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Standard Operating Procedures Relative to Fundraising Events LIVE
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The Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation Board of Trustees truly appreciates

your interest in sponsoring a fundraising event.  

Over the years, community members have sponsored many fundraising events. Golf tournaments, bake sales, and Adirondack chair auctions are examples of events that generated profits that were transferred to the GLCSF. These monies were paid into the GLCSF unrestricted fund or designated toward an established restricted fund at the GLCSF.  

We recommend that any person(s) or group contemplating a fundraiser (“The Committee”) contact the GLCSF Board of Trustees to assure that the funds raised, once paid over to the GLCSF, will be designated as per The Committee’s wishes.  

Please make it clear in your literature that The Committee, not the GLCSF, is sponsoring the event. Unfortunately, the GLCSF hasn’t the resources to administratively support fundraisers.  All entry fees and payment for merchandise, etc. should be made to an entity or a person other than the GLCSF.  

GLCSF does not assume any financial or legal liability relative to the fundraiser. The Committee is solely responsible for seed monies, payment of all expenses, and for obtaining liability insurance, if needed. The risk of loss, if the fundraiser is not successful, falls to The Committee, not the GLCSF.  

IRS regulations stipulate that amounts paid directly to the GLSCF are deductible charitable contributions. Individuals wishing to make tax deductible contributions may make payment to the GLCSF. The contribution will be recognized and a receipt will be issued by the GLCSF.  These monies will stay with the GLCSF and will not be paid to the fundraising committee to cover expenses or for any other purpose.

Questions may be directed to:

Gull Lake Community Schools Foundation

10100 East D Avenue, Richland, MI 49083

Phone: 269/548-3428

Fax: 269/548-3401


For more information about the GLCS Foundation, please visit:

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