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Chicago Firefighters Welcome Document
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A flame with a six pointed star cut out inside, representing the six pointed stars on the Chicago flag. There is text below that reads "Chicago Firefighters Blaseball Club".

Logo by Wirspringen

Welcome to Chicago, where you are from!

So you’re from Chicago, are you? No? Well, you are now: Chicago has a place for everyone, you included!

This document is intended to serve as an overview of the Firefighters Discord channels as well as a guide for new players.

Table of Contents

Chat Rules

Discord Pins

Top 10 Things to Know About Blaseball and the Firefighters

Getting Started on Snacks

Making Coins - High Performance Engine 🚒


How do Decrees, Wills, and Blessings Work?

Weather and What it Does

What are Peanuts?

End of Season Notes

Brief History of Blaseball and the Firefighters

Firefighters And Other Teams

Blaseball (and Baseball) Terminology

Links to More Information

Chat Rules

Here are the overall Blaseball Discord Rules:

But generally:

Everyone on the Firefighters is a captain, but we have team representatives: currently, 4 rotating temporary ones and 10 permanent ones. Elections for these occur the first week of every threeson during normal games, and at the start of each new Short Circuit.

If you ever have an issue, feel free to send a DM to @MODMAIL_KEEPERS to mail all of the keepers!

Spoilers can be written in Discord using || around your message, like so: ||This is a spoiler.||

We also have a lore server! That in itself is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s essentially an arts and crafts corner, with space to share art, writing, and lore that people are working on, game nights, as well as commentating games and just hanging out. Our lorejams are hosted over there as well (it allows us to archive the channels for easy viewing) but the documents will always be crossposted to maincord! By no means is it required to join, but it’s a nice space to hang out and get to know some of your fellow firefighters better!

Discord Pins

Pins are frequently updated every week, and will generally include important news from other teams, as well as important links and information. There are also pins with useful links to various helpful websites, as well as whatever’s going on in the channels on any given day. It’s usually worth your while to check any new pins.

Top 10 Things to Know About Blaseball and the Firefighters

  1. You’re going to start off pretty confused. Baseball is pretty esoteric by itself, and things only get weirder in blaseball.
  2. Regular seasons are 90 games, starting at noon CST on Monday. They run every hour, on the hour, until Friday (accounting for spillover, which happens if a game runs over 60 minutes. This doesn’t happen particularly often).
  3. Blaseball normally operates on a 1 week on - 1 week off schedule. These breaks are important to allow everyone involved a chance to rest, so make sure to step away and get some rest.
  4. You don’t have to follow every game. Get some sleep sometime and we’ll update you in the morning/evening/afternoon/twilight/whenever you wake up.
  5. We’ve got four channels in our section of the server, sometimes their names change as a joke, but they generally keep the same kind of content:
  1. #the-firehouse is the general chat. Drop in whenever.
  2. #firewatch is our game-watching channel, as well as our stats discussion channel, but make sure to keep any actual election conversation to the briefing room! Drop in for a lot of gifs about our various players. We also host other teams here for watch parties on occasion, so keep an eye out for that and welcome any visitors!
  3. #the-briefing-room is our strategy/important discussions channel. Drop in around election time and check the pins to get an idea as to what we’re doing.
  4. #bulletin-board is our announcement/polling channel! Most important things will be posted here, from messages from the Keepers or other teams to wiki updates and polls about our team strategy, as well as our eventual voting plans and vote trackers, so be sure to check in!
  5. #fridge-door is our space for sharing Firefighters-related fanworks, whether it’s fanfiction, artwork, or anything else!
  1. If you’re looking for the choicest bits of blaseball, any time is a good time to check in, but right as games start, the end of Game 90 (around 3pm CST), the end of the championship, and the election on Sunday. This is generally when the devs release ‘cut scenes,’ for lack of a better term. So far it hasn't happened during Short Circuits.
  2. Remember that blaseball is, at its core, an RNG/idle game with extra steps. The fun behind it is rooting for your favorite teams and players, hanging out with the community (both in the Firefighters channels and at large), creating art and propaganda if you’d like, and just being a fan.
  3. WAFC stands for ‘We are from Chicago!’ We chant it a lot, and there’s even a bot that responds to messages that have WAFC in them in #the-fire-house, when he’s not asleep. You may also see TCSB when we lose, which means That’s Chicago Splorts, Baby!
  4. Be patient with the people around you! The keepers, umps, reps, even your fellow team members– we’re all working our hardest to make Blaseball a welcoming space. This can take some trial and error, so be kind; remember that everyone here is a volunteer besides the sluggers and umps!
  5.  Check the pins and Bulletin Board!!!!

