Tairangi School Procedure Statement




To develop the innate potential of students with special abilities, their gifts and talents need to be recognised, valued and catered for appropriately.



  1. Teachers need to be mindful that children’s special abilities are not always easily recognisable. Teachers need to be observant, flexible and responsive in their planning and teaching practices to encourage and nurture children’s special gifts and talents to surface.
  2. Teachers need to have a shared understanding of the wide variety of students’ special gifts and talents and how to identify these gifts and talents.
  3. Teachers need to provide a challenging learning programme for gifted and talented students within the classroom programme, across the syndicate and school wide.
  4. Gifted and Talented students will be identified on the GATE register.


Gifted and Talented students are defined as students who have exceptional abilities in a variety of areas .These students make up approximately 1-5% of the school population. These areas include academic, sporting, leadership, creative thinking, visual arts, performing arts, culture specific, interpersonal.


Students who have high stanine scores in standardised tests of reading, writing, maths and high scores in school based assessments


Students who display superior skills and coordination for their age group in a range of sporting activities.


Takes the initiative in social situations

Is popular with peers

Communicate s well with others

Actively seeks leadership in social situations

Shows ability to inspire a group to meet goals

Persuades a group to adopt ideas or methods

Is self confident

Is adaptable and flexible in new situations

Actively seeks leadership in sporting activities

Is socially mature

Is willing to take responsibility

Synthesises ideas from group members to formulate a plan



Produces original ideas

Displays intellectual playfulness, imagination and fantasy

Creates original texts or invents things

Has a keen sense of humour and sees humour in the unusual

Generates unusual insights

Enjoys speculation and thinking about the future

Demonstrates awareness of aesthetic qualities

Is not afraid to be different

Generates a large number of ideas

Is prepared to experiment with novel ideas and risk being wrong

Seeks unusual rather than unconventional relationships

Visual Arts

Displays superior skills and talents in creating artworks using a wide range of media  in one or more areas. See above qualities for creativity.

Performing Arts

Shows confidence in speaking and performing to others .Shows skill in one or more areas of  performing Arts –Music, Dance, Drama

Cultural Specific

Student displays an awareness and understanding of cultural specific behaviour and protocol in relevant cultural settings.

Maori-Tikanga Maori, Manaakitanga

Pacific Island –Pacific Island values and esteemed attributes will be acknowledged.


Students who demonstrate strengths in speaking and presenting publicly. Superior communication skills.


Identification is made through a combination of the following methods.


Each year the GATE register will be updated.

Senior Teachers will monitor the provision for the gifted and talented students in the classroom programmes through the Performance Management processes.

Each term provision for the gifted and talented across the school will be reviewed and planned for, during the termly special needs meetings.

File:Gifted&TalentedEducation1.doc        Procedure Statement – Gifted&TalentedEducationGATE