4th Grade

October 14-18, 2019


Students will continue to review multiplication strategies.


Students will continue to study “speed and



Students will continue to revise sentence fragments and run-ons.  Students will continue to read and summarize informational texts. Students will write expository essays.

Social Studies

Students will continue to study the Bill of Rights.


Students will receive Unit 9 spelling list on Monday. Assessment Friday.



PIE (October 14th in Allbritton Gym/6:00 p.m.)

STEM Night-October 14th (in Allbritton Gym after PIE)

Red Ribbon Week (Oct., 28th-Nov., 1st)

Fall Festival-November 1

 The Hamburg School District, along with most of the state, is participating in a survey on High Reliability Schools.

 Below is a link for parents to use to complete this survey.


Star Students

Livingston-Ryan Breedlove

Martin-Bailey Morgan

McDill-Colton Cunningham

Radford-Gemma McDonald

Sivils-Nykeriya Orsbun