1. Hello my name is Peter and today I  am going to talk  about Camp M. E.R.C.If you are in year 5 you will be going to  to Camp M.E.R.C next year.

Did you know that Camp M.E.R.C  can accommodate 89 people overnight and 60 other people that just come to Camp M.E.R.C for a day to do  the activities. At Camp MERC you do  3 activities between 9am-4pm. Before I went on camp I didn’t expect that the food would be that good but the food was great even though I am gluten free which means I can’t eat stuff like bread biscuits some cereal but still got everything gluten free which was just as good. (MERC stands for Marine Education  Recreation Centre)    

  1. My  first point is, why the activities were awesome on camp M.E.R.C  The  first activity I am going to talk about the sandcastle competition. When I went on camp we had topic to make out of anything on the beach. You were allowed to have a team up to four people. When I went on camp the topic was pollution. My team built a mummy turtle and a baby turtle they were eating real plastic bags.  Here is one  tip to help on win a first place make sure you always work as a  team it makes life alot easier.  
  1. Another activity is stack’em.  Which is a balancing activity.  You stack milk crates on top of each other without knocking it over. It gets harder  because there are 12 crates.There are two ways to make this go horribly wrong. for example if I was standing on 8 crates  and jumped off I could  1. knock it over with my feet. 2. stand on it but you are shaking so much that the whole thing falls over anyway. My advice is to not jump off the milk crates unless you don’t want to try and make it to the top.
  1. My Second point is why you should try and get a older family member to come on camp.  The first Reason that is that even if you haven’t  got any friends then your family member can sit with you  at morning tea, lunch and dinner. But you can’t sleep with your family unless they are in your group cabin when you sleep. But because someone is watching you, you are expected to be very good on camp. However, you do get to see the videos and photos that your mum and dad had taken before anyone has seen it. Having your family member can make it stressful but they can  be fun and encouraging.  One of the biggest thing  for me is that since I am  allergic to gluten my family member could help me get good food that I can actually eat.
  1. My third point is why friends are very important on camp. Just like family members they can be very encouraging.

When you have dinner, lunch, breakfast, morning tea and  afternoon tea you can sit with any of your friends. You chat with them and talk to them about the activities you did or you can talk about random stuff. Camp is a good time to know your friends a bit better or make new friends. On camp you can work with your friends to win stuff like the sandcastle competition and the rubbish picks which is where you go down to the beach to pick up rubbish. Also your friends are their to encourage you and you are there to encourage you.

6.    I know that running up down the beach  is not a activity but it felt like an activity ran by MERC. If you like  running, jogging or walking  the morning run is the thing for you. But don’t worry  you only get up at 6:00am in the morning. But wait, there's something for people that don’t like running walking jogging. You can win immunity on camp where you don’t have to go on the run down the beach if you don’t want to go. This year when I went to camp we could win immunity by winning first place in the sandcastle competition or winning the camp plays competition. Trust me you want to win immunity if you .don’t like to exercise. Hope you enjoyed my speech, and hope you are looking forward to camp! Thank you.