protected by the privacy provisions of the Digital Privacy Act. If you have questions about the collection, use of disclosure of the personal information provided on this form, contact THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE, or the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

19. Upon any violation of this agreement by THE RENTER as to the stated purpose of this event, who will be in attendance, or the consumption of alcohol, this agreement will be deemed null and void, and the entire Damage deposit will be forfeited. Further, the event may be cancelled or ordered to cease, at the discretion of THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE Hall Rental Coordinator or Designate, without refund of the rental fee. If THE COMMUNITY LEAGUE has Agent Status, that Designate may also be a member of the Edmonton Police Service.