Getting Started on Snacks

In the past, fans were able to buy Snacks, which allowed them to earn more coins (i.e. money) to buy Votes and do things to affect Blaseball at large. However after the events of Season 24, that doesn’t really apply right now, so this will be updated when Blaseball is back for normal play.

Making Coins - High Performance Engine 🚒

Once Blaseball is back for regular seasons again, this section will have more in-depth info on really maximizing how many coins you can earn.


The devs are experimenting with how voting and the economy works during Short Circuits. Ask around in Discord, we are collectively all trying to figure out what's going on.

In regular seasons, votes for decrees, wills, and blessings are tallied on Sunday afternoon at 1pm CST. You are able to vote for either a decree or blessing up until that point. Because of this, it is generally advised to save your votes until whenever the Firefighters are eliminated (either Friday or Saturday, depending on if they make the playoffs), since weather effects or consumer attacks can change if a blessing or will is good or not. The chat will oftentimes try and figure out what area to focus on for votes, but in the end it's still up to you on what you vote for. Voting related discussion happens in #the-briefing-room, so please head over there and check #bulletin-board for our weekly strategy!

How do Decrees, Wills, and Blessings Work?

In regular seasons, Decrees are game-wide effects voted on by the community. Each week the decree(s) with the most votes will be put into effect, oftentimes with unknowable consequences.

Blessings are improvements given to teams based on a raffle system. On Sunday, each blessing is raffled off and given to a team based on one of the votes 'pulled'. Because it is a raffle, more votes in one blessing gives a better chance, but it's not a guarantee.

Each team is guaranteed 2 wills each (or 3 if you’re in the bottom 4 of the league that season) and are also done as raffles, but within the team’s votes. Wills can change every three seasons.

If you ever see a reference to ‘wimdy-ing’ a blessing, it refers to a scenario where a team invests very few votes into a blessing but receives it anyway. It comes from this tweet:

A tweet from @SchneiderBendie with the display name of "Schneider Bendie (old)" posted on August 31, 2020 that reads "wow it really happened again huh. one person in florida typed "vote, wimdy?" into aol dot com and @blaseball said "well you gotta hand it to them, they make a compelling case." Wimdy is not a typo; that's how it's written. Underneath is a screenshot of the Blaseball website during Season 4 that the Miami Dale won the blessing Evil Wind Sprints. The Dale had 0% of the Votes. The highest bidder was the Millennials with 46% of the votes.

Weather and What it Does

Weather changes from game to game and is shown on the website as an icon. These weathers can have a multitude of effects. Active weathers in non Short Circuit seasons include:

Night: Night weather lets a player in the shadows and a player in active play occasionally swap out in a “night shift”, and both players get a significant stat boost.

Jazz: Jazz is all weathers. This means that initially the weather is displayed as “Jazz”, but once the game starts, it reveals itself to be some other kind of weather.

Snow: Players may be temporarily Frozen, or may receive small changes to their attributes.

Do keep in mind that this could change once the new era starts. The short circuits have some but not all of these weather effects.

What are Peanuts?

You used to be able to eat Peanuts by clicking on the little peanut icon. In regular seasons, Peanuts can also be contributed to players in the ‘Hall of Flame,’ a list of incinerated (dead) players visible in the drop-down menu under ‘Hall.’

You can also upshell events in the feed, which has no known effect other than the Lootcrates twitter account tweeting the message once it reaches 1000 peanuts.

