Make the Most of Summer

with These Travel Tips and Inspirations

If you’re like us, you want to soak up every sun-filled summer moment possible. Summer is the time to go, to do, to see, and we won’t stop until a blanket of snow covers the ground. And since pets are awesome, they’ll most likely be along for the journey. At Deceased Pet Care, we put together a quick list of tips on travelling a pet, and a few easy inspirations on where you can go. So read quick, summer is a wastin’.

Tip One: Keep Your Pets in Mind

While there is some beauty in spontaneity, we prefer to think things through. And When it comes to travel, if you're like us, you want to be packed a week out. You check and recheck the list. You take care of the kids bags, your bags, and probably even your significant other. Your pet packing list should be of equal priority.

Set aside smaller portions of food, bring bottled water, and toys for the car ride. Whether travelling by car or air, we like to have a designated pet bag prepped and ready for the journey. We like to include: medical papers, food, bottled water, necessary medications, a leash, bowl, waste scoop, waste bags, grooming supplies, and a favorite toy for a bit of comfort.

Tip Two: Preparation is Key

There’s nothing worse that being one day from a big family trip and realizing you forgot some key information or item. This is very true for travelling with a pet. If you’re taking a personal vehicle, we’ll give you tips later in this post, but if you plan on travelling by plane or bus, do your research.

Most types of public transportation have stringent rules and regulations when it comes to transporting pets. Often, pets must be registered, vaccinated, leashed, kept in a container of proper dimensions, insured, and often come with extra (or exorbitant) transportation fees. Make sure you are prepared to bring Fido on your choice of holiday transportation.

Speaking of vaccinations and registrations,  it is necessary to have all of your pet’s paperwork put together before a trip. If you’re traveling overseas or across state lines, paperwork is actually required by law. Make sure you have full records of rabies and other vaccinations. It’s also highly recommended to have a clean bill of health from your vet before taking trips longer than a few days.

Tip Three: Be Caring and Safety Conscious

Traveling, while exciting, can often be stressful for your pet too. Make sure you keep a safety conscious mind. You pet should always be properly restrained. Avoid riding in truck beds. If you’re at a rest stop or park, your pet should be leashed in unfamiliar territory. And if possible, never ever leave your pet alone in a car. Your vehicle can go from comfortable to a freezer in no time flat. Don’t risk the health of your pet for a few minutes of convenience.

Tip Four: Where to Go and What to Do.

The options are endless, but some easy, cheap, and fairly local opportunities are

Beach Day: Admit it, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a day at the beach. Let your pet jump, play, and swim while you work on your best tan yet. Just don’t get upset when he dives headfirst into a freshly formed sandcastle.

Go Camping: Most campsites are pet-friendly. We say bring fido along for the fun. And having your dog ensure the kids will enjoy the technology free time too! Just save a bit of room in your tent, and get ready to watch your pet explore and wag the day away before crashing by the evening campfire.

Take A Day in the Park: Taking your dog to the dog park can be a blast. Just make sure you know the lease laws, your pet is properly vaccinated, and watch for signs of bullying. Check out our previous blog for more on that.

Trail Hiking: Clear your mind with an afternoon on the trail, and bring your pooch along for the fun. We recommend Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain Park right outside of Atlanta. It’s an afternoon neither of you will regret.

Doggy Dates: There’s nothing to say pets can’t have play dates too. If your bestie has a pet of her own, invite them over to enjoy an afternoon of social enrichment… and a glass of sweet tea for the two of you.

A Deceased Pet Care, we know summer is all about imagination. The world is yours, and it’s a heck-of-alot more fun with a pet by your side. We hope these tips and inspiration help you make the most of this summer and enjoy ever sun soaked moment it has to offer.