HuskSMP Staff Training Guide

Welcome aboard the HuskSMP Staff Team! This guide will teach you all you need to know about your specific staff role on HuskSMP. Please follow everything listed in the guide as closely as possible or you will have your rank removed.


As a helper, your job is to moderate in-game chat and help players out with questions they may have. Your rank comes with all the perks of having VIP+ along with the below.

Here are your new permissions:


As a moderator, your job is to catch rule breakers, moderate chat, and help out players across the server. Your rank comes with all the permissions of Helper rank, as well as VIP+ rank. This rank is only given to Helpers who have excelled at their work as a helper, after an extended amount of time with the rank.

Here are your new permissions:


As a builder, your job is to help with building projects across the server. All projects require prior approval by hume_man or ripeideal. Builder rank also carries all the permissions of VIP+ rank.

As a builder, your permissions are:


As an admin, your job is to help out with the more behind-the-scenes sort of operations on HuskSMP. You have access to (almost) everything in the game. Below is an outline of all you can do:

And a few more behind the scenes sorts of things - for more information, you can ask hume_man.

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

Or any form of abuse of rank not listed here.

Welcome aboard the HuskSMP staff team! Thank you for joining. Please, stay within these rules to ensure you do not lose your staff rank. If you need any help with anything, you can use staff chat in game or in discord, or contact hume_man.

Thank you!