What is this and why was it linked?

This details the Rules and Guidelines for Vinesauce’s chat on Twitch. It has been linked to keep the community abreast of the always changing dynamic of the twitch chat. As we grow as a community it becomes necessary to effectively communicate with each other. The intent of this document is to be sure everyone has an enjoyable time in chat.

Please see this short statement about community issues:

How do we have an Enjoyable Chat for all?
        Following some simple rules will go a long way:

  1. Be respectful to the streamer, mods and other viewers.
  2. Do not post gore/porn/extreme imagery.
  3. Do not spam or post walls of text.  
  4. Do not post Sexist or racist comments.
  5. Do not be an attention whore..
  6. Do not post a streamer or viewer’s personal info, including your own.  If you want to share Info with a friend, use a whisper.  “/w username message” Please use common sense about what info you give to strangers and do not share info that is not yours to share.
  7. Do not stalk or harass streamers or other viewers.
  8. Do not post misinfo on streamers or chat members.
  9. If you have an issue with another viewer or a mod, take it to whispers.


How do we help keep Vinesauce a Fun place?

The easiest way to help out is to follow the above rules. Anyone who does not adhere to the rules will receive anywhere from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the severity of the infraction and/or number of infractions. Mods have the final say.  If you have further questions please use the whisper command “/w username message” to reach out to us and discuss it with us. Please be civil with us as we will be civil with you.


Vinesauce is a Video Game chatroom, as such it is not a good place to fight your internet battles. The following is considered bad form to talk about:


If you feel you were banned unfairly or just want a second shot, you can email vinesauceunban@gmail.com. Be honest about why you were banned and there's a higher chance of an unban. If you are amicable instead of argumentative there is an even higher chance. Please do not take Unban requests to the forum or chat. You can also directly message a moderator. Feel free to reach out to us for general questions as well.

We understand the reflex reaction is to badmouth the mods upon being banned. Just keep in mind though, the mods are only doing their job and are trying to keep some semblance of sanity to the chat.

Alternatives to Vinesauce chat:

We are glad you like Vinesauce enough to come back! Please use the following resources to your advantage:

- www.Twitch.TV/team/Vinesauce If you are looking for a place to chat, then hop into another streamers chat and contribute to the Stream! All of the streamers have unique personalities and love to interact with chat. They would love to have you participate! Not only does this help Vinesauce grow as a whole, It also guarantees you to have somebody to talk to and a topic to talk about.

- Steam Group - You can also use the Steam Community to chat if you'd like. There's a message board function as well as a chat room that is easier for us to moderate.

- Vinesauce Discord - Official Vinesauce Discord Server

- Twitter This twitter account will let you know when any Vinesauce streamer is going to go live. On mobile devices you can hit the gear icon on this account and turn on notifications. You will get a notification whenever any streamer is going to go live. Most of the streamers have personal twitters you can follow as well. @vinnyvinesauce 

- Twitch VODs Catch up on older videos you missed. Twitch now has Chat Replay so you can see the chat.

- Youtube If the video you want isn't on Twitch, check Youtube for the largest collection of Vinesauce videos.

- Two on the Vine - Vinny and KY host a podcast about life and video games. they discuss life experiences, video games, and beyond. Itunes RSS