#196 - Into the Nexus: “The Reset Button”

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Ranked Season 1 2018

2018 Season 1 Start     Week of December 12, 2017*

2018 Season 1 End     Week of March 6, 2018*

Mount : It's a boar!


Questionable Rankage

We're investigating these reports. Currently, it looks like there may have been an issue with the initial MMR seeding for some players when the season started, which would then cause where they ended up after placements to off. We're digging into it and should have more information soon.


Hero League Viability of the Foundation Bundle        

If we get Dunktrain could be fun.


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Cade from Denver

Love the show and often find it useful and helpful for me and my wife (permanent team league partner) to help us make informed decisions for drafting on specific maps and play style that suits our team comp etc.

I have recently been trying to build up a good base of heroes I am confident with, outside of my main of Sylvanas. I know Sylvanas is setup to come in strong with the 2018 update but I've been getting a LOT of hate when I draft her recently, even in situations where I have a strong frontline and relatively little burst damage to worry about. The hate doesn't bother me much, but it does confuse me as to why folks think she's a bad choice. She seems like a great choice for some lane pushing and has team-fight utility.

So my first question is am I missing something or playing her incorrectly? My second question is, even if I have a large pool of heroes I am relatively confident with (15 or so) I still occasionally run into situations where it isn't necessarily prudent (or possible) to take one of them, how should I approach a situation where I am taking a hero I am not necessarily good with and try and make a success of the game?

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you all.

- Cade C. from Denver, Colorado


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