Here is a composite list of the ways to win gold and other prizes as a member of ITG:

The proceeds from events such as these go towards our current and future guild traders.

Your participation helps everyone in the guild. Thank you.


HOW TO ENTER: Simply pay your weekly OR monthly deposit straight into the ITG guild bank to get complimentary tickets.

Tickets are 500g each and you can deposit more gold for extra tickets (if you deposit an amount not divisible by 500 your deposit will not count towards the lottery, that is just how the lotto addon works)

PRIZES: A percentage of the gold from ticket sales. 1st place = 25%; 2nd place = 10%; 3rd place = 5%.

The winners are drawn shortly after Sunday 8pm CDT every week.

Results are posted on the Imperial Traders Guild discord announcements channel.


HOW TO ENTER: Send 1000g per ticket (limit of 10 per member) to @SirApplesauce as this is separate from the guild lotto.

Raffle tickets do NOT count towards your weekly or monthly contribution.

All proceeds from ticket sales go to the guild fund.

PRIZES: All prizes are items donated by guild members which can include:

Rare motif (style) chapters, Master Writs, Nirnhoned gear and other valuable items.

The winners are drawn shortly after Saturday 8pm CDT every week.


HOW TO ENTER: Every member of ITG can list items in the guild store, so make good use of that.

Every item you sell through the guild store gives the guild fund 3.5% via sales tax.

PRIZES: At the end of each week, two members will be rewarded with 20000g. One to the member with the most individual sales, and another will be awarded to the member with the highest value individual sale.


HOW TO ENTER: Every member of ITG can invite others, so simply invite players to join our trade guild.

We need fresh members to keep our store active and full of items to attract regular customers.

PRIZES: At the end of each month, the top 2 members who have invited the most people into the guild will be rewarded for their efforts with 2000g for each member they recruit during the month.