End of Season Notes

Previously, Eat the Rich (ETR) took place, where the top 1% of players' coins get re-distributed at the end of the season. Because of this, it was best to keep some of your coins, but not all of them. Even if you don’t vote for any decrees or blessings, buy plenty of votes at the end of the season to avoid the distribution of your hard-earned winnings!

At the beginning of each Short Circuit, everyone's votes are reset to one.

Brief History of Blaseball and the Firefighters

This section provides a short summary of each season and how it affected the Chicago Firefighters.

Season 20 saw Turntables removed by the Coin installing Sun(Sun), which turned all wins positive. So, the Black Hole’s effect made the opponent team gain a Win after getting 10 runs. However, because of the Under Achievers decree, the Unbracket was formed! This created a second Postseason bracket, where the lowest performing teams compete to win an Underchampionship. The Firefighters, however, qualified for neither Postseason.

On Day 23, we experienced our second full team reverb! This affected the entire team, swapping various players from pitching to batting and vice versa, as well as changing the order some players are in the lineup or rotation.

We built 3 renovations, this season, installing a Light Switch, digging Tunnels, and starting to inflate Balloons. We also received 3 gifts! These were Underhanded Arm Socks for Wanda Schenn, the Early to the Party modification, and Soul Patches to prevent our players from getting [Redacted].

As for elections, we coordinated a trade with the Hawai’i Fridays to get Gabriel Griffith back, sending back Alyssa Harrell. We also reformed Harrell’s Attractor mod into the mod High Pressure. Unfortunately, the Firefighters did not win any Blessings.

Season 21 (49-50)

Season 21 was comparatively calm for the Firefighters. We did not make it to either Postseason, no players left the team, and no players joined the team. However, there was also only one incineration this season: Gerund Pantheocide of the Tokyo Lift on Day 12. Their replacement was Steals Mondegreen.

We built three renovations again this season: installing a voicemail and a bird hotel, as well as flipping our lightswitch on! We also received 3 gifts, all of which were modifications for the season: Late to the Party, Fireproof, and Ambitious.

For elections, we voted to give Baby Triumphant the Magnified mod, as well as move Geepa Beanpot into the Shadows. The Firefighters also won two blessings! The Soul Food blessing increased Gabriel Griffith’s soul to 103 (an increase of 99), and the Darkside Flip blessing gave every player in the shadows the Negative modification.

Season 22 (57-43)

Season 22, however, was much more eventful for the Firefighters. The team qualified for the Overbracket (the traditional Postseason bracket), however they lost in Round 1 to the Tokyo Lift. This did result in the Firefighters getting a new player in the shadows named Squidgey Nugget.

On Day 9, beloved former-Firefighter Goobie Ballson was incinerated while playing for the LA Unlimited Tacos. They were replaced by Pannonica Ono.

The Firefighters built two renovations to their stadium: installing a Grind Rail and also activating a Phantom Thieves’ Guild. The team also received two gifts: a Fireproof mod for the season, and Chorby’s Uncertain Soul, an item given to Rush Valenzuela.

As for the election, the Firefighters had two wimdy’d wills take place. Firstly, Wanda Schenn was traded for Mcdowell Mason of the LA Unlimited Tacos. Then, Swamuel Mora was also Magnified. After that, the Seattle Garages won the Gachapon blessing, taking Conrad Twelve from our shadows and into theirs. What’s more, the Yellowstone Magic won the Mass Attraction Blessing, taking Alx Keming from our shadows and into theirs. However, the Firefighters did win the Immovable Object blessing, giving GG the Negative mod.

Season 23 (56-43)

Season 23 playing rather well, although unfortunately not qualifying for each Postseason bracket. However, Season 23 also saw the Fire House’s Phantom Thieves Guild being used twice: once on Day 4 to take Quack Hookrace, and once on Day 79 to recruit Steals Mondegreen! Both players were in the shadows of the Tokyo Lift. The Baltimore Crabs’ Thieves Guild also took Grit Watson from the Firefighters’ shadows on Day 24.

