Hello System Overload Robotics supporters!! 

From 01, February, 2019 and forth, we will be sending you weekly newsletters with updates of the progress our team is making, due in part to the hard work of our members, but also to the support of all of you reading. If anyone has been around long enough (thank you for your loyalty), you will notice that this letter is very similar to another one that was sent out last year. Before jumping in to the weekly progress report, our team would like to say a great thanks to all of our parents and sponsors reading who have made our experience in this post so much more enjoyable.

In first news, updating our website is smooth sailing, so feel free to check it out and see the changes, and the Robotics fair at the civics center was a hit. Check out our booth!

The programming team has been preparing harder than ever by assigning each member to familiarize themselves with new code (when necessary), and to investigate a feature of the robot to program in order to achieve the most out of each feature. They have also completed the drive system, an important aspect of the robot since it allows the robot to communicate with the computer plugged into the drive system.

Design and Fabrication are working in tandem to create ideas and designs for our robot, and we have voted upon our lifting mechanism, (which will be kept secret until the competition!) As progress is made they are excited to have begun manufacturing. They are still researching different ways the robot can do robot things, as well as playing around with ideas of robot designs and how they would work.

As for the marketing and public relations aspect of the team, contacting local business for funding has been a recent endeavour that we are always open to suggestions about. Researching awards that we are eager to work towards has also been a recent goal we are excitedly pursuing.

Thank you for your support and interest. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at sor.frc6059@gmail.com.

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        -Your friends on team #6059,