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  1.  Purpose

  1.  Authority

SC 518

65 P.S.

Sec. 67.901

Pol. 828

  1.  Definitions

65 P.S.

Sec, 67.102

How To Use The Records Retention Schedule

The Records Retention Schedule lists records that are created, received or retained as a result of district operations. The schedule includes a description of the records, format in which the records will be retained, retention period, and disposal code. The following information will assist in applying this schedule.

Record Formats

Media codes are used to identify the format(s) that the district may choose to maintain specified records and are assigned as follows:

  1. Paper

  1. Microform

  1. Electronic (machine readable)

  1. Audiovisual (tapes, movies, film strips, etc.)

  1. Cartographic (maps, drawings, blue prints, plans, etc.)

  1. Photographic

Retention Periods

Retention periods listed on the schedule are given in years, unless otherwise indicated. Upon expiration of the retention period, all identified records will be disposed of in accordance with Board policy and this schedule.

Disposal Codes

Disposal codes are used to direct the final disposition of records. Records must be disposed of according to the assigned code listed on the schedule. Assigned disposal codes are as follows:

  1. Routine Handling – No special precautions are necessary upon disposal. The records should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with standard district procedures.

  1.  Schedule
  1. Special Handling – The destruction of records containing privileged, confidential, exempt or sensitive information that requires special handling by shredding, burning, erasing or any other method that reduces information to an illegible condition.

  1. Archival Retention – Records requiring permanent retention or records that have sufficient archival or historic value must be preserved in perpetuity.

  1. Delete – For use with electronic records. When electronic records have met their retention period, they will be deleted.

Records Not On Schedule

For any record not covered by the retention schedule, the Records Management Committee will determine how long the record must be kept and recommend any necessary revisions to the retention schedule.

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