Most devastating of all, however, was a feedback on Day 13: original Firefighters player Isaac “Ike” Johnson was feedbacked for Stout Schmitt, an original member of the Miami Dale’s shadows.

After the Postseason was the ILB Semi-Centennial! This was a match against the Rising Stars, players who were named MVP fewer than 5 times since Season 12, and the Vault Legends, players who were vaulted after being named Legendary after being named MVP 5 times. Many Firefighter fans watched along live in a voice chat on our side server and a lovely time was had by all. At the climax of the game, the Sun(Sun) had reached 100% Pressure built, after which it became a supernova. After the Semi-Centennial match, Gerund Pantheocide, who had been incinerated during Season 21, joined the Chicago Firefighters! This means that Gerund and their incineration replacement, Steals Mondegreen, were on the same team at the same time.

During the elections that followed, Patel Olive was removed from our shadows and into the shadows of the LA Unlimited Tacos from the Season 22: Gachapon blessing. The Firefighters did win two blessings though! We won Season 5: Fireproof Jacket, giving a fireproof jacket to Alston England, and we also won Season 18: Cape of Containment, giving a cape of containment to Zi Sliders. The Tokyo Lift also won the Hitting Flotation Bubble, which boosted the batting stats of all of the Firefighters’ lineup players! All teams also received the Under Review modification.

Season 24 (42-55)

Season 24 marked the end of the Expansion Era. The Black Hole(Black Hole) that emerged from the supernova nullified all of Internet League Blaseball. The plotline for the era had concluded, and each team was given notification that they would return, including the Firefighters.

Short Circuit 1, Season 1 (62-37)

The Firefighters began the first Short Circuit with an all new team, and they performed very well! The Firefighters not only made it to the Postseason, but also made it to the finals against the Baltimore Crabs! The Crabs ended up defeating the Firefighters, but fans of both teams were rejoicing that the two teams were playing one another again. In the election, the Firefighters voted to increase their defense.

Short Circuit 1, Season 2 (69-30)

Play continued for the second season of the first Short Circuit, with the Firefighters ending the regular season with a nice record of exactly 69 wins. In the Postseason, the Seattle Garages would defeat the Firefighters in the semifinals and then go on to win the championship. In the election, the Firefighters voted to send Tomathan Poison to charge the microphone.

Short Circuit 2 (48-51)

This second Short Circuit was not a set of two different seasons; instead the Firefighters played with a brand-new team in a single season that spanned two weeks! While the team did not perform nearly as well as the first Short Circuit, the Firefighters still performed decently well.

There were two elections in the second Short Circuit, one after the first two-thirds of games, and one after the Postseason. In the first election, the Firefighters voted to boost their team’s defense; in the second election, the Firefighters voted to send Calliope Cooper to charge the microphone.

Short Circuit 3 (86-76)

This third Short Circuit, which is the last one, is currently ongoing! Much like the second Short Circuit, this consisted of one longer season rather than a series of two week-long seasons. Every fourth day, only two teams would play a game, and each of those was a prize match! After the first real-world week of games, the bottom twelve teams would go to a Fiesta! However, the Firefighters barely did not qualify. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the Fiesta ended up causing some unexpected behavior on the site, so it needed to end early.

During the second week of play, the declared winner of the Fiesta, the Canada Moist Talkers, would be given a Title Belt. The rest of the season had Title Belt matches every four days instead of prize matches. The Firefighters ended the season with a record good enough to make them the third seed in the Postseason, only to be eliminated immediately by the Wild Wings.

There were also two elections in the third Short Circuit in the same style as the second one. In the first election, the Firefighters voted to make Tube Nebula the Guest of Honor and to throw an awkward Mixer to boost team Unthwackability, Omniscience, and Overpowerment. However, because of a site bug, this actually gave the stat boost from a Formal, boosting team Divinity, Coldness, and Chasiness. In the second election, the Firefighters voted to send Tube Nebula to charge the microphone.

Firefighters And Other Teams

There are 23 other teams in blaseball, each with their own fandom and culture, but there are a few teams in particular the Firefighters share a history with.

Blaseball (and Baseball) Terminology

Links to More Information